Agito XIII Will Be A Different Final Fantasy By Erren Van Duine on June 26, 2010 at 10:56 PM

Although he is currently hard at work on finishing The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy Agito XIII director Hajime Tabata took some time to share some new details with Dengeki PlayStation.

When asked how Final Fantasy Agito XIII was coming along, Tabata said that development is “steadily progressing” and that it will “be a Final Fantasy game that will differ from the image fans have.” He explains that his team is “making it into a game where you can feel the true pain and weight of a war story.”

Producer Yoshinori Kitase also shared some information, further explaining that the game will show violent depictions and visualizations of war.

Tabata reminds readers that even though the game is on PSP, it will still be a full-length Final Fantasy title that will feature multiplayer.

Source: AndriaSang.