Tetsuya Nomura Comments on FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII Development Status By Erren Van Duine on September 20, 2011 at 11:44 PM

This week’s Famitsu features an interview with FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura.

While the bulk of the article focuses on KH3D, Nomura did share a small bit of news on Versus XIII.

The other day, Nomura did a walkthrough on the entire world map. He also checked the game’s dungeons and side areas in the towns. He was amazed at how wide and impressive everything was.

FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII uses parts of the Luminous Studio engine (Square-Enix’s next generation development engine), specifically the lighting technology. The game’s lighting has been redone, as Versus aims for photo realism. Luminous is important here because it does well with such things.

He notes that the game uses a game specific engine that’s utilized for action. Luminous Engine has been added to this as well. Nomura says that Luminous itself is a very strong engine that can be used in any game. The engine for FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII has strengths in certain areas, but cannot be used as a general engine.

Of course, with that, Nomura promises a FINAL FANTASY like you’ve never seen before.

  • That’s amazing.

  • Cloudness

    This makes me even more excited for this game. Hopefully it releases sometime next year!

  • That’s really interesting, marks the first game we know that is using the Luminous (even if it’s not the complete engine).

  • Diablols

    “Nomura promises a FINAL FANTASY like you’ve never seen before.” — Yeah, in another 5 years. lol

  • Chrisbosak

    I want this game in fact Fuck FFXIII-2. I’m so sick of people talking about this. I bought a PS3 cause I wanted this game.

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum as Alfiar

    Kenapa permainan PS3 Final Fantasy Versus XIII nggak ada dimana-mana ya…???

  • Noctisluciscaelum99

    Why the PS3 game Final Fantasy Versus XIII do not exist everywhere …???

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum as Alfiar

    mau main tapi toko permainan nya nggak ada yang menginstall permainan Final Fantasy Versus XIII harus main dimana…??? saya tidak tahu

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum as Alfiar

    want to play but it is not no game store that installs the game Final Fantasy Versus XIII have to play where …??? I do not know

  • Steven (Angry @ SE)

    The game needs to f’in be released. This development cycle is a joke. At this rate 13-3 will be released first. Square Enix has a lot of work to do next geenration (cut development times, not alientating core audience, etc)

  • Aussious

    More like FF you’ll never see…

  • Zac Lee Martin

    Oh look. People that are complaining about the loss in quality of FF games are trying to rush out this one which is supposed to be the next masterpiece. Quit trying to friggin rush it. It will be better if they take their time. NEVER rush art or it will come out worse.

  • Bartz

    Hope this game is great with the amount of time they spend on it, i know Final Fantasy 7 was a masterpiece and that took yeaaaaarrrss. What kills me is them trying to redeem themselves with Final Fantasy XIII-2, that game was a crock of shit (not even for lacking old elements) but for not having a good story hands down, and they’e going to release the XIII-2 game before versus?!?!? fuck is wrong with square…

  • I’m looking forward to this one. It really looks the next real FF game.

  • Be Logical

    Exactly why SHOULD they cut development times when in all reality they never promised that this game would be out in the near future when they announced it a few years ago? I’m surprised that with the amount of transparency in most game news sites that people haven’t figured out that a Triple A game aimed at one of the most powerful consoles does not release quickly.

    What more, oh please, they specifically put out an announcement that VsXIII was a work in progress. They announced it at the same time as Agito and Agito was pushed back to pump out quality and so that it would be compatible with the PSP as opposed to be aimed at mobile. That and they put the full team on finishing KHBbS and FFXIII at one point before putting them back on. Its a company that adheres to a business module as well as their core audience. We’d seriously be fooling ourselves to think only our opinions matter when it comes to game releases.

    For e.g. BLIZZARD is forever delaying their games but you don’t see people bitching about that the way they want to bitch about FFXIII compilations? And they’ve got a plethora of reasons too. Working out game kinks, funding, economy etc.

    When they say its in FULL production it means all the nitty gritty preproduction like visualizing, art, design structure, story breakdown etc has pretty much been dealt with. Pre-production is a big part of the production pipeline and it can take years because it does not mean one team works on only one project. In fact it would be insanely expensive and not to mention illogical for it to be running that way.

    That and consider this, they do not have a major FF title releasing every damned year because they also keep openings for their new IPs or other IPs (don’t confuse the Japanese release dates with the U.S. release dates). Its a perfectly understandable way to give variety. VsXIII was like XII for the PS2. They’re working out how they can maximize what the system has to offer and forget the fact that they developed their own engine for the game while linking it to the Luminous engine.

    XII-2 is something that they built upon because most of the production was already.. Its easier to add on assets to an existing IP already that and I actually take heart in the fact that they knew their original game was flawed (also because people rushed them to release it) and they’re taking a lot of fan input already. Just like how they pushed the release of Type-0 to take into account people’s feedback from the demo.

    Don’t go around spouting stuff like ‘alienating the core audience because the production takes too long’. While that may be true, delays in major games have never been surprising because SE has proven many times that give them time, and they up the quality of their product.

  • Renjick

    It’s not a fucking rush idiot. Its been almost 6 years.

  • Renjick

    “because SE has proven many times that give them time, and they up the quality of their product.”

    Ahahahaha, no.

  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII is gonna be sooo epic. I just can’t wait for this title, it wont disappoint ^_^

  • guest

    same here..i ONLY bought a ps3 to get versus 13

  • Varcolaci

    Let’s hope it lasts long enough for you to be able to play it. 😛

  • EspadaKiller

    Can’t wait for this game. But it’s taking really long though, hopefully this game will be out in Japan by end of 2012 ><

  • Kardec_moon

    i’m bored !! it’s will be only for ps3 ….aff…i need for xbox 360 too !!!! please !!!!

  • Gaia

    Please take your time!
    We want another exclusive masterpiece, not a multiplatformgame that will be split in 2 or more games because of one platform.

  • Kerzie Wildrick

    wow calm down it will be out when its out if it is out before it is ready that is called being rushed no matter if it was 20 years

  • Kerzie Wildrick

    i know for 1 that i want this game to be perfect even though i want to play it terribly bad i can wait for it to be perfect

  • Kerzie Wildrick

    no final fantasy 8 was a masterpiece

  • Budgiecat


  • Budgiecat

    its out now