Lightning Returns E3 Full Demo leaked on Youtube By Ehren Rivers on June 12, 2013 at 3:20 PM

Someone who played the demo at E3 decided to record and upload it. We’ve had a lot of news flowing in today, and a lot of segments that we’ve had to keep our eye on so this comes to you a few hours later than when we found it. I spent a short while watching the video on silent and a heavy hand on the pause button so I could bring you a transcript of the spoke lines during the demo. They fly by a little fast, and the person playing it keeps walking forward and getting the speech cut off by battles and scenes. You also can’t hear most of anything, because E3 is loud and the guy recording is wearing headphones. Anyway, here’s the video!

As you can see, it showcases an updated layout and a more graphical combat HUD. We’re hoping Square Enix will release more screenshots and a more complete demo video, but we’ve been told not to hold our breath. Then again, that’s what they said when they showed the first E3 trailer and we still got the Demo Preview a few days later so… We’ll see!

Demo Event Transcript

[Demo begins with a scene, where a monster appears from Chaos]

Lightning: All right, Mr. Hope Estheim. Any ideas? What do I do next?
Hope: Light, come on. Just call me Hope, okay? Right now, your number one priority is Snow. Don’t let him get away!

[Battle with an Anubys, Tutorial]

Lightning: Damn, I’m trapped.
Hope: It’s an automated defense system. The doors should open once the area is deemed safe.
Lightning: Deemed safe? I guess that means clearing out all the monsters, right?

[Several battles, ending with the door opening]

Hope: You did it! Now go find Snow.


Lightning: I just spotted Snow. Help me track him.
Hope: Got it. You need to hurry.


Lightning: What’s Snow up to anyway? Where’s he going?
Hope: I’m getting powerful Chaos readings from inside the palace. And that’s exactly where he seems to be headed.
Lightning: What the hell is he thinking? Running straight into the Chaos… Is he going there to try to stop it? Or is it to use it against us somehow?
Hope: You’ll have to ask him yourself. Now, hurry!


Hope: How high is the obstruction? Light, you should be able to jump over it.


Hope: Did you notice the people here call Snow ‘the Patron’? He’s in charge of this city, and has been for a long time.
Lightning: The Patron? I don’t see it. Sure, he liked to look after people, but lording it over an entire city?
Hope: Well, it wasn’t his choice. He started out just trying to help everyone, and eventually he became ruler by popular acclaim. Although, I’m not so sure he actually rules anything anymore. He doesn’t do much these days except preside over the nightly revelry. Lord of the feasthall.


Hope: Light, do you see the ladder? You’ll need to use that to follow Snow.
Lightning: Right. Got it.


Hope: Strange. Snow came down this way, but it’s a dead end.
Lightning: There has to be a way through. I’ll look around.


Hope: Easy does it, Lightning. When that door opened, the Chaos readings in the whole area spiked.
Lightning: THe source of the Chaos is in the middle of the palace, right? That doesn’t make sense. The Snow I knew wouldn’t let things get out-

[Lightning is cut off by a cloud of Chaos she walks into]

Hope: Light, can you hear me? The Chaos is powerful in this area… I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s interfering with my signal-

[Lightning happens upon Lumina]

Lightning: What the-!? Who are you? And what are you doing here? If you’re playing around in the middle of this Chaos… I’m guessing you’re not human.
Lumina: You can see when you’re inside this stuff? Then you can’t be one of God’s regular lackeys, can you?

[Lumina summons a red dragon]

Hope: Light, who are you talking to? The enemy! Focus on the enemy!”

[Boss battle begins, beating it ends the demo]