Square Enix acknowledges fan demand for a western release of Final Fantasy Type-0 By Erren Van Duine on August 15, 2013 at 5:03 PM

Fans awaiting a western release for Final Fantasy Type-0 very well may get some answers soon, if we’re to trust the words of Square Enix America and Europe CEO Phil Rogers.

Two weeks ago, Rogers posted a bit of an open letter, encouraging fans to share their questions, comments and other feedback with him via email. Operation Suzaku – the main force behind Type-0’s fan movement – recently received a response that, for better or worse, might eventually clear up the mystery surrounding the fate of the title’s rocky situation.

“I’ve seen your Facebook page and I hear your question clearly,” said Rogers. “I’ve posted on the blog that this is one of the first questions I’m going to tackle. It’s not a quick question to answer but I’m looking into it and I’ll update everyone when I can. But I mentioned (again on the blog) that I don’t want to get hopes up as localizing previously released games sometimes isn’t possible when the team have moved onto other projects. But I will look into this thoroughly.”

Until now, Square Enix has remained coy about any sort of release outside Japan, despite localization having been mostly completed over a year ago. While Rogers can’t really promise fans anything, at this point any sort of conclusive dialogue on the situation would be more than appreciated.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    I really hope to see a Western release! I am enjoying Type-0 VERY much, it is truly tied for my favorite FF!!! I hope to see some answers soon because even though I know the story, I would love to not guess what weapons are good and bad, what is and isnt a potion – and to ACTUALLY hear what is going on xD
    But yes any kind of dialogue as you said, would be amazing

    Truly it is a superb game, and it is a shame that it hasnt been localized yet 🙁

  • Unknown

    Basically it means they want to… but they can’t. Not looking to good, I was gonna buy a vita just for this game if it came out as an HD release. Also a little disappointed since they had intentions of making this into a mini-series with type-1, type-2, and type-3 trademarks being filled, guess that ain’t happening either.

    Can’t really/fully blame them on this though, they either release it on a dying platform in the west or the VITA (which has poor sales as it is). Maybe they could bundle it with FFXII HD… who knows?

  • Federico Astica

    Sony should pay SE to release this on the Vita. This is what is called a killer application.

  • Sapientia

    Operation Suzaku has gotten a little ridiculous, but I agree…Type-0 deserves to come to the west…that is seriously one DAMN awesome game. And my favorite ending in the series. Well, ending(s).

  • karasuKumo

    I really want to play this but I can fully understand how Square Enix are apprehensive about releasing it over here. It must be something they think of often but haven’t got an answer for yet.

  • juma086

    This game REALLY needs to come here. I’ve played both demos and it’s just AMAZING. I would’ve bought it 5 times already if it weren’t in japanese. I don’t have a Vita, but if Type-0 get announced for the Vita, I will buy one.

    Sony should pay Square to put it on the Vita. It would definitely help the Vita’s low sales.

  • Alexis Crockett

    I’m going to cry I really wanted to play type-0 [doesn’t even have the system]

  • Anime10121


    Square you’ve been on a roll lately, what with LR:FFXIII starting it, the announcement of Bravely Default’s localization, and the KHIII/FFXV knockout at E3, if you give me Type 0, I will find a way to do the impossible, I will marry you Squeenix, you hear me? This is a proposal (if you go through your end of the bargain), I’ll even get you a fitting ring http://www.ugame.biz/FFVIII/images/FFVIII_Silver_Ring.jpg

  • Protosin

    This comment made me chuckle.

  • Guest

    Type-0 on PSP is already an outstanding game even though it lacks town details. It was the very first game on PSP to have 2 UMD’s and there it thought maybe square would start making 2 UMD games but it was already late for psp… Anyways transferring this game to other CAPABLE consoles would be as amazing as other FF games to be released…

  • ultromega

    “…I don’t want to get hopes up as localizing previously released games isn’t possible when the team have moved onto other projects.”

    That’s sounds like business-speak for “sorry, this just isn’t going to happen.”

    Drat. Like the rest if you, I’d love to see a western release for this game. Come on, powers that be. Make this happen! 🙂

  • Iceygames

    If they release it on the vita it’ll be a system seller, if they keep slacking off with the damn game they’re gonna miss the opportunity. One being people giving up hope all together on the game. I mean it’s not versus but even in the US/EU the wait feels the same feels just. They can pull it off, they can release it still on the PSP. The system maybe dying but that’s more the reason to do it cause it’s cheap as hell now. Point is they need to get this game out and stop hiding like the fans are gonna move away and go to something else, it’s not impossible for that to happen but for a game like this I mean just simply why would you think that way 🙁

  • Randy Marsh

    Let’s hope that the “Final Fantasy Agito” trademark has some meaning….

  • Martian Wong

    I hope we can hear something about it at the coming gamescom …

  • Jonathan Molina

    Same here (FF X). : ) I use the Google Doc when I play the game: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqRPQz13F4fZdDVtdWdRV2pqWWdyLVViMWxtVklOY2c#gid=16

    If the rumor about the nigh-completion of the game’s localization is true, then this has to be an issue of priority, licensing, and/or where it should be released.

  • vagrant_soul

    Wants Type-0 and Drakengard 3 please

  • AnimusVox

    I agree. Though if we don’t get Type-0 I definitely want Drakengard 3. Dem sexy womenz.

  • FinalFantisiac

    Please, acknowledge MORE.

  • juma086

    …Did you make an account just to say that? Talk about pointless.

  • Sapientia

    For whatever reason, when I click on the “NOVA CRYSTALLIS” to get to the home page, it says the site is temporarily unavailable. Likewise, when I click on one of the top stories, like the Vanille returns in LR, it gives me some “Fruitful Code” thing…and it’s a little annoying. Anyway I can fix this, or is it just me?

  • ultromega

    That’s happened to me when I try to view this site from my phone.

  • Erren Van Duine

    Try clearing your cache?

  • Somber

    thanks god. one stupid noob appeared!

  • Mihel

    It happened to me pretty frequently days ago.
    Every link whose url begins with dev. leads to a Fruitful Code login page, when it happens, just delete that bit from the address in your address bar and enter the correct url.

  • Mihel

    I don’t think it has anything to do with browser’s cache, when it happened to me, I had just cleared my cache because I couldn’t load the image galleries of this site.
    It has not been happening to me lately though.

  • Sapientia

    Hey, it worked perfectly, thanks!

  • Mihel

    A wild SebastianLovelace appears.
    LightningSF casts Firaga.
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  • Ehren Rivers

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    Aww, he was one cute troll… I wanted to keep him as a pet.
    You killed him, your hands are forever stained in blood. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW

  • Sapientia

    Welp. That just went down. XD

  • ultromega

    Now THAT’S how you banish a troll!

    That was AWESOME. 🙂

  • Martian Wong

    Hmm, “…I don’t want to get hopes up as localizing previously released games
    sometimes isn’t possible when the team have moved onto other projects.
    But I will look into this thoroughly.” Well I believe that Tabata already moved onto help Nomura to develop FFXV. Does that mean there is no chance of see it?

  • BULLS***!!!!!! They will never localize it, What is this Rumors? Facebook comments? LOL!!! Old lady talks haha. wake up they will never localize this game or any other for PSP. Maybe an HD version for VITA but not PSP.

  • Frostofthecwsw

    I love how people like to pretend that SE doesn’t WANT to release Type-0 here. They can’t. Not unless they put it on PSP which has very little marketshare. With their money problems, not a smart move. Sony won’t let them release to PSN or Vita without adding content to it. This has all been discussed, people.

  • Andreas Ruliffank

    they dun even remake fr vita
    square enix had made a fatal mistakes
    i think
    if they localized it
    the sales would be 200% or maybe 300% more
    why does 70% games comes up with japanese language anyway?
    is japanese even international language?
    i’m disappointed square