Final Fantasy IV: The After Years 3D remake coming to smartphones this winter By Erren Van Duine on September 18, 2013 at 9:59 PM

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is getting the 3D treatment, Square Enix has announced today.

The news out of TGS is this is a full-on 3D remake for iOS and Android is similar in style to what we saw previously with FFIV DS. This direct sequel to FFIV will have an updated interface for mobile and is due out this Winter in Japan.

  • Protosin

    Another mobile game? Sheesh.

  • Zerox20

    god… this is soo stupid why.. why..

  • Randy Marsh

    Oh god yes! YES!

  • MrFinalgamer

    alright, seriously, square…how are you able to make graphics like agito on a phone, and then make something like this? are they so lazy that they feel to re-use the DS engine?

  • ImminentBread

    Well, this… definitely wouldn’t be my first choice for the next 3D remake.
    Hopefully, they’ll finally show FFVI some love soon, whether 3D or not. VI is currently the only main-series, originally 2D game that’s not available on either Android or iOS.

  • Randy Marsh

    20th Anniversary for VI is in a couple of months, you never know….

  • heero2001

    FFIV was on mobile as well. I guess this is a sequel to that so they wanted to keep the same graphical style. I think it’s a choice. They could’ve always used the same agito engine for this if they wanted.

  • Anime10121

    Unfortunately, with its 20th anniversary falling in half a year, there’s no way we’ll be getting ANYTHING by then, unless of course, you mean they could announce something on the anni, and if so, HOPE! 😀

  • Randy Marsh

    Well they did announce FFV for iOS and Android in December and we got for the iOS; not Android, around April. So yeah, you never know. And yes I do want a Dimensions-style remake of FFVI, It doesn’t matter if people hate the Dimensions sprites, as long as it says FFVI people will eat it up like candy .

  • ImminentBread

    Yeah, I could see an announcement happening on the day with the release coming later.
    Something sort of similar happened with Sonic Generations. The announcement came in April, a demo was released on the anniversary day (23rd of June), and the full game came out in November.

  • Rain .. ☔

    What the hell is wrong with this company ?

  • Crystal Power

    I REALLY wish they would have released this for Nintendo 3DS and PSVita as well. *le sigh*…

  • ImminentBread

    A 3DS release might be possible, but a Vita release is unlikely since it already has The After Years in the form of FFIV: The Complete Collection for PSP.