Final Fantasy x Dragon Quest MMO collaborations detailed By Erren Van Duine on November 26, 2013 at 11:35 PM

Revealed back at TGS, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest will be crossing over to each other starting next month in their respective online worlds in an anniversary celebration of sorts. Final Fantasy XI marks 11 years of service, while Dragon Quest X has been around for one year and Final Fantasy XIV restarted back in August.

Final Fantasy XI will be the first title to kick off the event, with Dragon Quest items invading on December 11th. Sage Hourou from Dragon Quest X has turned up in the land of Vana’diel and somehow players will be able to obtain slime-themed gear. FFXIV’s spriggans have also shown up and clearing certain requirements will earn you a special spriggan-themed outfit.

Final Fantasy XIV’s main events are scheduled to run from around mid January to mid February. A giant Shantotto from FFXI has appeared in Eorzea and players will be able to take her on in a special FATE event that will net a Shantotto minion pet. Golems from DQX will be apart of another FATE with the reward for completion a minion as well.

Further details and an official English announcement from Square Enix is expected soon, but in the meantime you can view the first direct feed screenshots of each event below.

  • James

    I would kill for them to stop using the FATE system. It’s terrible in ever sense.

  • Ryuukishi

    YES. Can’t wait to get that Golem minion.

  • artemisthemp

    I hope this event is available for Level 22+ people

  • What do you have against FATEs? They’re quick and easy to join, plus, they’re great for leveling up or to pass the time while waiting to get into a dungeon via the duty finder.

  • James

    They’re boring, mindless, not fun at all, lag fests in big groups, and overall simple and stale content. They don’t enhance the game in any means.

  • Iceygames

    I don’t think they’re a bad idea I just think square handles them in the wrong way. I feel like if FF14 was a Ios, android game these fates would be like irritatingly unnecessary nostalgic/neat micro transactions. 1.99 for each special fate like the lightning fate.

    I’m happy it’s not like that, but I’d really expect more from them and give me my monies worth. If they can’t do that then don’t slack by making stupid cross over things like these. Just don’t it all until you can give people something worthwhile.

  • I agree that FATEs pose no challenge whatsoever for large groups, grinding and leveling up would take way too long without them. I don’t belong to a free company, so I have to wait 30+ minutes to get into a dungeon with the duty finder. When I was below lvl 50, FATEs gave me something to do to make the wait more bearable and level up in the process.

  • FATEs are completely optional, and we’re not being charged any extra amount for any seasonal/cross-promotional content.

    I loved seeing some familiar FFXIII characters during the Lightning FATEs, so the content was something worthwhile to some of us. 🙂

  • Iceygames

    Trust me I get where you’r coming from and I like them too it’s just they have a hell of a lot more potential than this. I want to get a legit side quest that brings the character to life in the FF14 world, it doesn’t even need to be voiced, just seems legit that’s all 😉