Win Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 Goodies with Nova Crystallis! By Erren Van Duine on January 31, 2014 at 1:56 AM

Earlier today the guys over at Square Enix America gave us a pretty cool bunch of prizes to celebrate the launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Similar to our contests in the past, we’re giving folks in the USA a chance to feel some of that Lightning Returns love before the game arrives in western territories!

For the next ten days you’ll be able to participate in a little quiz below – and getting all of the answers correct will result in you being entered into a prize draw to win one of several copies of FF13 or FF13-2, official strategy guides for FF13-2 – and two Lightning Play Arts figurines signed by Ali Hillis! There’s a copy of each game for both PS3 and Xbox 360 – the first names out of the hat will get first pick of what version they want. Each figure – one for both XIII and XIII-2 – will be selected for the first two winners at random with all other prize winners randomly selected based on correct answers.

The contest has ended, thanks to all who have participated!

    Please answer all questions.
  • Question 1 Hope and his mother Nora were from…

    • a. Bresha Village
    • b. Palumpolum
    • c. New Bodhum
    • d. Gappra City
  • Question 2 Snow’s crystarium pattern takes the shape of…

    • a. A heart
    • b. Serah’s face
    • c. The crystallized Cocoon
    • d. A snowflake
  • Question 3 The Cocoon fal’Cie spend their time taking care of humans, while the Pulse fal’Cie…

    • a. Are searching for a hidden door
    • b. Only seem to care about landscaping
    • c. Are trying to drive humanity to extinction
    • d. All of the above
  • Question 4 Dajh named his chocobo chick…

    • a. Featherella
    • b. Chobi
    • c. Chocolina
    • d. Boko
  • Question 5 Noel’s ultimate skill, ‘Meteor Javelin’, does what?

    • a. Deals massive damage and empties the Chain Gauge
    • b. Empties the Chain Gauge and automatically staggers the enemy
    • c. Fills the Chain Gauge rapidly
    • d. Deals always effective damage
  • Question 6 Lightning’s ‘Improved Raise II’ passive skill comes from which weapon?

    • a. Phoenixforce
    • b. Enkinder
    • c. Peacemaker
    • d. Lifesaber
  • Question 7 Hope gets the better of Vanille by implying…

    • a. That they are related
    • b. That his mother may still be alive
    • c. That he knows how to build fal’Cie
    • d. That he has a crush on her
  • Question 8 Lightning was brought to Valhalla by…

    • a. The Goddess of Death, Etro
    • b. Chaos
    • c. Mog, the Last Moogle
    • d. Bhunivelze
  • Question 9 In the year 300 AF…

    • a. Noel and Serah found an access key out of its time
    • b. Serah was briefly reunited with Snow
    • c. Noel had a bad pun contest with a dead man
    • d. All of the above
  • Question 10 Caius wanted to save Yeul from her fate as the Seeress, but…

    • a. He also wanted her to stay away from him
    • b. He didn’t care if his actions made her unhappy
    • c. He wouldn’t allow her to be with Noel
    • d. He realized she couldn’t be saved


The entry period is between now and February 10th.
We will contact the winner via e-mail shortly after the contest has ended. If the winner does not reply within 24 hours, another winner will then be selected. This contest is open to residents of the United States only. For future Final Fantasy contests – including those for Canada and Europe – stayed tuned to Nova Crystallis and other UFF Network sites.

  • Wazi the pa

    You had me there on question 7 but luckily I had explored all of Gran Pulse in my first play through :3

  • Somber

    I answered all these questions. Some were a little tricky although I paid so much attention to all XIII-related things.

  • Cool beans!

    I’m currently on concurrent playthroughs of both XIII and XIII-2, so, hopefully I’ll be able to verify most of my answers by the deadline. Some of those choices seem partly correct, depending on how they’re interpreted. Tricky! 🙂

  • Randy Marsh

    Well done, I think I got two or three wrong maybe, but meh. Good luck all!

  • Syul

    I´m not from USA *goes to cry to a corner*

    Good luck to you all, by the way ^^

  • Billy Jackson

    Yeah, but those US people need some love. You know… To get ready for the buckets more of love that they’ll be getting from SE with their collectors editions.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Oh i was almost done answering correctly until i realized im not in the Us…..i live in southern ontario -sigh- sad guy is sad lol

    Good Luck to you Americans :l

  • Jean Paiva

    Oh, man….I’m not from murica!

  • resh_aykut

    I answered all questions it was hard whoa . Good luck all of you ^.^


    *Crosses fingers*

  • Sapientia

    Easy-peasy. Maybe? xD
    Thanks for holding the contest, this is pretty neat.

  • Andrew Ip

    I’m not from the U.S.A. either but I’m going to keep all the prizes! 😉

    Good luck everyone! 😀

  • Alleo

    T_T US only again =(.
    But nice questions and good luck to all who can take part in this.

  • Slickyrider

    Well, I suppose I’m happy to be ‘Merican.

    I’d much rather have one of those Lightning Returns-branded PS3s (from the CE giveaway contest), but of course, I’d love to win something from this just as well.

    Luckily for me, I cherish the stories of all FF games, so the questions were relatively easy.

  • juma086

    Had to turn on FF13 for question 6. I think I got ’em all. My memory is better than I thought it was.

  • A Parker

    Enjoyable quiz! A couple of tricky once where it comes down to the interpretation of the question/answer, but we’ll see. Thanks!

  • Ehren Rivers

    Good luck everyone! I believe in all of you. 😛

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    This contest…I really need to play XIII-2 again, I got the XIII questions in a flash then it came to XIII-2’s, I think I got ’em all. but my brain now hurts xD…Especially after Question 8. I was unsure in what context it was meant. What ‘physically’ took her there or the entity behind her getting there there. Oh well…>.<

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Good luck to all american’s 🙁

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Or you guys could save one of the play arts kai figures and save them for a Canada contest 😀 #ForeverAloneUpNorth

  • That question is driving me nuts at the moment. I’ve re-watched the cutscenes relating to it and combed the datalog, yet I’m still unsure of which answer to choose.

  • Ehren Rivers

    That was intended to be the most difficult question, because it is something people get wrong quite often. That is, of course, the most I can say on the subject but I hope you both got it right!

  • Ehren Rivers

    I’m sorry, I wish we could make the contest available internationally. Please be understanding.

  • Guest

    I wanted to put chaos since ‘technically’ it was the chaos that dragged her in, however from the other point of view it was through Etro that the chaos brought Lightning to Valhalla. So yeah. I put Etro. Etro chose Lightning, the chaos didn’t choose Lightning. It really depends on how you interpret the question.

    You can delete this reply when you’ve read it as to not help other people with the quiz 🙂 since I’ve already entered it would be nice to get some clarification as to what the correct answer is

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Im trying to be im just a little depressed and a tad annoyed because i really want a play arts kai :l

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    It was a time paradox that caused Lightning to be brought to Valhalla by the chaos. However it was Etro’s doing that caused the paradox in the first place to cause the chaos to bring Lightning there. Etro indirectly brought her there. The chaos physically brought her there. ahhhh I put Etro, but I think that’s wrong. I shoulda just put chaos since that physically took her there >.<

    delete this comment if you want to since it could give away the answer. Will we get to see what were the actual right answers when the quiz ends?

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    Is there any reason why the contest cant be international? Is it to do with shipping costs or just because that’s the rules?

  • Andrew Ip


  • Alleo

    at least you got the collectors edition 😉

  • Alleo

    yeah I´m a little sad too, would have payed the extra shipping cost but at least we can buy the play arts kai on amazon ^^

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Haha yeah true true 😉 But still, woulda loved me a signed play arts kai 🙁

  • Ehren Rivers

    Shipping costs ARE pretty crazy, but as far as I know SE set the rules on that stuff.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    What do you mean set the rules? It isnt allowed to give Canadians stuff? lol – plus id totally pay for the shipping 😉

  • jambawok

    Kinda reminds me of the Amadar quizzes in XIII-2, except without all the troll questions.

  • Red or Black?


  • jambawok

    blue * punches in the face*.
    that’s what I wanted to do every time he would ask one of those questions, especially when I was on the final question and got it wrong.

  • Those were the worst! I tried to complete the Brain Blast quizzes honestly at first, but they were so aggravating because of those types of questions.

  • Finally entered. You guys and your tricky questions. 🙂

    *crosses fingers*

  • あかりん (Akarin)

    Erren, I do not live in the US but I have a postal address in the US with some company that ships any of my US purchases from that address to my home. Can I still be eligible for the contest?


  • Guest

    These were really tough.

  • Erren Van Duine


  • あかりん (Akarin)


  • Darklurkr23

    Those questions are brutal man. I kind of lost interest finding them 1/2 way through so hopefully crossing mah fingers XD But how would anyone know the stuff (and not get spoiled) if they’re trying to win the games to play them ? o well it’s nice of you all to do it.

  • Will you reveal the answers tomorrow? It would be nice to know how some of these questions were to be interpreted and it could lead to some interesting discussions about the mythology of the series.

  • Erren Van Duine


  • Awesome. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  • あかりん (Akarin)

    Boo-hoo Kupo…got the second one wrong. No prize for me! Guess it doesn’t help if your as blind as me with spotting crystarium patterns…

  • Sapientia

    Have the winners of the contest already been contacted?