Win Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 Goodies with Nova Crystallis! By Erren Van Duine on January 31, 2014 at 1:56 AM

Earlier today the guys over at Square Enix America gave us a pretty cool bunch of prizes to celebrate the launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Similar to our contests in the past, we’re giving folks in the USA a chance to feel some of that Lightning Returns love before the game arrives in western territories!

For the next ten days you’ll be able to participate in a little quiz below – and getting all of the answers correct will result in you being entered into a prize draw to win one of several copies of FF13 or FF13-2, official strategy guides for FF13-2 – and two Lightning Play Arts figurines signed by Ali Hillis! There’s a copy of each game for both PS3 and Xbox 360 – the first names out of the hat will get first pick of what version they want. Each figure – one for both XIII and XIII-2 – will be selected for the first two winners at random with all other prize winners randomly selected based on correct answers.

The contest has ended, thanks to all who have participated!

    Please answer all questions.
  • Question 1 Hope and his mother Nora were from…

    • a. Bresha Village
    • b. Palumpolum
    • c. New Bodhum
    • d. Gappra City
  • Question 2 Snow’s crystarium pattern takes the shape of…

    • a. A heart
    • b. Serah’s face
    • c. The crystallized Cocoon
    • d. A snowflake
  • Question 3 The Cocoon fal’Cie spend their time taking care of humans, while the Pulse fal’Cie…

    • a. Are searching for a hidden door
    • b. Only seem to care about landscaping
    • c. Are trying to drive humanity to extinction
    • d. All of the above
  • Question 4 Dajh named his chocobo chick…

    • a. Featherella
    • b. Chobi
    • c. Chocolina
    • d. Boko
  • Question 5 Noel’s ultimate skill, ‘Meteor Javelin’, does what?

    • a. Deals massive damage and empties the Chain Gauge
    • b. Empties the Chain Gauge and automatically staggers the enemy
    • c. Fills the Chain Gauge rapidly
    • d. Deals always effective damage
  • Question 6 Lightning’s ‘Improved Raise II’ passive skill comes from which weapon?

    • a. Phoenixforce
    • b. Enkinder
    • c. Peacemaker
    • d. Lifesaber
  • Question 7 Hope gets the better of Vanille by implying…

    • a. That they are related
    • b. That his mother may still be alive
    • c. That he knows how to build fal’Cie
    • d. That he has a crush on her
  • Question 8 Lightning was brought to Valhalla by…

    • a. The Goddess of Death, Etro
    • b. Chaos
    • c. Mog, the Last Moogle
    • d. Bhunivelze
  • Question 9 In the year 300 AF…

    • a. Noel and Serah found an access key out of its time
    • b. Serah was briefly reunited with Snow
    • c. Noel had a bad pun contest with a dead man
    • d. All of the above
  • Question 10 Caius wanted to save Yeul from her fate as the Seeress, but…

    • a. He also wanted her to stay away from him
    • b. He didn’t care if his actions made her unhappy
    • c. He wouldn’t allow her to be with Noel
    • d. He realized she couldn’t be saved


The entry period is between now and February 10th.
We will contact the winner via e-mail shortly after the contest has ended. If the winner does not reply within 24 hours, another winner will then be selected. This contest is open to residents of the United States only. For future Final Fantasy contests – including those for Canada and Europe – stayed tuned to Nova Crystallis and other UFF Network sites.