Lightning Returns launches in North America today, gets a brief trailer By Erren Van Duine on February 11, 2014 at 9:06 AM

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is out in the Americas today, with a European release to follow later this week. Square Enix has launched a new trailer alongside it, including a few details on some of the costume DLC available from today.

“We wanted to create a conclusive title with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – one that not only ties up Lightning’s storyline, but also provides players an extremely memorable and aesthetically visual gameplay experience,” said Yoshinori Kitase, producer. “We thank the community for their invaluable feedback during development, and are excited for fans to dive deep into this new Final Fantasy universe.”

Additional downloadable content (DLC), including a Tomb Raider “Lara Croft” costume and Yuna’s “Sphere Hunter” costume from FFX-2 provide more ways for players to extend their experience. Both DLC packs will be available for $3.99. Additionally, original Japanese Voice-Overs are available from today until February 25th as a free download. Following this two-week period, the Japanese Voice-Over Pack will be available for $3.99.