Unlock the Helter Skelter Garb in Lightning Returns in this Outerworld Challenge By Ehren Rivers on February 18, 2014 at 7:08 PM

The English facebook for Final Fantasy XIII (encompassing the whole trilogy, not just the first game) has shared a special set of contests recently designed to increase visibility and activity for the Outerworld feature in Lightning Returns. You can use it to post screenshots of scenes, battles, battle scores, and even just the environment around you. If you haven’t already, use it to show off your Lightning customizations too!

Anything goes in this first Outerworld Challenge- All they’re looking for is 100,000 posts to be made (total, not per person) via the Outerworld service. This event is open to both consoles and all regions, so no-one gets left out! The challenge started on Saturday, February 15th, and will run a total of two weeks. The prize? The Helter Skelter garb.

HS1This outfit is available in the main game, but it must be bought from a shop for 100,000 gil. What’s more is that this powerful garb is only available for purchase on Hard Mode, meaning it may be quite some time before you get it ordinarily. It has the Attack Lv.4 ability locked onto it, provides a Strength boost of 180 points, and adds 50 to your maximum ATB total (up to 200). The only downside is that you start with half of you ATB gauge at the beginning of the fight, meaning you may want to consider some ATB-speed increasing equipment to go along with it. We have a gallery below of the garb in action thanks to community member Sapientia.

There will be three more Outerworld Challenges yet to come- Each one lasts two weeks, and each one will unlock a garb in the game upon completion. Outerworld Prizes can be claimed by going into the “Rewards Shop” section of the main menu of the game. We’ll update this article as more information becomes available.