Lightning Returns themed PS3 contest – the voting starts here! By Erren Van Duine on March 4, 2014 at 1:47 PM

After extending the deadline a bit, we’ve finally gathered up all our Lightning Returns contest videos for the final act of our month-long giveaway. For this part of the event, the community here will be voting on the grand prize winner of one Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII themed PlayStation 3 system.

The original contest asked fans to come up with a short video expressing the phrase “What does the end of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy mean to you?” – with the goal being to reward those who really stuck it out through the end of the FFXIII Saga. Again, only 13 of these custom consoles exist in the world, so Square Enix will be giving the winner something truly special.

The voting rules are quite simple: We’ve posted the videos here and all you have to do is write in the comments section the Entry # you believe should win. The person with the most votes by March 8th at 11:59PM EST will be declared the winner. To keep things fair you can only vote once and for one entry. Voting is open to anyone with posting privileges on the site – multiple votes under the same user name or IP will be disqualified.

Upon contest closure, the winner will be contacted by email and expected to respond within 24 hours to claim their prize.

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7

Entry #8

Entry #9

Entry #10

  • Tomasz Rozejowski

    Well done to all the contestants, most of you shown real love and passion for the XIII Saga but the entry that stood out for me was Entry #4

  • Arthur Spira

    Entry #4!

  • FFXIII Fan

    These videos were all fantastic, and i wish there were more, but Entry #5 really stood out for me the most. That one has my vote 🙂

  • Wildones

    Entry #4 😀

  • Alleo

    I vote for Entry 5 =) I liked how simple it was. Just him saying his thoughts without any pictures or other things and at the same time saying many things why he loved it. In the end they are all nice but he really stood out for me. ^^

  • TNE Vergil

    They are all GREAT videos and every one of them deserves to win! Good luck everyone!

  • Randy Marsh

    Entry #1

    Although, kudos to #5, simple, but yet great. Too bad I can’t vote for 2 entries. :/

  • callius5

    Entry #5 all the way 😀

  • Derwin Hughes

    entry #5 give better video. i vote him

  • KittyKilala

    Entry 3

  • stevenm281

    Entry #4

  • 4FFAN

    Entry #9

  • Tyler Campbell

    Entry #1

    He was the most realistic and he mentioned FFXV. He wasn’t hyperbolic and looked forward to the future of the series, which displays to me a real fan. That’s why he gets my vote.

  • DanielJacks0n

    Entry #4 gets my vote! 😀 I liked the focus on the community versus the game itself 🙂

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Entry #1

    So mad i couldnt get my entry in on time! But good luck to all contestants that could get theirs in! GOOD LUCK! -cries- cant believe its over 🙁

  • Shida

    Entry #5

  • Tyrant

    Entry #5 was such a good one gets my vote!

  • FFXIIIfan12

    Entry #5 gets my vote, he showed lots of passion and it was beautiful to listen to, I hope he wins!!!!!

  • James Aiello

    Entry #4

  • Stephen Jackson

    Entry #4 has my vote for sure.

  • cody

    Entry#4 for sure

  • Entry #4, for sure!

  • Karen Maki Hewett

    Entry #4, has my vote!

  • Linda Gosslin

    Entry #4

  • James Stine

    Entry #5 for me, it felt very sincere.

  • KaraOhku

    Entry #5! Simple is the best!

  • Paula Jorgensen Bombich

    Entry #4

  • thereturn_res

    Entry one has my vote. A very thorough explanation of how they felt about the trilogy ending, and it was put well together.

  • Entunio

    Entry #1 for sure.

  • Tracey Huffman

    entry #3

  • Libra&Tiger

    Entry #5. It was the one that I thought had the most sincerity and passion about the game.

  • Andrea

    Entry #1 definitely. Sounds like a sincere and dedicated fan. Plus is very well designed.

  • TNE Vergil

    Finely decided #3 for pure simpleness and I like the dork ending. TEH Final Fantasy (of 13 lol) ~

    my 2nd would likely be #7 if i could vote twice >w< sadly i cant.

  • Khairul Basyir

    entry #4

  • Slickyrider

    Entry #4

  • あかりん (Akarin)

    Oh this was really difficult, I judged this based on a sincere and credible response to the question as well as the idea of “appreciability” of the person in owning this console, in other words if I felt like this person would not see this as another “collectable and rare item” but as the pinnacle of his/her involvement in being a fan of the series.

    Final verdict: Entry # 5.

  • Guest


  • Maurice Hayward

    entry #6

  • FinalFantisiac

    Entry 5.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Entry 5.

  • GoosestepPanda

    I really liked the effort put into entry #2. #2 has my vote.

  • Lazyparkour

    Entry #2 for the win!!!

  • GeneralSprinklz

    Entry #2

  • Twilight Odin

    Entry #5, easily!

  • FinalFantisiac

    Well said.

  • Lanaw

    I’m locking in entry #2 🙂

  • artemisthemp

    Entry #4

  • Artikuno

    Entry #2

  • Infinity67

    Entry #2 was my favorite. #2.

  • FlamingLechon

    Entry #5

  • Nayr11

    Entry #2.

  • Heyjude33

    Entry number 2!!

  • King0DaRing

    Entry #5

  • Azure Kite

    Entry #6

  • Guest


  • Mogger

    I wish everybody the best of luck : ) But my vote is #2

  • Sapientia

    Entry 5, for sure. Summed up all of my feelings for the trilogy beautifully.

  • TTopz

    Entry 2. I loved how they had a fun little intro to the old battle system and explained at the end!

  • Pacoveli Vega


  • Tiffania Westwood

    entry #6

  • Linkfan415

    Definitely #2 : )

  • 4goerlv

    Entry 2! Good luck to all.

  • Andy

    Entry #2

  • Shirayuki14181

    Entry #4

  • odoroshi-rider

    Entry 3!!

  • Nora Morales

    Entry #4

  • Dan McDonald

    Entry #4

  • Delliott

    Entry #2

  • Sarah Brown

    entry # 1!! by far the best!!! loved the use of specific scenes to help explain his thoughts.

  • Linkfan415

    I really love the diversity in all of this. Everybody did a fantastic job. Just thought id say that (:

  • Bradyoactive

    Entry #2!

  • James Hewett

    Entry #4

    The best one imo!

  • Laurie Verant

    Entry #4!!!

  • CinnderBrick564

    Entry #2! That was awesome!

  • Phil

    Entry #4 has my vote!

  • Tsukinikawatte

    Good luck to the winners, seems I can’t even compete. I spent a lot of time painting my entry too. Well, I’m proud of these hours I spent hand drawing and coloring it. So while it has only a few votes, I hope some of you enjoyed it.

    FFXIII meant so much to me and that’s why I did those paintings, despite all the bashing the series gets I’m happy to see the other entries feel the same way as I do. It inspired me to do something I cared about, and I can’t regret that.

    Thnxs for the contest. 🙂

  • GoosestepPanda

    I enjoyed your video (assuming you are the aspiring artist video) and was very impressed. This whole thing is a great chance for us all to bond as fans and it’s just a really cool experience! Bravo to you and everybody!

  • Noah115

    I really liked number 2. My vote is entry 2!

  • ShutUpImChilean

    Entry #2

  • pacmandestroyer

    Definitely #2!

  • Lora Bennett

    I Like # 4 because she made friends and friends are invaluable! And I love her outlook!

  • GoosestepPanda

    I agree completely. The FFXIII community (not the ones who give the series so much undeserved hate) are great people. She was a good one too : ) Though I think you mean number 3

  • 4FFAN

    Congratulations to the future winner! I officially have no chance of winning but good luck to everyone else 🙂

  • Alleo

    no I think she meant number 4 😉 she talks about it in the video around the time with the mog picture

  • TNE Vergil

    Ditto~ lol

  • 6348RyRy6348

    Entry 2!!

  • LilDrummerHoi

    Entry 2 all the way!

  • Kathy Sedgeman

    Entry #4 have my vote. Life is all about friends and how we can help and cherish them. Well said!

  • Barb Krause Rancour

    Entry #4 is definitely the winner

  • Tsukinikawatte

    Oh thanks! Yea, I’m glad more people got to enter because they moved the deadline. Just stinks I spent so much time on it to try and make the deadline when I could have been studying for school. I only got what 3 votes for hours of work? Next time a camera with a one minute speech is the way to go.

  • Wonderland13

    Number 2 was pretty darn sweet, Definately entry 2!

  • GoosestepPanda

    Never mind, I got the videos mixed up d:

  • GoosestepPanda

    Why not try doing the drawings and your speech in the background? Or both side by side 🙂

  • Electro-BLITZ

    #4 would be my choice!

  • I love the variation in the entries! How are we supposed to pick just one? 🙂

    Okay, my vote goes to #4. Like the characters in the series, it’s all about the connections we’ve made throughout this journey. I love that sentiment.

    Side note: my entry was #7. So even if it didn’t get a single vote, please take a minute (okay, 40 seconds) to watch it. Turn up the sound as I timed the transitions to match the music, so it’s like a mini music video. I chose to keep it concise and to the point: “It was inspiration” is what sums the series up perfectly for me. I wanted the entry’s presentation to reflect that. The FFXIII series has been very influential to my art (graphic design) and my music (example lyric: “when the odds are stacked against us, Lady Luck is on our side.”). Lastly, that last promo graphic That was shown at the end… that’s been my phone’s lock screen for years and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. It inspires me on a daily basis to keep going. Anyway, I’m not whining. Just sharing some stuff. 🙂

  • Tsukinikawatte

    Because originally the deadline was the 26th of Feb. I didn’t have time to, then it was moved to the 1st of March. I could have expanded more, but it takes hours to paint in Photoshop by hand I have 6 layers just for a set of hair. And you blend them with box blur, overlays, etc. The original drawings had to be scanned in after being hand drawn.

    I didn’t expect to win, but I certainly didn’t expect to do this badly. I’m not dissing the other entries, but the FFXIII series inspired me to create something. So, I did what I could with the time frame. I had midterms the week after the 26th so I didn’t get to do much when I found out about the extension.

    This wasn’t a video that could have been put together in one day. I can’t say I’m not upset, because I am a little because of the effort I put into it. But I have to realize that people have their opinions and I have to respect them. After the contest is over, I’ll post each individual layer in a video on my Twitter account and time lapse it so you can see all the layers it took.

  • Jessebenedict

    All of these hand something special. It showed how much diversity the series shows and how much love the fans give. My vote is number 2, just because I love the way that the video worked. Entry 2. Gooy luck to everybody who entered.

  • LizaLeiza

    Entry #2

  • Jake Zoretich

    Entry #4

  • Syd

    Entry 2:))

  • Jallia

    Entry #4

  • DanteJones

    Entry #1 takes my vote.

  • Guest

    Entry #4 ! 🙂

  • MajoringDrumz

    Entry #2

  • olivia

    Entry #4

  • Tammy

    Entry 4

  • Mystic

    Entry #2 🙂

  • GoosestepPanda

    If you can do that art on a computer, I can’t imagine what you can do by hand : )

  • PetGreenDino447

    Entry 2!

  • SazhKatzroy

    I just want to give a shout-out to Randy Marsh, Sothe Zephyr, and DanteJones, – I always see you guys frequent this site, so I really appreciate your support. Many thanks to anyone else who supported me too. Next time, I will make sure to advertise my submission…

  • CappedCapt.

    I have to go with entry number 2.

  • Mike Brummund

    Entry #2

  • ThomasRodriques

    Entry #2 definitely!

  • Judersim

    Sorry this is so last minute. Everybody did fantastic.Just beautiful.My vote #2 because of how awesome the flashback it gave me was. If I could vote twice id go 6 because of its nice simplicity.Nice work.

  • Alleo

    I hope my reply won´t sound mean or anything:

    I know that it´s hard if you put work into something for a contest and then you don´t get that much votes but at the same time I find it a little bit strange that you post that under this article. ^^;; This makes it look like you want to influence someone to vote for you just because it took hours to finish it. (I draw too sometimes so I know that it´s not easy.)

    For me I voted for somebody else because I did not get the message what it really meant to YOU. Some may be simpler and may not needed much work and time but they showed me why they liked the 13th saga. If you had put your voice behind it and told us what it meant to you then maybe it would have got more votes? For example I voted for 5 because for me, he said the things that also meant much for me and he just said it without all the pictures behind that. It was simple and to the point, thats why I liked it. I also liked other entries for example number 2. The kids were very creative and they put a smile on my face with their video and if I could have voted for two videos they would have got my second vote. Sadly we can only vote for one. (It was a tough decision between those two videos X_X)

    I do have to say that some videos did not catch my interest that much and sadly yours was one of those. I know that you wrote something about family and it may be the thing that meant the most to you but it just did not touched me the way others did, maybe it was also because they missed their faces and this made it look unfinished? I don´t know.

    I do not wrote this to be mean to you but after all these post of you not understanding why you get not many votes I just thought that I´ll write what was missing for me.