Final Fantasy VIII heads to PC in Japan next week By Erren Van Duine on May 3, 2014 at 12:09 AM

The original Final Fantasy VIII port for PC will be making its way to Japan next week, Square Enix has announced today. Despite the game being available through digital services in the West for some time now, its domestic release remained undecided until now.

The game will launch on May 8th through Square Enix’s online store at the cost of ¥1,429 plus tax. Similar to the PC version of Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII on PC includes several booster modes that increase spell count, damage dealt and an option to speed the game up quite a bit.

  • Sora96

    I don’t think it was “undecided”. The PC versions were originally developed by Eidos which is of course now Square Enix Europe.

  • notcarolkaye

    The music in that version breaks my heart.

  • Tom

    Nope, it was developed by Squaresoft (Division 1) and was only published by Eidos.

  • Caliburn

    Why was it delayed?

  • Xervath

    ^This, sir. This.

    This almost-less-than-MIDI audio quality is enough to make a grown man cry.
    Supposedly via steam you are able to mod (read: replace) audio files to make them sound true-to-intention…but I should not have to do this in the first place.

    Glad I still have my original PSX copy.

  • Xervath

    I can’t help but wonder why these PC versions suddenly have ‘boosters’ to help you.
    Has gaming degenerated to such a level that people are not required to put in ANY effort AT ALL anymore?
    Where’s the sense of difficulty, of accomplishment; the sense of putting in quality time in order to finally beat Ultima/Omega weapon, to get all the GF in the game.
    The last straw would be if they they added booster packs for the card-game as well =____=;

    You want a higher spell count? –> Use ‘Haste’
    You want higher damage? –> Use ‘Aura’ and dish out more Limit breaks
    And why, in the name of all things sacred, would I want to speed up this amazing game!?

  • notcarolkaye

    The worst thing about it is that there will be some people who play the PC version thinking that that’s how it’s supposed to sound. Sad.

  • Xervath

    *Sigh* …If only they knew .___.

  • I’m actually replaying the game for the 3rd time now, and I realize it’s easy for the game to be hard, and it’s easy to have the game be easy.
    It’s all up to the player and his junctions + GF. The effort/quality the players put in drawing magic and setting up junctions/abilities, directly correlates to the difficulty of the game.
    But why are these boosters are trying to rid the game of that great quality? Crap junctions– hard game. Good junctions– decent difficulty. It’s so simple that you shouldn’t need help with that.

  • Xervath

    Indeed, aside from having to spend just a little time with the magic-junction-GF system, it’s not BAD to have a challenging difficulty. If anything, I welcome it. But with the changing of the times, it appears as though most games should have a default spoon-feed difficulty. Even with a good understanding of the junction-system this game is challenging but that’s good!
    …or maybe that’s just me talking as an older, seasoned gamer .___.

    …and then there’s of course the music (or lack thereof) in this game…atrocious, really.

  • You mean the updated music, the original music, or both?

  • Xervath

    If you listen to the music on the PC port and then to the music you hear in the original PSX version, you HAVE to wonder what went wrong…

  • I probably couldn’t tell, but if you’re using the word “atrocious”, it must have been.

  • LGFFan

    i absolutely used to lose my sides and laugh so uncontrollably the first time i ever saw them men on motor bikes jump from garden to garden…then those ones with jet-packs…good times.

  • Cyborg Fairy

    I wonder how well their PC games do in Japan.
    I would hope they do pretty well. And I’m happy for them that they’re getting it.