Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 Trailer Analysis By Ehren Rivers on September 21, 2014 at 8:48 PM

As every one of you no doubt knows by now, a brand new trailer was released for Final Fantasy XV during this year’s Tokyo Game Show. What could be better than that? How about this: It’s confirmed as being actual, live gameplay and not a target render like much of last year’s E3 footage. In the wake of such exciting news, we at Nova Crystallis decided it was time for another of our Trailer Analysis articles, and we’re inviting you to share your own observations and discuss possibilities in the thread below! A large collection of screenshots will be provided in the gallery below, from both the trailer itself (the highest quality I could get my mitts on), and the footage of the stage demo played by Tabata (on what appeared to be a PS4 dev kit). Here are just a few things that got noticed.

  • The origin location on the boys’ car is “Insomnia”, and underneath it reads “The Royal Capital”.
  • The wheels appear to have words written around the rims, and there is some sort of talon/claw decoration on them.
  • GladiolusĀ has a strange brace on his left hand which wraps around the thumb, but stops short of any other fingers. It was in older trailers, but I didn’t notice it till now.
  • Prompto’s hair has changed yet again, though the style is still a bit feminine. His eyes and face also seem to have been altered a bit.
  • Ignis is wearing driving gloves that look almost like they have a snakeskin pattern. Small, oval holes expose his knuckles and at least one of the gloves has a fingerless thumb.
  • Gladiolus and Noctis are definitely wielding the same great sword- the design appears to be identical. Furthermore, most of the other weapons in this trailer appear to share some similar peripheral attachments and decorations, similar to tiered gear (mythril, etc.) in older Final Fantasies.
  • Most of the creatures revealed thus far appear to be fairly large, except for Goblins and the enemy soldiers. There’s a decent amount of biodiversity for such a short peek.
  • The smokey, purple-blue-black “blood” from previous trailers remains asĀ an effect when Noctis and friends hit the enemy soldiers. It appears every time a creature is hit in this trailer as well.
  • Prompto’s guns appear to create a shower of embers or red sparks on impact, though the blue effect can still be seen underneath.
  • From a distance, the haze around the astral shards appears to resemble the blue smoke from the hit effect. Up close, the astral shard appears to be surrounded by formations much like the crystal ridges present in Final Fantasy XV: A Realm Reborn.
  • When in the caves, a small glowing object can be seen around Noctis’ chest, appearing to hang from his neck like a necklace. However, none of the other party members appear to have any object that could be emitting the flashlight-level illumination in front of each of them. This could indicate another crystal power on Noctis’ part, or simply be an indication of tool objects to come.
  • During combat the lights seem to be centered on the area in front of a character’s feet, but when the Goblins first show up Noctis’ light appears to be face forward for exploration.
  • Attacks appear to cause enemies to be knocked back or staggered quite frequently.
  • Ignis wields two short swords in a style reminiscent of Final Fantasy rouges, thieves, and ninjas. During this trailer, he throws one of his swords directly into the chest of a Goblin while Noctis flips over him.
  • While rushing to protect Noctis (who has critical HP) from an oncoming monster, Gladiolus manages to knock the beast off its feet. However, he loses his balance in the process and very nearly falls over. This could indicate windows of vulnerability for emergency rescuers, meaning potentially worse damage to the party.
  • The left side of the HP bar is the “full” point, whereas the right side is the “KO” point. This is opposite of just about every game I could think of, even those games where the HP bar appears on the right side of the screen as it does in XV. This could be potentially disastrous for those of us who are creatures of habit, checking only the distance between what we think of as the “end” of the gauge and our current HP rather than cutting our attention away enough to see the actual numbers.
  • The woman mentioned after the characters talk about “Luna”, who is in Altissia, is incredibly similar to the render of Stella from last year’s E3. They even have the same bangs around the face, although this woman has her hair up in some sort of barrette or tie. Whether Stella’s name has been changed or this is a family member is unknown, but it’s worth noting that this woman has a necklace with a crescent moon and a star on it- “luna” and “stella” respectively.
  • In regards to the line spoken about “Luna”, it’s possible that this is a codename for a friend behind enemy lines who is passing them information or materials that are important to the events in Noctis’ world. If that were the case, Luna could still be Stella.

This thread will be updated later tonight with shots from the TGS demoed video, including Noctis’ glowing hair. Stay tuned, gabbing – and remember as well as the comments below you can join other fans in dissecting the new TGS footage on our forums!