Final Fantasy XIII’s PC release is a bit of a mess By Erren Van Duine on October 10, 2014 at 5:07 PM

Final Fantasy XIII saw its release on PC yesterday and well… it’s not pretty. User response has been lukewarm at best, with much controversy aimed at the game’s lack of video options – a typical PC staple.

The port seems to be based off a mix of the 360 version, according to fans who spent time digging around in the game’s source files. While it does run at a variable 60 frames per second – a jump over the console version’s 30 frames – the PC version comes locked at 1280×720 resolution with no further options present in the game’s menus. Despite its hefty 60GB install size, graphics adjustment options also appear to be absent and the game’s video sequences suffer more compression artifacts than the original PlayStation 3 version, according to reports on NeoGAF. Other curious inclusions center around questionable keyboard mapping and the absence of language options once you boot into the game. Both Japanese and English audio, however available, can be selected from the PC launcher window.

Thankfully, modder Durante who is behind the PC resolution enhancement tool GeDoSaTo has taken the case and released a pre-alpha version which allows upping of resolutions and other enhancements. The mod itself is still early – after all, Durante did get it up within a matter of hours following the game’s release – so expect things to be rough with it for just a bit. According to Durante, image output currently isn’t as sharp as it could be and missing HUD elements and blurry cutscenes should eventually be adjusted given time.

We tried out Durante’s mod ourselves and while shaky for the moment, it seems to be getting the job done. If you’re eager to replay this version, the final release of his fix is probably going to be the best option. In our other tests, forcing anti-aliasing and depth of field options through a video card’s graphics control panel also helped but is ultimately a band-aid fix for something that could have been there in the first place.

Square Enix plans on releasing Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on PC as well. Both titles should be out by Spring 2015.