Yoshi-P talks Heavensward’s flying mounts, new primals, Dark Knight and gunner class teased By Erren Van Duine on October 25, 2014 at 6:54 AM

The London side of Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival activities kicked off today with another keynote and producer/director Naoki Yoshi revealing just a bit more on the game’s first expansion, Heavensward.

The presentation began with a bit of news for European players: Square Enix is in talks for size and location for European-based data centers. Yoshi-P also reiterated that the optional item shop paid for with real money is not “pay to win” and players will only be able to obtain vanity items such as minions and mounts through the service.

Moving on to Heavensward, players will be able to use flying mounts such as single rider airships in the new skyward areas. Seven flying mounts will be available – including a flying chocobo – with various movement speeds increased for mounts as well. Yoshida suggests that the Heavensward Collector’s Edition may include a statue of one of the flying mounts.

Two of the new beast tribes available in the expansion will be the Vanu Vanu, who worship the primal Bismarck, and the Gnath who call upon Ravana, another new primal confirmed for Heavensward. New player jobs will also be introduced, including confirmation of Dark Knight – a greatsword (two-handed) tank job class with no base class. Dark Knights will wield weapons and the power of Darkness. Heavenward’s next job was also teased during the event, to be revealed at Tokyo’s Fan Fest in December. Based on past promises and a visual cue of Yoshi-P wearing a 007 t-shirt, it’s likely the gun-user class we heard about before E3.

More on Final Fantasy XIV is likely to be heard throughout the day as London prepares for further festivities including a developer Q&A and interviews with other special guests. You can catch most of that on stream here as well as through our continued coverage.

Via: Final Fantasy Network.

  • Jesus Christ

    But the question is: what happens when the live flying mount needs to tinkle or no. 2 during flight? Will the stuff land on other players face? How realistic will the flying mount experience be?

    #ImportantQuestion #Serious

    And can someone explain to me the 5th image. That white thing with feathers. What’s that? And the 8th image dark knight with two swords?

  • Earl

    The white thing with feathers is a new primal, same with the “Dark Knight with two swords”. The white one is Bismark and Ravana is the Dark Knight looking one, and also has the pleasure of being XIV’s first exclusive Primal/Summon.

  • Pure

    “New player jobs will also be introduced, including confirmation of Dark Knight – a greatsword (two-handed) tank job class with no base class. Dark Knights will wield weapons and the power of Darkness. ”

    We finally get to play as a class powered by Nomura’s burning anger.

  • Jesus Christ

    You is smart. Thank you.

  • Ehren Rivers

    No base class? What? So does it start at Level 1 as a Job already, with its own independent stat setup? That would seem to suggest that it won’t be pickable from the beginning of the game once the expansion hits, and I can think of a lot of people who won’t be too happy about that. Hrm.

  • Storm

    My wings are ready.

  • Allan

    Well… Ravana is not an ‘exclusive’ monster to Square… since it was first seen in Vagrant Story, so it’s kinda related to Ivalice. But it’s the first time it hits the FF franchise 😀

  • Allan

    Hmm… maybe it’s something like the Star Gladiator from Mu online (Jesus this is and old reference, i know), where you must play as certain class to unlock it. Or maybe they’ll use marauder/gladiator as first class (+ arcanist or THM maybe?)

    Oh, my bad, the text says no base class o.o’
    I guess i’ll have to think of something else then haha

  • Randy Marsh

    I like the idea of DRK being a job only, since this will allow for more job unique skills and allow for them not to be pigeonholed to their main “class”. Thank goodness its not another road for GLA since it might have looked a little weird, considering that GLA has many “protect the weak” skills and many minor dps/enmity growing weaponskills that look to attack enemies in a “baptism of light” which would be associated with the PLD/KNI and would look puzzling to players familiar to the traditional Dark Knight of FF and especially the DRK of FFXI.

    So possibly no more classes it looks like after Rogue? Since the gunner class was said to be a Gunner type “job” iirc, but they could be taking this out of context since Yoshi just showed off his godly 007 shirt only lol. Kind of good imo, since the class system was made to be a band aid for the bad class system Tanaka made in 1.0 that was seen as non traditional to many core FF/FFXI players. Besides, classes are kind of useless in-game once you hit 30 and are only used as troll devices in late game things like CT and ST.

    So if its only jobs from now on, BLU can come into this game!!!!!!

  • HisShadowX

    So explain to me why the DPS Class since the start is now a tank class? Also everything in the notes about Dark Knights with the large sword and using power to over come seems like DPS.

  • Starlord

    Who says it HAS to follow the normal way the job is? Creativity will get my attention more than something that has happened sooo many times over.

    I come to accept that if SAM is a tank I’d be alright with it ( if it still deal a good amount of damaged).

  • Ehren Rivers

    Ahem. Earl said “XIV’s first exclusive Primal/Summon”, not first exclusive monster or anything of the sort. In Vagrant Story Ravana is an enemy, but it has NEVER been a Summoned Creature in the Final Fantasy series prior to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Similarly, Garuda made its first appearance as a Summon in Final Fantasy XI despite being a creature in many of the games.

    Also for any who care about this sort of thing, I think it’s worth noting that Ravana’s appearance here seems to resemble a thinned-out and refined version of the Final Fantasy XI and Crystal Chronicles enemy “Abbadon”.



  • artemisthemp

    Heavensward Collector’s Edition – I really hope their will be one for PS4 so, I can add that to my PS3 Collector’s Edition of the Realm Reborn

  • Sam Watts

    Check out http://www.ffxivmounts.com if you’re looking for info on the newer heavensward mounts. Personally, I can’t wait to get the new DRK one.