Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC downloadable content detailed By Erren Van Duine on November 19, 2014 at 5:41 PM

Those looking to buy into the PC release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be treated to the game’s console DLC releases free of charge, Square Enix revealed today.

Ranging from additional costumes to scenario content, nearly everything that hit both PS3 and 360 has made the cut. The main exclusions include the Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed outfits, as well as the console and retailer exclusive items – likely due to previous agreements. The PC release of XIII-2 is set to include the ability to customize resolution past 1080p, support 60 frames-per-second gameplay and feature the option to switch between both Japanese and English audio files when it launches on December 11th.

Read on for the full list of included content:

• Sazh: Heads or Tails?
• Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess
• Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

Coliseum Battles:
• Omega from Final Fantasy V
• Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V
• Ultros & Typhon from Final Fantasy VI
• PuPu from Final Fantasy VIII
• Lightning & Lieutenant Amodar from Final Fantasy XIII
• PSICOM officer Jihl Nabaat from Final Fantasy XIII

• Summoner’s Garb for Serah
• Beachwear for Serah
• White Mage for Serah
• Battle Attire for Noel
• Spacetime Guardian for Noel
• Black Mage for Noel
• A Wondrous Wardrobe for Mog

  • Faith

    I have the trilogy on the x360, but I will buy it on PC too, why? BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE GAME, I WANT TO REPLAY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, AND I ALWAYS HOPE FOR THE XIII-4 😀

    I wanted to share what I feel about the game ^^

  • LukesAlike

    The only thing I’m negative about for the PC releases is that for Lightning Returns, personally, I wanted to be able to do a second playthrough so I could unlock the whole weapon-upgrading aspect… but yeah.

  • I love PC versions! So much potentials to be discovered and enhance!

  • Wazi the pa

    As a Square Enix fan including Final Fantasy, you sir have a loud and righteous voice. You sir, deserve my respect.

  • Faith

    Thank you my friend, and to prove it I show you my wall (and its just a little bit of my collection^^) :


  • FranBell

    Awesome. Literally everyting I hoped the PC version would include.

    Hopefully they won’t mess up the optimization.


    I didnt play Lightning returns but I played FFXIII and FFXIII-2 and I think that XIII-2 is much worse than original XIII. I dont know why everyone say that XIII-2 is better. Final Fantasy XIII have better system battle, better soundtrack, better story, better graphic, better weapons and better render movies.
    Maybe XIII is linear but I think its better. XIII-2 have bigger world but its not better game.

  • Pekola

    I agree, but personally XIII-2 felt more ‘fun’. And not this utterly rigid affair like XIII was. Not only that, XIII-2’s story had more pathos because they had cutesy and emotional moments that weren’t as tacked on (Hello heel face turn Fang and Vanille/Hope Eidolon battles).

    I think they both have different things to be enjoyed and they beat each other out on certain things.

    In music, notably…I’d say XIII-2 is better. Mainly because it experiments more. But XIII has a more cohesive soundtrack.