New early development footage of Final Fantasy XV shown at Taipei Game Show By Erren Van Duine on February 1, 2015 at 12:59 AM

Hajime Tabata shared a small segment of new Final Fantasy XV information during today’s Taipei Game Show stage events. This time we’ve a look at an in development train station location, going to places where players normally won’t through the help of a “cat cam.”

Similar to the “dog cam” we saw back in December, Tabata took control of a cat NPC to detail areas that are still in development, and to avoid spoilers that might be present in the final game. The director also showcased an extended version of the snow train scene seen in the Jump Festa trailer, of which Noctis is seen struggling against a blast of cold through a moving rail car. Tabata notes that the environment showcased in the video is being created by Taiwanese developer XPEC Entertainment, who also worked on several titles for Activision, and is just one of the many studios who will be assisting Square Enix on the development of Final Fantasy XV.

“We’ve tasked a Taiwanese development firm to provide us with critical support,” Tabata said, on the subject of outsourcing. The cat cam actually came about after XPEC saw Square Enix’s own dog cam. The studio had joked that a cat version would help go places beyond what dogs could normally do.

Cat cam

Noctis and the train