This week’s Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Famitsu scans By Erren Van Duine on February 18, 2015 at 12:02 PM

High resolution versions of this week’s Famitsu magazine scans are out depicting both Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Much of the information – at least on XV – has been covered in our original report here. Type-0 HD’s images, however, may be considered spoilers. The beginning pages focus on the new, secret movie that Visual Works, Square Enix’s CG department, has created for the game along with the new song composed for it – UTAKATA.

Type-0’s article also details the new outfit that’s been added in addition to the bonuses from the original PSP version, as well as profiles for the remaining Class Zero members.

As usual, we’ll be sure to post the direct feed versions when they become available later this week.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD