Class Zero: We have arrived By Andrew Ip on March 16, 2015 at 10:49 AM

We at FF Site, RPG Site and Nova Crystallis have partnered with a bunch of other Final Fantasy fan sites and fans in order to create a special celebratory digital magazine to mark the official Western release of Final Fantasy Type-0 after a lengthy nine year wait after its initial 2006 announcement. Featuring a suite of articles offering information, memories and insight into the title, it’s a special project created by several players in the online FF community. Check it out below, including download links to multiple formats. Enjoy!

This is a large file – please keep that in mind while downloading. This should work just fine on various devices – PCs, Kindle, iPad and so on. This publication is entirely fan produced and is not associated with or endorsed by Square Enix. This should be available free of charge – it is not for profit!

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