Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Launch Trailer By Red Makuzawa on March 17, 2015 at 9:19 AM

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has officially arrived in some countries today and Square Enix has just released a new launch trailer to celebrate.

Set within the war-torn world of Orience, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD features a fast-paced combat system and a mature storyline. Players step into the fray as Class Zero, a group of 14 cadets from an elite military academy in the Dominion of Rubrum. The country is being overrun by the aggressive Militesi Empire, and players must strategically utilize the full range of characters’ powerful abilities to combat invading forces.

“Western audiences are the reason we decided to bring Final Fantasy Type-0 to the high definition consoles,” said Director Hajime Tabata. “We also wanted to invite players to experience a small taste of what’s to come in Final Fantasy XV.”

If you are planning to play Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, it’s best that you don’t watch this trailer.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hasn’t been released worldwide just yet with it set to arrive in Japan and Australia on March 19th and March 20th in Europe.
Watch the launch trailer below.

  • You know, I pre-ordered this game months ago and was really excited at the prospect of playing it. Right now, I don’t even feel like it. Not Type-0, not the XV demo either. I get that Square Enix may have spoiled a little bit of both of them, but the spoiler-fest that has been going on today (not by novacrystallis by any means, I am referring to other websites that are acting smart) has left me with all the information I wanted to work hard and get out of both the game and the demo. I know everything, even though I never wanted to now. I tried not to know! FOR YEARS!!! Who do these idiots think they are?! Just because they work at websites and get their copies of the games in early, doesn’t give them the right to go acting smart and ruining everything for the rest of us! Back in the day of VII, VIII and IX we didn’t have no stinking gaming websites to learn everything from! If we wanted to see that “extra cutscene”, we had to play the game! And it was all the more rewarding! Nowadays, you can just watch Luke Carmali or Meghan Sullivan play the game for you while you write hateful comments about the “death of FF” in the below area. I mean, why bother putting any effort into anything, amirite?? (Sorry about the rant, I am just REALLY frustrated at a certain website right now!)

  • Fábio Henrique Arosti

    I think the devs should read your comment. That spoiler fest has to end.

  • Knew this was gonna happen.

  • I wish the characters were more of a focus. It seems from the 6 hrs I played that this is a gam all about lore. Characters talk but sometimes they just feel like place holders. Maybe it’s because the cast is so huge.

  • Bigbossmsf1974

    Alex Sam Anif you have lifted my heart with this comment of your’s, game’s now day’s are no where near as good nor experience as they use to be back in the day because of people now day’s spoiling everything for gamer’s like you and me. Like you said earlier Alex Sam Anif, back then when we where kid’s there’s no way in hell you could find anything about a game until you play it for yourself. When I was nine year’s old back in 1997 when playstation underground was the shit in those day’s, I got my monthly magazine from playstation underground and it contain a demo that had metal gear solid, soul reaver, crash banded and some skating game that sponsored the Reno clothing line. When I play those games on that demo it blow my mind sky high, I even shared it with my friends and cousins, and they where also blown away by the games on that demo. My point is just like your’s Alex Sam Anif, the next generation of gamer’s will never experience gaming like we did back in our day’s with our friends and family surrounding us to experience that fun and joy to. But don’t give up hope my friend because I just got my copy of final fantasy type o hd today, and just like that little boy back then who stubble upon final fantasy VII in the electronic area in Walmart by chance, I didn’t have a clue what this game was or what it was about, but in my little heart there was something that drew me to this men who was standing in front of this strange building with a awesome sword on his back. And men let me tell you that was the best choice I ever made in my life because l’d would’ve never experience ffviii, fx, fx-2,fxii, kingdom heart’s and kingdom heart 2. So from a gamer to another gamer Alex Sam Anif, even tho you know all the details about the story of ff type o hd and ffxv demo, just go into this game with the same hope and joy you had as a little kid back then, this is the way we old school gamer’s can keep the true way of gaming alive.

  • Gaming was generally better back then since you got to experience things for yourself and form your own opinion. Now we just have a mass of mindless people that blindly follow what any reviewer tells them, then proceed to insult others in comment sections. It all seems so meaningless. What happened to the fun of it? Btw, I’m still waiting for my copy of Type-0, should be here on Monday…

  • Bigbossmsf1974

    Yeah totally agree with you Alex Sam Anif, gamer’s like us can’t really enjoy nor experience games anymore like we use to back in the day because of game critic’s, youtuber’s and comment spammers, judging and criticizing games before they even hit the shelves. I really hate it when some youtuber’s harshly criticized a game in it’s pre alpha stage demo way before the finished product, which mostly is a year are two off before releasing. Alex Sam Anif I’m with you 100% on gaming not being the same way as it use to be, but like I mention earlier buddy do not give up hope because there million’s of gamer’s out there who feel’s like you and me, so keep that in mind and know that you’re not alone in this gaming war. And Alex Sam Anif, I hope that you enjoy your copy of final fantasy type o hd and final fantasy xv when you get hand’s on it, keep the true way of gaming of alive buddy.

  • Just call me Alex! Ugh, still waiting on my copy of the game! Hopefully tomorrow will be the big day!

    I totally agree with you about youtubers! It’s like public opinion is definitely a good thing but when there’s too much of it it can be bad since everyone just keeps shouting and in the end no one gets heard. I feel like most of these people come out and bash gaming companies just for the hell of it and that just makes it more difficult for people with valid arguments to make their complaints when a product is actually broken (Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs). Specifically about FF though, it’s like everyone goes on and on about how “…it used to be” when most of them weren’t even born or were in diapers when VII, VIII and IX came out. It’s like, how can I trust their opinion when the first FF they played was probably X,XII or even worse, XIII? And about the spoilers, I had a massive argument the other day with some douche on YouTube that makes “game videos” and released the Type-0 AND XV demo movies with all the cutscenes BEFORE the game even made it to the EU! He was going on and on about how “he wasn’t doing anything wrong” and that “not all people are RICH (omg) enough to buy a next-gen console” and that “if I don’t want to be spoiled, I shouldn’t be watching it”. That was so not the point, everyone everywhere knew the ending of the game on the RELEASE DAY (did some people sit there for 50 consecutive hours non-stop playing?! seizure alert!), leaving no chance for us true gamers to actually see the story unfold as a reward for our hard work on the game. If that’s the way the gaming industry of today is, then I feel really sorry for it! It’s like waiting for 3 years to see a movie and then people all over the place spoiling the ending for you just as you’re about to enter the theatre. Sorry for the long post and rant, just got a LOT against today’s gaming community as a whole and this was the final straw!