Dissidia Final Fantasy Special Trailer & Arcade/PS4 Comparison Video By Red Makuzawa on April 13, 2015 at 3:25 AM

Square Enix has officially uploaded a couple trailers for Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcades, which premiered at the closed conference in Japan a few days ago.

The first video is a full-length trailer which shows off a bit of gameplay as well as the new Midgar stage players will be able to fight in. The second is a comparison video that shows you how the game looked on its original TypeX arcade board hardware and its new PlayStation 4 hardware. Dissidia Final Fantasy is using the PS4 hardware as its base system.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is due out on Arcade systems in Japan this fall. Square Enix has not announced a PS4 version of the game, but it is likely to come once the Arcade exclusivity period ends.

Watch the new trailer and comparison video below:

  • MHDRem

    Are these the only characters for the game or this is just a trailer?

  • Justin Carrasco Lopez

    they planning add a 50 character or more, like super smash bro, with a big roster 😀

  • Justin Carrasco Lopez

    wow so we have a ps4 version, thats great, but in more tan a year, that is bad

  • Rin

    Better than nothing, I suppose.

  • Justin Carrasco Lopez

    yea, we just need to wait lol

  • MHDRem

    That would be cool 🙂

  • I want those character renders from the first trailer. They look so pretty and high quality!

  • Noctis

    this are great news, hope the story want force you to play as Lightning again 😀

  • The PS4 version looks so much better! I really don’t get why they’re making it exclusive to arcades for a whole year! Also, the new songs are growing on me each time I hear them and they already sound awesome :p

  • gyazuka .

    this new techniques for trolling fans damn u SE why show ps4 if its still one year away god damn

  • Loganight

    My guess is it’ll take them a year to roll out all the character updates before the full roster is available in the arcade version. Wouldn’t make much sense to release 6 characters at launch on a home console version.

  • The game isn’t complete yet. If it was launched yet state like it, people might definitely get mad.


  • Squall confirmed lol I mean I was already expecting him to be there anyways.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    For the quality and the money .
    Anyway i don’t see how they could release the ps4 version before fall 2016 , Arcade exclusive ou non.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    Better than getting it direclty .

  • HalfLucan

    The UI needs some work but this could be the super smash brother’s equivalent for the PS4… Now if only they added Noctis and his Knight Swords

  • I hope there is no story, personally.

  • I wonder if there’ll be a feature to turn summons on or off…?

  • Caliburn

    Is this the same story and everything as the original PSP games, I mean a new Dissidia game is stuff I dream about at night, and now I hear it’s only comming for Arcades, I mean… Really? Does someone up there hate me or something? There isn’t a damn Arcade within hundreds of miles of me.

  • Tom

    1:10 – Looks like the game they promised to make when they first showed XIII.

  • Adrian

    It is actually the exact same stage that they showed off in the (fake) combat scene from the e3 2006 trailer. Good eye.

    For comparison:

  • Yeah that’d be sick. But only after XV is released. I would also like to see cadets from Class Zero like Ace, Machina, and Rem.

  • 4FFAN

    PS4 version definitely looks better, but I like the UI from the arcade better…

  • Rin

    Completely different story. Arcades could be profitable in Japan. We’ll see what SE’s up to in the coming months and years.

  • Caliburn

    Sigh… Dammit. Why? Why won’t companies allow me to buy their games, it’s so goddamn infuriating.