First Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC screenshots By Erren Van Duine on June 3, 2015 at 1:09 AM

The first set of screenshots for the newly announced PC version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD have surfaced online following its announcement yesterday at MSI’s Gaming Night in Taiwan. While a launch date or pricing have yet to be announced, Square Enix promises new graphical options, improved battle and camera controls and more.

If you’ve played the console version they’re about what you’d expect. You can take a look at the full resolution screenshots below.



  • Wazi the pa

    Looks great…… Visually speaking of course. Actually it looks about the same as the console version. Is anybody seeing any key difference?

  • Rashed Mokdad

    The difference will probably show once the game comes out: 4K screenshots etc. Also the performance should go from 30 to 60 hopefully.

  • TakKuroda

    glad I waited.

  • FranBell

    4K or GTFO.

  • Wazi the pa

    Still not worth a second purchase but that sounds great.