Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII coming to Steam in December By Red Makuzawa on October 19, 2015 at 4:23 AM

Square Enix has revealed today on Twitter that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be releasing on Steam sometime in December. The company is putting the finishing touches to the PC port and will be revealing more details at a later date.

  • Kebinu

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for another busted port! I bet those finishing touches are random crashes and broken lighting effects!

  • So this release pretty much confirms that they don’t plan to re-make it for next-gen systems, right? That’s sad, because I feel that the entire trilogy could really shine on the PS4.

  • NotCarolKaye

    The PC versions are straight ports of the PS3 versions. They could still do an upgraded enhanced collection on PS4.

    The dreamer in me hopes they’ll do that and include an international version type revision of FFXIII with a reworkedrebuilt from scratch equipment upgrade system. I love FFXIII, but that upgrade system is a needlessly cryptic, misleading mess. If they replaced that with something well thought out, I think they’d really be able to meaningfully enhance the game.

    Something like that, along with upgraded the visuals would easily justify a PS4 version, I’d think.

  • Tom

    Weapon upgrade system? Ugh, I think I missed on that one. I bought new weapons and leveled up my characters with Crystarium but I don’t remember doing weapon upgrades…

  • stevenm281

    I didn’t mind the upgrade system, but I admit not using it much, but no matter what the game is, I rarely use upgrades/crafting.

    What I would like though for a remastered version:
    – Fully unlocked crystarium (not story-locked)
    – Party Leader Switch (in and out battle)
    – Minigames in Nautilus
    – More paradigms settings (FF13-2)
    – Ability to select party members as soon as they become l’Cie, not Chapter 10.

    I think that’s about it.

  • Noctis

    Oh it`s finally coming? wow I`m so excited! NOT!

  • NotCarolKaye

    I’m not surprised. M first reaction to it was; “Aw man, I don’t want to deal with this. I wanna keep playing.” So I ignored it at first and kind of forgot about it. Then at some point in the Gapra Whitewood I started to feel like it was to early for the fights to be so difficult take so long. Then I rememered that I could upgrade weapons and accessories so I stopped playing and confronted the core of making sense of that mess.

    I guess the good news was that it didn’t wind up being all that complicated. So once you worked out the basics, you were good to go. Still that initial learning curve barrier was substantial and needless. A well made upgrade system should make you feel more engaged. It shouldn’t be a chore that gets between you and the stuff that’s good in the game

  • Dick

    I’ll need to see if this can run at an acceptable level before playing it. The performance tanked a lot on PS3 even compared to 13/13-2.

  • Dick

    With that said, I would hope in the 6 month-ish delay from the original release date that at least some fixes and optimisations have been made.

  • I guarantee if they announced that almost everyone would say “UGH ANOTHER XIII GAME?” The complaining would be endless. I’d buy XIII trilogy on PS4 in a heartbeat, though.

  • SNK

    Cool! The trilogy will be complete on PC, but… finally. I think now we won’t hear about the XIII series for a while.

  • Homosexual Advance Wars

    FINALLY. Jeeze, I have been waiting for this forever. I know a few modders that are getting ready to fix the broken outfit customization. I mean, Soldier of Peace? Really? You can literally only change the color of the pin on her shirt and the rest of it is preset. I also can’t wait to see what new weapon skins and outfit additions are created for it. LR is a little closer to western RPGs in terms of equipment variety, and the Steam community goes absolutely BATSHIT over those kinds of mods. <3

  • Dick

    It’s a guilty pleasure for me.

  • NotCarolKaye

    Why do you feel guilt about enjoying a great game?

  • Dick

    Because I’d rather enjoy it without having to explain why to people who seem to mostly hate it.

  • NotCarolKaye

    I can certainly sympathize with that, but I think they’re the ones who should feel guilty. Liking a thing that was made to be enjoyed is pretty valid to me. Insisting that it’s objectively wrong to like it is what I see as shameful.

  • Dick

    Agreed completely. I won’t argue for why a game is good or bad because it’s a game. It’s entertainment to me. Arguing something more fundamentally important gets my energy.

  • Tifa Lockhart

    Hi , would you please let me know the site that has mods for FF 13 and FF13-2 games? I would really appreciate it

  • That upgrade system is the only reason I haven’t earned the platinum trophy for FFXIII. Attempting to collect every single item in the game is a chore enough on its own without any in-game checklist. The fact that we’re expected to go through the upgrade process dozens of times over is just too much for me. I don’t want the platinum trophy or the bonus ps3 theme THAT badly. 🙂

    It would be nice if SE did go back and tweak things like that, but I’d be fine with upgraded visuals (especially for FFXIII2 and LR), faster combat (for FFXIII) and a better frame rate (mostly for LR) for a PS4 remaster/re-make.

  • NotCarolKaye

    I actually did go ahead and get the Treasure Hunter trophy. Which feels almost embarrassing to admit having done it, because it’s just the essence of grinding. I had gotten all the others though and had a great time doing it. That one however was pure chore, but it was my first platinum and I kind of thought that if my PSN trophies expressed anything about me, I’d like it to be that I love FFXIII. But still, pain in the ass.

    About the idea of a XIII collection;
    I’d be perfectly happy with having it done in straightforward 1080p/60fps way as well. I’d be grateful for it. I don’t imagine that they’d want to leave it at that though. Plus, I do think that with some relatively simple revisions, XIII could really shine. After all, XIII as it is isn’t perfect, but it’s good qualities are glorious.

  • Dick

    You can find a couple on the steam discussion board for both games. Not personally aware of any other sites that deal with it directly.

  • Great game, if you like only Lightning. Wouldve been more fun with Noel and Snow working with her. But here we are.