Final Fantasy VII Remake will be fully voiced; staff discusses world map, mini-games By Erren Van Duine on December 21, 2015 at 3:03 PM

This week’s Dengeki PlayStation has a load of new information on Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not only is the highly anticipated game across the magazine’s cover but inside features a new interview with director Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase. The folks over at Gematsu have translated some of the key points below.

Regarding Voices…

Nomura: “Basically, it will be fully voiced. We still haven’t decided the voices of the characters that weren’t in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.”

So does that mean dating events will be fully voiced?

Kitase: “It would be impossible not to. (Laughs) However, since it’s different from that time and social situation, we need implement the reproduction of original events carefully.”

Nomura: “Ah, the Honey Bee Inn… (Laughs)”

Is the map open world?

Kitase: “We can’t say anything yet, but we don’t plan on fussing about whether it’s a so-called open-world or sandbox. But since Nomura is more focused on the creation of the scenery, we want to express an environment character actions affect the scenery.”

Will there be mini-games?

Kitase: “We want to put the mini-games that remain favorable among fans in as much as possible.”

Nomura: “There were a lot of things from big to small, but we need to consider a bit whether it’s necessary to create them all with the latest technology.”

Kitase: “The development staff is also thinking about what to do with the mini-games.”

How’s production going?

Kitase: “We’re at the stage where we can say we’re finally getting started. We have ideas regarding battles, too, but it will take time to drop them into the actual game.”

Final Fantasy VII‘s 20th anniversary is in 2017. Can we expect anything for its original release date on January 31?

Kitase: “I can’t say anything at the moment. (Laughs)”

Nomura: “Personally, I’m waiting for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 and World of Final Fantasy in 2016. I think when they’re completed, I’ll be able to release new information.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4. The game will be released in multiple parts with each part comprising the amount of content equal to a full game and, according to Square Enix, was done so to preserve the quality of the original as it’s re-imagined for the modern age.

  • stevenm281

    While its nice to get new info, even if minimal, I was more interested in the game presence at Jump Festa but it seems they didn’t bring the game to the event because no trailer was released.

  • Jump Festa was nothing but a huge disappointment this year…

  • 케빈

    not really….we got a awesome KH III Trailer, thats all that counts

  • sounds like no world map… -__-

  • Krijn van Alten

    So, the conclusion is: for persons who are not interested in KH (any yes, they exist) Jump Festa was a hughe dissapointment this year.

  • James Stine

    Jump Festa has more than just video games at it, you do realize that… right?

  • Alea Anderson

    I’d like Andrea Bowen to voice Aerith again like she did in Crisis Core. Mena Suvari’s voicework just didn’t really click with me.

  • Naho RoPi

    Yeah, this is what worries me the most… I really want a world map… 🙁

  • I meant on the FF department.

  • Nick Greeley

    Yes, please. Suvari is a decent actress, but her Aerith is legit one of the worst dub jobs. Ever.


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    Nier automata
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    kingdom hearts 2.8
    star ocean 5

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    dragon quest 11,
    kingdom hearts 3


  • Tony Garsow

    God I’m excited for all of these and FFXIV expansions. So many cool games coming.

  • Jesus Christ

    I guarantee all of your mammas. FFXV will be used as reference when commenting and analyzing this game when it comes out after. Compare and contrast.

  • I doubt they’ll do a world map. Everyone acts like it’s impossible these days unless you make the game sprite-based. SMH cop out. Well it’ll likely still be a good game if they at least make it as big as Witcher 3 or AC Unity or Fallout 4. If it’s open world-ish, I’ll take it.

  • Tom

    2016 is gonna be great!

  • Patrick Bateman

    awesome KH III trailer? it was just battle clips, that were no different than stuff they’ve already shown lol the KH III trailer was nothing exciting at all…yes the battle looks cool and fun…we established that at E3 lol in fact the battle they showcased is basically just an extended battle that was literally IN the E3 trailer LOL

  • Matthew Ocampo

    ANDREA BOWEN for AERITH Pleeeaaaasssseeee!!! We need to make this a BIG DEAL so that Square Enix can see this and consider it! hehe!


    You can have an old style worldmap nowday, take a look at jrpg ni no kuni for example. But final fantasy have already crossed that over. Modern games like ffxv or even ffxii make a good job for exploration or worldmap felling.

  • Jared Timothy Mullen

    might not be until 2017, then there’s a good chance we won’t have to wait too long in between each of the parts release.

  • Justice V

    Ni no had a super deformed world map. And both XIII and XV have (most likely) a world map a fraction of the size of the original FFVII. Recreating a realistic scaled version of the open world with the graphics and play style they’re going for in VII:R may still be undoable. But I’m hoping the world map and town sizes are a big reason why the game is being split up so we actually do get all of it.


    Its cool to know that whole game is full voiced. Great news.