New Dragon Quest Heroes II screenshots detail Angelo, Gabo, Maribel and more By Red Makuzawa on February 24, 2016 at 1:47 AM

Today, Square Enix released new screenshots and details on Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End. The new screenshots gives us a look at the characters from the previous Dragon Quest games who will be making their debut in the action RPG sequel. The first trailer for the game debuted today, which you can watch here.

You can read the character descriptions below. Thanks to Gematsu for the translation.

■ New Characters

Torneko (from Dragon Quest IV) – Weapon: Abacus.
DQH II character 1
An arms merchant who knows every weapon across all times and places. He dreams of being successful in life and running the best weapons shop in the world, and leaves his family to go on a journey. If he’s pursuing a legendary weapon, even in an endlessly deep dungeon, and even in a strange new world, he is a man of action that will fearlessly jump in.

Meena (from Dragon Quest IV) – Weapon: Tarot Card.
DQH II character 2
A famous, on the mark fortune teller. She is reliable and has a quiet personality compared to her wild and spendthrift older sister Maya. As someone who specializes in crystal ball and tarot card fortune telling, her mysterious power to see the future will guide the party when they lose their way.

Maribel (from Dragon Quest VII) – Weapon: Boomerang.
DQH II character 3
The daughter of a fisherman mayor born in a fishing village. Perhaps because she was spoiled, she is highhandedly outspoken and says all that she has to say. But even so, she is a girl with a kind heart at her core. Her strong curiosity throws her head first into another world’s war.

Gabo (from Dragon Quest VII) – Weapon: Claws.
DQH II character 4
A young boy with athletic ability that surpasses that of an ordinary person. He inherited the power of the “Legendary White Wolf” that saved a certain town and always travels with his wolf. He has a very sharp intuition, and can sense surrounding disasters and nearby enemies, as well as where to find tasty food.

Carver (from Dragon Quest VI) – Weapon: Gauntlets.
DQH II character 5
A roaming warrior who travels from place to place. A lively character, Carver will do things before thinking and forcibly move things forward. His appearance boasts of power, and he uses that power for his carpenter work. If it’s cabin-level, he can easily build it.

Angelo (from Dragon Quest VIII).
DQH II character 6
A Templar Knight of beauty. Though he devotes himself to serving God, he makes merry gambling at the bar night after night and is considered a problem child by those around him. He is a playboy among women with his persuasive and pompous remarks, but he is also a noble, chivalrous soul who protects the ladies.

■ Returning Characters coming to the second game as well.

Alena (from Dragon Quest IV)
DQHII Character 7
Kiryl (from Dragon Quest IV)
DQH II character 8
Maya (from Dragon Quest IV)
DQH II character 9
Terry (from Dragon Quest VI)
DQH II character 10
Jessica (from Dragon Quest VIII)
DQH II character 11

■ Familiar Monsters

DQHII Monsters 1
DQHII Monsters 2
DQHII Monsters 3
Winged tiger
DQHII Monsters 4
DQHII Monsters

Dragon Quest Heroes II focuses on the story of seven kingdoms that have seen continued peace over a long period. However, one day that balance tips and war breaks out. The events seem to be following an ominous prophecy passed down from ages past..

Dragon Quest Heroes II is set to launch in Japan on May 27th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.