Final Fantasy XI April version update arrives; Yoji Fujito promoted to director By Tony Garsow on April 5, 2016 at 1:27 AM

While support for console version of Final Fantasy XI have recently shut down, Square Enix plans to continue to support the PC version of the game through its fourteen-year anniversary of service.

In a special announcement today, Yoji Fujito will take the place of Mizuki Ito as director of Final Fantasy XI. Fujito has served the team by producing system and non-battle content; he shared this message below via the game’s official site.

Hello, everyone!

Up until this point I have been involved in system and non-battle content, as well as team operational support, and now have been chosen to be director of the project.

I feel the weight of responsibility on my shoulders as I take the reins of one of FINAL FANTASY’s numbered titles as its fourteenth anniversary is nigh. Although part of me wonders if I can handle it, I vow to give my all to meet the expectations that you have for the world of Vana’diel.

I hope you will be by my side during this exciting journey!

Producer Akihiko Matsui shares that minor updates will be coming monthly, so that Final Fantasy XI “will continue to be a place for adventurers of all stripes to gather and enjoy both the content and spending time with each other”. Cue the April Version Update.

In summary, this month’s content includes the ability to summon mounts (other than chocobos), and a new battle content called Ambuscade which takes place in one of the archmage Abdhaljs’s many maquettes. The parameters of an Ambuscade will change month by month as new version updates go live. You’ll be able to earn a special currency called Hallmarks by participating in the content that can be spent on various rewards. Note that after each monthly update to Ambuscade, your Hallmark count will reset.

The game also features many updates to existing systems like Voidwatch and the Trust system, as well as a second Mog Wardrobe. You can peruse all of the details on the official forum here.