Launch trailer and screenshots for Hitman’s second episode By André Mackowiak on April 24, 2016 at 7:50 AM

Agent 47 sends us greetings from Italy in the launch trailer and screenshots for the second Hitman episode called “Sapienza – The World of Tomorrow”, which will be released digitally on April 26.

In the trailer a potential target talks about his evil intentions and we learn more about the coastal city Sapienza with its small alleys, red rooftops and piazzas. Lying underneath, there is a secret laboratory Agent 47 has to enter.

The new episode is included in the Full Experience bundle of the game. Buyers of the Intro Pack can purchase Sapienza – World of Tomorrow for about 10$ or upgrade to the full game for 50$.

Alongside the new episode the long-awaited Elusive targets are promised to be implemented. These are NPCs you can only eliminate in a single attempt and for a limited time before they are gone forever.