Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is a mobile title, teaser video released By Red Makuzawa on April 14, 2016 at 6:09 AM

As promised yesterday by the game’s producer Yoshinori Yamagishi on Twitter, Square Enix has finally revealed a teaser video for Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin. Japanese users can now pre-register for the game here and begin downloading it sometime during Spring this year on iOS and Android devices. No other details were revealed.

In addition to Yamagishi-san, the main scenario is written by Daisuke Fujisawa and the game will feature music Motoi Sakuraba. The game’s story will be set before Valkyrie Profile.

Visit the official site here.

  • All Seeing Eye

    Disappointed as fuck. Mobile? Really? MOBILE? FUUUUUUUUUUU

  • jamurjamban

    what a shame

  • Julian Hardaway

    I HATE trailers that don’t show you shit! WHERE’S THE GAMEPLAY???

  • Daniel

    Japan needs to Fuck Off with this mobile crap. We get y’all have fancy phones and that seems convenient to just slap it on a phone… But these are nostalgic franchises that GAMERS care about. We want it on a console or GAMING handheld. This is Breath of Fire 6 all over again.. you’re making me sad Japan, stop it.

  • Liam Mountain

    All these beautiful classic I.P’s being reduced to mobile shit. I miss the days when certain devs… sqaure-enix/Capcom/Konami Actually cared what they made and I suppose it doesn’t help that the western market is thriving while Japanese devs seem to be falling behind ( some devs , not all ! ) I wont hold out any hope for a new Parasite eve game or Parasite eve remake.

  • Nope. I’ll save my hard earned money.

  • Tonberrylord

    Unfortunately, the mobile market has exploded in Japan and they make more money on mobile then they do on the counsel.

  • Rebellionzx


  • RedSpade

    the company that you just mentioned are from japan, and in japan the console gaming demand is declining, while mobile gaming demand is rising. It’s not that they don’t care, but they also need to cover the market in their own country.. it would makes sense that some of their games are released as a mobile game there

  • Liam Mountain

    Yeah I already said in another article in a few more years they might just go full mobile. Must be cheaper to make a mobile game as well then a full blown console game.

  • RedSpade

    Oh man…. I hope they won’t go full mobile… Why don’t Japanese play PC instead of mobile……

  • Alex Kraus

    Is “The Origin” a prequel to another forthcoming game or is this the full project?