New look at magic and combat in Final Fantasy XV By Erren Van Duine on May 17, 2016 at 12:14 PM

The folks over at IGN have gone up with a new video focusing on Final Fantasy XV‘s battle systems.

The video runs just over a minute and a half and features Noctis and friends casting a variety of magic and other high-level attacks against enemies in the familiar Duscae region.

Check out the footage below.

Final Fantasy XV is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30th worldwide. For more on Final Fantasy XV be sure to check out or continuing coverage here as well as all the details surrounding Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV.

  • Cody Hansen

    Nice seeing a few new “in-combat” enemies/monsters in there.

  • ElAbuelo69

    mirror? that video player is complete DOOFUS

  • stevenm281

    Now I want this Duscae update! Would be the best FF15 demo before release!

  • More limit breaks too please!

  • HizaguiC .

    Did square enix release the video? It looks good but the camera was off half the times.

    I would probably slow stuff down for a second to throw “grenade magic” accurately. (last story did this well without breaking the pace of the battle).
    Was that a glitch at the end with the machine?
    For the people that played the demo, how does targeting work? better yet how does it compare to simmilar stuff like lets say dmc or darksiders?

  • Login

    This doesn’t look good for “high level combat”. Why do they keep showing test area gameplay? The map isn’t going to be that crowded with so many different types of enemies. Stuff like this is just giving people who don’t know any better a false sense of the game. Even all the fast cuts, trying to make the game look supper fast and hectic when it’s not.

    People who watch this might think the game plays like Kingdom Hearts or even a DmC title, when it doesn’t. Combat is basically automated with you holding down a button to play a combo animation, or holding another to block. That isn’t fun and I’m not looking forward to a 40-50 hour plus game that plays like that. And the magic controls are horrible, in the demo anyway and this looks just the same. The game should have stuck to its Kingdom Hearts roots. Better yet, Tetsuya Nomura should still be the director.

    All this video did was make me worried about the hit detection and camera. Look at how the snake’s tale went through three characters without a reaction and the mech at the end completely glitched out. Great way to end the video IGN…

  • stevenm281

    You don’t have to hold buttons, you can press them too, I don’t hold as it removes the fun out of it.

    Plus, there are situations where you need to press at the right time, if you’re holding, you won’t be able to do it.

    So while it is possible to hold, it isnt recommended.

  • Login

    Tapping the button is not responsive; it’s not 1 to 1. Each press doesn’t correspond to a hit. You’re not timing your presses in a combo string. Tapping the button fast is equal to just holding it down. The combat is meant for you to hold the button to combo.

    There are no situations, so far from what I have played in the demos, where you need to time your attack. If you’re talking about quick time events, that doesn’t count.

  • highsky00

    Holding button helps you dodge not block. You need the shield if you want to hold the button to block. Times that i need to timing my press are dodge without consumming MP and perfect parry. Defense things. About Tetsuya Nomura , many people have seen FFXIII Veusus in FF7R .So yeah He is doing stuffs that he couldnt do with XIII VERSUS in FF7R

  • JLV

    If you just hold circle, you can’t do flying/aerial combat like the video and Niflheim battle trailer. You do need to tap the directional button for different attack patterns. Just use the hold circle if you wanna grind or if you’re just tired. And they did have a reaction (just a little wobble and the usual prompto falling on his butt). The snake’s tail passing through them could be a glitch (Behemoth’s tail seems to send Noctis flying) or it could be a design choice due to limitations.

  • Login

    When I wrote block I was referring to defending, but your comment points out that what I wrote still holds true when you have the shield equipped.

  • JLV

    You do have to time it (the directional input) align with the animation. It’s like Dissidia but with circle hold.

  • If they have lot of rooftop battles and have you hoping from roof to roof mid fight like KH1 and 2 that’d be sweet. I know there’s been scenes on building fights, but I worry some were one time only in the game scenes.

  • Login

    You hold the attack button down and hit left, right or back on the analog stick for Noctis to spin to his left, spin to his right or perform a back flip. You don’t have to time anything. Just hold down the attack button and pick a direction. You’re just moving the character around during the automated combo.

  • Luke Watts

    I Seriously don’t understand this… This looks like both demos mixed together with footage we have already seen – What about this is new?? I’ve watched it twice now and there is NOTHING different about it – both demos and trailer to date showcase everything in this video already.

    It says ‘High-Level’. Are they really trying to tell us that this is meant to be impressive stuff??

  • Login

    You still just hold down a button to perform the aerial combo. Moving the analog stick is just moving the character around. The combat is still holding down a button.

  • what glitch?
    EDIT: You mean the mech leg near the end?

  • Good to see Noctis is acrobatic and tumbles and moves fast with jump combos. Early on they were trying to be so realistic he seem to just swing his weapons and squat-run around.

  • JLV

    If you think the aerial flips the trailer shown is from just a circle hold, then you’re wrong. And left stick is not just for character movement, you do have to alter the direction for different attack pattern. i.e :- greatswords (circle + forward = thrusting attack), (circle+backwards = tempest arc swing). The flips he did is from the directional input + circle with the shuriken equipped while on air. And I admit, the platinum demo did a horrible job explaining the mechanic.

  • JLV

    You have to time to perform manual parry with the shield equipped. What are you on about.

  • HizaguiC .

    Hey, glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought nothing in there was new. I also viewed the video a lot of times to see if I was missing something, nop…. fire, ice, behemoth, “samurai”, “cobra”, machine….. all check. Then I agree with you again, that machine at the end glitched out HARD.
    Also, why did they remove the HUD for this? it’s gameplay footage why remove something so central? and why is the camera not allways alligned between noctis and whatever he is targeting? (this one might be sketchy editing, but I hope not, type-0’s camera was not great)

  • Login

    I didn’t say holding the attack button is making Noctis flip around. I know you have to move the analog stick for it to happen but this happens as you are holding down the attack button in the air or on the ground. I know how the game plays I have both demos. Nothing you say is changing the fact that the game has a hold down to combo system.

  • Luke Watts


  • JLV

    Yes is has a hold down button. But still you can change you attack animation with stick flicks. In KHs, combat only has you add “combo plus” while mashing circle and doing the exact same stock animations. But it definitely felt responsive because like you say it’s 1:1 according to the animation and magic is easier to handle. But I’ll still try XV, because I have always wanted to play an open world FF (other than XI and XIV, I don’t play MMOs) and besides, 70% of your time while playing previous FF’s, you’re only putting the same command over and over again a.k.a grinding. But most of us power through all that meticulous grinding because the story is damn good. And I’ll judge the game based on that.

  • ThePirateKing

    You say: “I didn’t say holding the attack button is making Noctis flip around.” What you say earlier: “You still just hold down a button to perform the aerial combo.”

  • Login

    Holding down the defend button with the shield equipped will auto block with the shield. Where am I talking about the perfect parry?

  • Login

    And I’m correct; you perform the aerial combo by holding down the attack button. Using the analog stick in the air while performing the areal combo will warp Noctis in direction you choose.

  • ThePirateKing

    What you say: “You still just hold down a button to PERFORM the aerial combo.”

    Ughhh no? because you need to jump before you can hold it for combo? It just perform magically like you stated, hold a button and i just start combing mid air??

  • Well okay. You’re right, that should be fixed by now.
    These days all games come out with a day one patch. Glitches are way too common. I hope Square doesn’t pull a Ubisoft.

  • Yuntu

    Just so you know, SE didn`t label the video. IGN did, and well we all know how much quality they stand for. This is the testing area btw. GameInformer got to play around in when they visited SE … they can spawn all kinda enemies there.

  • Yuntu

    Ask IGN why they labeled it “high level combat” when it doesn`t even have ring magic or any other shit we havn`t already seen in it. This is just clickbait working wonders.

  • Yuntu

    No, IGN did release this video. SE only allowed them to record some footage.

  • Yuntu

    Well if this is the same area GameInformer played around in (which it looks like it is, a testing area to spawn all kinda enemies and test stuff) then this build is atleast from February if not earlier.

  • Login

    I’m talking about holding down a button to attack! Of course you need to be in the air to start an aerial combo. My entire problem is with holding down the attack button. You might as well just say. “No you need to run around to find enemies or else you can’t even fight, so you need to use many buttons”.

    And you don’t need to even press the jump button. While holding attack, hold back on the analog stick to perform two back flips and that will start a areal combo. You never need to let go of the attack button.

  • Login

    So what if you can change a small animation? Wow he spins to the right and continues the same auto combo, or he spins to the left or does a backflip. Big deal, it’s still a hold down to combo system. You are just moving the character around.

    You know how to say KH just plays the same stock animations but don’t know how to say the same about XV? You can change up the combos in KH as well, adding to them or even taking away from them and at least they end with a finishing attack. KH also utilises a much better magic system. In XV the combo just keeps going and going, looping the same thing until the enemy is dead.

    Hell you can even fight an entire group without ever having to let go of the attack and lock-on buttons. Noctis will just auto-run to the next enemy and the next and so on until they are all dead.

    Old FFs used turn based systems, nothing like what we are talking about right now. This is an entirely different game. I don’t know if you played the first demo for XV but taking half an hour to kill Behemoth, that’s without cheesing it, is not fun with this current battle system. We will just have to see how this all turns out when the game is out.

  • Shad Kuro Neko

    Login, I agree with you, Nomura really should have stayed as director of XV, and finished him, so then do KH3 and yes, FFXV should have kept roots in KH combat system, I also think that the weapons are giving noctis are the means undocked for him? which the need for a Shuriken him? as in Versus XIII he already possessed a kind of “Boomerang” similar to Hope XIII, which need to later add shell now have the option to defend / parying attacks even the great sword?

    The magic system is really bad!
    Having to “Aim” to shoot a spell is anti-practice, the ice magic for example IS Exaggerated TOO, I really preferred it to be something more instant and more fixed target as seen in the XV trailer in 2013 (still with Nomura in direction) and also like KH is a shame that XV is not wha could have been.

  • I’m really happy that Tabata has finally fixed the one thing with the battle system that matters the most to me and that’s the speed/flow. It doesn’t look like it feels as tight as it did when it became FFXV and onward. Everything seems a lot smoother and that makes one of my biggest worries flow away.

    However, I still have other worries that just can’t be changed at this point but I’m hoping to hear or see that EXP gained in dungeons will gained and utilized in a traditional fashion.

  • What you’re talking about may have possibly been removed a while ago but I’m hoping that at least to some extent they kept a lot of content from that 2013 trailer

  • I’ve forced myself to come to terms with the fact that the KH style system we had for this game is long gone and even when then they degraded it down to something slow and awful they was able to at least get it to a point where it plays close to Versus system but it’s a sad attempt. While the action is more fluid than the 2014 switch I just have this thought in the back my mind where I just wish I could ask why didn’t they just go back to the Versus system. They didn’t have to change much, an option to switch between the swords could have been mapped to L2/R2 which do nothing if I remember correctly and the D-pad could have controlled the Command Menu. Also it’s a joke how much magic variaty we have in this game.

  • I hate when great things get removed. What if they remove cutscene fight scenes next? Will this game end up being just story bit as you run around a bunch of wide open grassy plains and drive a car? Show me the rooftop martial arts battles!!!!!!!

  • Too much good scenes have been cut from this game, the story has been altered to the point it isn’t the game we’ve been waiting 10 years for but one we’ve been waiting 3 years for instead and that would be fine if it was about game. The uncovered trailer with Noctis fighting on the train tops and warping into the air ships to fight enemy soldiers and also the scene with them fighting titan tell me that the 2013 battle and rooftop battles is till possible but take my word with a grain of salt

  • I know they’ll fix it. Most Square games aren’t glitch heavy.

  • Rebellionzx

    sooo…. Sasuke’s costume DLC for Noctis confirmed?

  • train battle reminds me FF VIII ;D

  • •december

    To be honest, despite everything, I would welcome this!!

  • Vallen


  • Vallen

    Am I the only one that’s bothered that 90% of these vids always show the duscae region lol? I wanna see more environments!

  • Noctis Pendragon

    It is the test environment and you may thanks them later .

  • oNionKnight08

    During gamescom just last year they showed a building fight artwork with a monster which appeared to be a Zu.

  • oNionKnight08

    Elemental magic that affects the environment, enemies, and the player. Also Ring magic. Frog status. Poison. Stop. Cure. The game is not even out yet. What was the joke again?

  • neon2142

    I can agree with that speed and flow they are having, still I’m not sure but I think they will keep that original concept for that EXP system, basically you earn all the EXP after your characters have slept/ rest somewhere ( at camp or hotel for example, or maybe dinner is enough ). I personally like the idea of not leveling up your characters and it should work if you don’t let them rest at camp but I think it should be made like in Kingdom Hearts series for example ( you can choose from options if you want to gain EXP/ skill which wont let you to gain points ). Original leveling up system is still something people may want more than the new one, even if it makes sense since people are learning while they are sleeping/ resting.

  • Starlord

    Lets just get one thing straight here: Hold and pressing does the same exact thing, and it wouldn’t matter either way as it’s only “1 button”. In action games there is always a dedicated attack button.

    You are only describing 1 button out of many. Of course one of those buttons would be an attack button and yes that would be used the most out of any button you will be pressing. However, it’s not a 1 button game I can assure you.

    D-pad- Change weapons ( there will be times where you will need to switch your weapons depending on who you fight, Each weapon does something different.)

    Short sword- Allows for warping
    Broadsword- Can potentially stagger an enemy for a very short time, Gain small amounts of MP per hit
    Shuriken- Allows for Warping/Aerial ranged weapon, uses MP, Can Stagger for 5-10 secs if timed correctly
    Dagger Shied- Can be used as a weapon but mainly for guarding, Can Stagger if timed correctly.
    Fire- Fire Damage and puts fire on the ground which anything that touches it will lose HP and possibly the burn effect.

    That is the D-pad alone:

    Triangle- Warp Striking ( attack), Warping/Escape Warping ( To regain HP and MP /Stealth Warp ( to insta-kill and enemy) etc.

    X- Jumping so you can start up aerial attacks ( You will need to do this for aerial related monsters.

    Square- Holding (lose MP per dodge) Tapping Square at the right time you will lose 0 MP.

    Directional Analog inputs- Depending on what direction you use will be a separate move ( O-up, O-down, O-left, O-right, O delay attack then hold O when prompted to start up a charge attack.) all of them are inputs for circle. You can’t just hold circle and hope for the best. Also holding allows for multitasking to switch up your weapons. And you can still tap the O button if you so wish. Holding O is just an “option”.

  • Starlord

    Are some people still holding on to the holding circle argument? They feel like that is the only button they have to come in contact with. That is not the only button used for attacking technically >.>.

    Triangle to warp far away/high place, aim at your target then hit circle for a warp-strike. ( I can almost guarantee that there will be enemies that will not be effected by a standard attack and must warp strike to do any damage at all.

    Buddy system ( whatever that button is mapped too) will allow you to use a buddy’s ability and you semi-control them for a short time ( till their attack sequence ends).

    L1 +R1 then O – Armiger to perform a series of attacks.

    Even the O button alone has a series of inputs to do a certain move. And you don’t “have”: to hold it

    These certain people are so fixated on the O button they forget there is a whole controller full of buttons that will be used.

  • At this point if this game is hated when it comes out they will like focus on games just kept in Asia.



  • Past FF games have had loads of Magic abilities, they said in an interview that there wouldn’t be a huge amount of magic abilities that the player could use.

  • You’re are listing the different attack feature while ignoring the main argument he is making that the primary attack function for Noctis mapped to a button that you can in fact hold to simple do an endless string of combos. But it’s not as optional as you think because it’s a more primary feature over pressing it repeatably along with different buttons/directions to preform different combos which doesn’t register the same way holding the button does.

    Triangle warp consumes MP

    Buddy system is a triggered event, and if your not good at getting it to trigger let alone be useful this feature isn’t worth high lighting

    Armiger is basically limit which if I remember correctly, you need to attack/be attacked to fill the gauge.

    All in all, as long as the attacks is fluid and doesn’t feel choppy anymore then I’m happy but just for the sake of responding to what you’re saying. The points you brought up aren’t a good way to contest the opinion over the use of the action button or other ways to attack because without the action button there is no way to survive unless you have unlimited ethers/potions to keep your MP full and your party alive

  • I do remember that and I’m hoping that is still in this game, it’s hard to say what is and what isn’t when they consistently change things for the worse or for the better and usually when it’s for the better it’s because they fixing something they made bad after the change from vXIII to XV

  • They could have kept the original leveling system or still utilized in a way, the thing is I feel their going so realistic with some aspects that would make it hard to find an area to rest/eat at if your at the end of the game wandering through the void to fight chaos and you need to grind and level up but you can’t rest and you can’t leave the area. Hell I don’t think you should even have to leave the area. they could have made it like FFX or FFXII and gave us EXP to strengthen characters and ability points to unlock abilities or increase HP, MP, ATK, MGK, etc.

    All I’m saying is the new system isn’t horrible, I see what they were aiming for but for the road trip aspect this system works but what happens when you can no longer be on the road when things get serious? That’s what I hope they are thinking before this game releases.

  • JLV

    What I meant was, despite having equipped different keyblades, Sora’s attack pattern never change only hit boxes change. With a sword, a greatsword, a spear, a shuriken, a shield, Noctis has more variety of attack animations. And the Behemoth in Duscae is OP because the demo demands it to be. They want the players to find Ramuh, they want the players to use Ramuh. But yeah, I do agree, hit soaking enemies is tiresome. I hope they balance the enemies/boss in the game properly.

  • Starlord

    Sure they are, Holding down the circle is meant for the player to multitask so you can worry about the other things I mentioned. but you “can” tap the button to get nearly the same result. Holding down ) is an option. The game has a lot in the gameplay already that requires the players attention that the if said person is hold down O it would be the least of said person worries.

    Triangle Warp does cost MP, but at the same time, if there are warp point near by, you can freely use warp and then when need to refill warp to the point to get back HP/MP. Buddy system is “not a triggered event” If you look at the most recent trailer you activate one of your team mates abilities ( Mark/Tempest/flash bomb etc) and you semi control their character.


    Player selects tempest, and Glad. then proceeds to use it. And it uses up a yellow meter bar in which refills rather quickly to the point you could nearly spam it.

    Then there is team attacks ( which is probably what you are referring too, when certain conditions are met ( probably) you can do team attacks ( like X-strike)

    Armiger you are correct, however, from my experience for Platinum demo, it charges pretty decently ( roughly 30-45 secs before each use).

    Anyways, holding/pressing does the same exact thing ( even if it was 1:1) Holding would still attack and pressing would still attack. It’s not like pressing it makes it magically better. In fact holding it would make it less tedious for your fingers. but I am personally going to press it. I was pressing it in the demo and did just fine.

    There is also a lot of timing mechanics in this game for both attack and defending.

    I just feel like now in days some people just want to complain for the sake of it.

  • Starlord

    BUT! (the spells that are in the game, will have a much greater purpose then just simply casting them to an enemy that is weak against it…) I rather have quality over quantity.

  • Justice V

    Pretty sure they thought it out. Personally I really love the leveling system they have in place. It puts a lot more pressure on not dying in combat, which was a pretty important thing back in the old days when you could rarely save. But the concept of having to sleep in order to recoup and grow is pretty awesome. Gameplay wise it might be a little more annoying than the instant gratification of gaining xp as soon as you murder something, but I think it works out just fine. But hating on the system for a possible flaw that might come at the end of the game for a game that hasn’t come out yet nor have we heard anything about how the end of the game will play is kind of silly.

  • neon2142

    Yeah, but I hope they already did because they started to polishing the game. They were going for more realistic style from the beginning and I like that idea, but I still hope they’re not trying to go too realistic in this one. That’s still Final Fantasy that we’re talking to 😀 but yeah, I’m with you in that leveling system.

  • Justice V

    Well even in the early vids, and duscae demo Tabata said when you get better weapons and level up he gets more aerial and acrobatic. They just didn’t have it in the game yet, but he always promised it. Don’t think it had to do with the realism of the game, just lack of assets being included yet. I think the crappy normal jumping is still in the game though since it was still pretty much the same in Platinum, just now you can warp to almost anywhere.

  • Justice V

    Hard to say what has and hasn’t been cut (without them expressly saying it has been cut), so I think we should either A) expect everything we’ve seen to be in the game in some form or another (or at least show up in Kingsglaive), or B) only expect to see what we have seen since it was rebranded as XV and nothing else. Pretty sure recently (within the last year or so) Tabata said that battle on the buildings while Leviathan goes nuts is still in the game and they were working on the swimming animation specifically because of that area/scene, but I could be wrong on that one.

  • Justice V

    In both demos I rarely just held the button to attack, at least after duscae ver 2. I always just tapped the button, sure I could have held it but seemed to get better response while tapping. Especially in Platinum when tapping and switching weapons worked much more fluidly than holding and switching weapons. Holding a button to attack isn’t really anything new either.

    So yeah it has a hold button for combo, but use analog to change up the combo, and d-pad to switch up weapons for different combos. Or tap the button just like any other action game and use directional pad for changes and d-pad for weapon changes.

  • Login

    Here we go again. I’m getting so tired of having to repeat the same thing. Tapping the attack button is not 1 TO 1! Each press doesn’t correspond to a hit. You’re not timing your presses in a combo string. Tapping the button fast is equal to just holding it down, the system will register it as a hold. The combat is meant for you to hold the button to combo! Tapping the attack button for the sake of tapping it doesn’t mean it’s an option and it doesn’t feel good. While watching a movie do you tap the play button?

    And of course there are different buttons to use in the game. Where do I say there isn’t? Yes, you need to jump in the air by pressing the jump button, but then to start an aerial combo all you need to do is hold the attack button and Noctis will endlessly attack! Sorry I forgot, I also need to use the analog stick to run to the area with enemies, oh and the pause button in case I need the bathroom.

    Even while changing weapons you don’t need to let go of attack. Just keep holding attack and choose whatever weapon you want and Noctis will start his endless assault. You don’t even need the jump button to start an aerial combo, just hold back on the analog stick to backflip twice and Noctis will start an aerial combo. Also you don’t need a hold-to-combo type system to be able to multitask.

    Almost all this stuff you try to bring up can be done while holding down attack. Nothing you say is changing that fact. You press L1 + R1 for Armiger to trigger but then hold attack to combo with it. Press the analog stick forward, backward, left or right, great but you’re still holding the attack button down while doing so. Yes you press triangle to warp but then to combo? That’s right you hold down the attack button. Hell the game even auto-runs to your target for you while holding down the attack button! I’ve said it already; I can take out an entire group of enemies simply by holding down the lock-on button and attack. Noctis will just run from one enemy to the next, attacking until they are dead.

    I’m not some idiot who thinks there are no other buttons being used on the controller. My complaint is the fact that the combat is built around a hold-to-combo/defend type system. It doesn’t feel good to use, gets boring fast and will be a chore against bigger enemies. Let alone it being an engaging system for a game that’s supposed to be 40-50 hours long.

    Yes everything looks supper flashy when you watch the game, but when you know how it was executed, it’s underwhelming. “Oh cool, how did you warp all around in the air while attacking?” – “I held down attack and flicked the analog stick back.”

    And you don’t control your party members during the buddy system commands. You select a single move that’s mapped to them and then watch it play out. Where did you get you “semi-control them” from? Now you’re just making stuff up.

    What I would want from the battle system is responsive 1 to 1 attacks. I want a fixed combo that ends with a finishing blow, not an endless assault. I want to control the warping midair by actively having to press the doge button and then the attack button instead of a hold attack and tilt the analog stick. I want to be able to start a combo and immediately cast a spell, be it midair or on the ground, and continue attacking. Not this pause and hope my throw doesn’t overshoot the target, which happens a lot in the videos we’ve seen and in the demo. That’s probably why it affects big areas. They know you’re going to miss.

    People who are expecting an action game, because of footage like this, are going to be surprised when they finally get to pick up and play XV. I guarantee the combat system will be one of the biggest issues with the game when reviews come out, so don’t be surprised. And just because you might be OK with it doesn’t mean everyone is, so stop trying to make it sound like others are just stupid and don’t understand the combat system in XV. It has its problems.


    yeah you wanna go into ff15 being surprised. you know what chap 1 and 2 look like a bit, environment wise, but you dont know the rest of the game world 😀

  • Starlord

    Tapping is “nearly” 1 to 1 almost to the point it mine as well be. I been tapping in the demo for the 5 times I played it and not once did it feel out of place.

    Even if I were to agree with you, what is exactly wrong with holding down the attack button?Holding it down allows for multitasking for the other mechanics the game will have to offer ( such as weapon switching/buddy system etc.)

    I am glad you understand there are other buttons in the game, naturally one of the buttons will be for attacks, I am not sure why you are having fit over it? Oh, because you hold it instead of tapping it? Please… Not much difference ( even if was 1 to 1 on the dot, what difference would it make? attacking is still attacking whether you held it or tapped it. Holding it down at least provides the means to multitask more effectively.

    Also, You will need to let go of it eventually to dodge with square. Holding down a button doesn’t make the game any more different than if you were tapping it.

    Yes you hold O ( if you want too, but for the sake of the argument lets say that is the best way to go about attacking.), even after hitting X to start up aerial, even after L1 +R1 for Armiger etc etc. In the end you are still holding O right? Why is that a big deal? When Tapping ( if it was 1 to 1) would result in the same thing. So why is holding a button for a set period of time considered bad? Because you aren’t showing off that you can press a button 50 times per fight? Makes little difference from where I am sitting.

    When I say semi-control, I mean the camera pans to the character attached to said ability you see the move play, and then a QTE(s) will pop and you have to hit them for extra damage. You don’t have “direct control” over them, but it creates an illusion that you are controlling them.

    Look mate, If all you are going to focus on is Holding down a single button, then this conversation isn’t going to go anywhere productive. All you are telling me is, ” No matter what you do, in the end you are still holding the attack button…” YES I KNOW, it will be the most used button ( along with Square closely behind, because you WILL need to block/dodge.

    This isn’t a traditional Action game where all 4 buttons do something attack wise. This is still at heart a JRPG. If that is what you were looking for, than you are probably wasting your time.

    This whole “Holding circle” deal gives the impression to other people that’s the only button you use.

    There is 5 uses for circle anyways and that is the 4 directional and the charge move. Yes there are all “inputs”. Yes it is more streamlined, but how exactly does that make bad?

    Trust me, you will be doing a lot more than just holding circle, if that is all you do… you will either die or be the least efficient in battle.

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    In KH2 you can change forms, 6 of them, 7 including his default state, which also changes Soras combo animations and have their own special attacks. You can also alter the combo by adding combo plus or negative and you can add extra movies into the combo along with finishers.
    You can equip multiple spells and combo with magic by continuously casting them and you can cast magic mid combo, in the air and on the ground, without breaking momentum like in XV. I would say KH offers a lot more variety in animation and gameplay at this point.

    And the long battle with Behemoth wasn’t just because of the demo, even at Lv99 (in the demo) it still takes way to long. Tabata has even said the Adamantoise fight will take days. I’m sure he’s talking about in-game. I hope anyway.

  • Login

    It’s not “nearly” 1 to 1. I don’t know how many times I have to say tapping doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel right. I’m glad for you it works just fine and you don’t have any issues, but I’m not the only one who feels this way. Other people, especially those who play action games and action RPGs, have had the same reaction.

    A friend of mine tried out the demo and I caught him constantly looking down at the controller as he was trying to tap to attack. I then asked him “Feels off?” and he responded “Yes” I then told him to try holding the button down and his reaction was “WTF”.

    The system was created so casual gamers could play the game. It’s meant to be easy. This isn’t a cell phone game. They are trying to please both turn based and action fans and you know what they say when you try to please everyone. For a game like this where you control one character, it needs a more engaging system.

    Holding down the attack button and then flicking back on the analog stick to change an animation isn’t this amazing thing. The combat system, as is, is not engaging enough. Holding down a button and tilting another is not fun gameplay. I have already explained what I would want from the combat system and how what we have right now can be underwhelming.

    And again, you don’t need this holding attack mechanic to multitask. Weapon switching and anything else they have in the games combat isn’t reliant on a hold mechanic. You talk as if none of this would be posable without it.

    You keep trying to tell me how you need to press this, you need to press that. Yes I know. I have both demos. I’ve played them, multiple times. I’m not making stuff up just for the hell of it. I have issues with the combat, like many others and how automated it can be.

    If you don’t understand how the feeling of the controls can effect a person’s enjoyment of a combat system, a system you will be using for 40-50 hours, then I don’t know what else to tell you. You just keep saying the same things back to me ignoring what I have said.

    And there is no QTE for the buddy system command. You press a button to pick a move and watch. That’s it. No semi-control, no QTE.

  • Starlord

    Sadly, there is little else I can tell you, I had this debate too many times to continue. I am sorry you are having problems with it, but I and many others don’t have a problem you are claiming.


  • They removed most the sweet CG movie scenes of Noctis and crew big battle with the Nebelhiem. So that’s gone and maybe all cutscene battles. They’ll probably just make you control ever fight and we’ll never get to see any of the action just play out as good ol’ choreography.

  • The jumping wouldn’t be so back if you could climb too.

  • Justice V

    Yeah that annoys me in every game. If I can jump I should be able to jump anywhere, and if I can jump and do a lot of other realistic things I should be able to climb as well. Not being able to do either always bothers me heh.

  • Justice V

    The coming out on the steps scene from the original original trailer? I don’t think that was ever actually a part of the game, just a random cutscene ala all the kingdom hearts secret ending cutscenes. If you mean a different scene I’m not sure which one. Though pretty sure Tabata did also say there were still some full cg cutsccenes in the game, just not nearly as many as recent previous ff games.

  • No they said it was when they wanted the cast to break out of his kingdom to escaped being killed.

  • They were lazy not to have basic climbing on rocks and ladders and houses. Thats weak.

  • Square can achieve nice looking effects without the need of having to over complicate things by making the magic effects have an affect on the environment. I understand the idea behind this feature but if that means you have to sacrifice having flashy/powerful spells just for the sake of trying something new then then I’d rather take quantity over quality.

    Who knows however, noctis is already capable of so much that he might not need spells like Ultima, Holy, meteor , flare, etc…

  • I’m not hating on the system for a possible flaw that might come later just because that was the best example that I could provide.

    This feature of leveling up is worse than grinding for CP in FFXIII and even that felt natural. It was only because the combat was a bore that made it taxing to do.

    The idea of resting came from using tents in old FF games, while this feature has now been made more realistic than it needs to be in a game like FF, the fact that you need to rest just to cash in EXP is ridiculous. I don’t care about whether the idea of giving buffs to players who rest is good or bad. Even in old FF games that use the Tent item, you was still able to level up normally.

    Take Type-0 for an example, imagine if you could only cash in EXP when returning to school. That may seem fine and dandy until you come to a point where you can’t return to school because your party has been capture and now you have to struggle your way through quite a ways to this chapter because no matter how much grind you can’t cash in your EXP to increase your stats and this is where debuffs come into play when you don’t sleep. You are now weak AF and there is nothing you can do about it.

    My overall point is judging from your comments you seem to be more of a FFXV guy more so than a Versus XIII guy. And while there is no problem with that I don’t you understand that you’re advocating for are the cons that Tabata made with adding so much realism to the game.

    The idea of a fantasy based on reality was to make a story and world that feels relative to our own, that never included gameplay itself and that was present in each trailer.

  • It’s too late to change too much now, and we have no clue how it works if you’re in an area where you can’t rest because the platnium demo doesn’t go in-depth with that feature like the duscae demo did. So all we can do now is hope that they have put much thought into that aspect of the game. Maybe they’ll be save crystals and you cash in EXP there. Either that or we’ll just have to see if people complain enough to the point they release a patch that fixes that.

    At the very least, for the sake of example, in a dungeon I would prefer to level up like I would if player FF12 or FF14arr.

  • Justice V

    Yep agreed. Every game (especially free roaming ones) should have that ability heh.

  • Justice V

    Ah. Well we do know there are at least still some action cutscenes, at least in game graphics, because we’ve seen Ms. Highwind attack Noctis in a cutscene.

  • Justice V

    I loved most everything about Vs XIII (except for switching
    characters I never wanted to play as Prompto and I was afraid they would
    force parts of the game where you would have to switch between
    characters, which is just as faulty a fear as yours of the level
    system). But other than that I liked everything. I prefer Stella’s
    original design to Nomura’s second, and then the new final Luna design.
    But from what it sounds like Luna sounds more interesting at least now. Also the decision for Noctis being the only playable character makes sense. The main issue I have with everyone who praises everything about Vs is
    that we really didn’t know much, and every few years when the game would
    show up again things kept changing anyway. So how do we even
    know that everything we saw even in 2010 would have been in the game
    still if Nomura never left and it retained the Vs name? We never knew what Nomuras leveling system was either (though I highly doubt it was the camping/sleeping thing).

    You call it a con added by Tabata, but to me it’s a plus. Just differences of opinions really. Would have been fine and I wouldn’t have missed it if they just kept a standard leveling system of instant gratification. But this system kind of excites me. At least makes me want to use the camp/hotel/inn feature for once in an FF game. Even just playing duscae I got frustrated at times when I kept thinking “I can make it…I can make it. CRAP I died!” and lost all that xp. I liked that rush of frustration, stupidity and shame in being too greedy and not just going back earlier. In the past 5 or so FF games I haven’t ever really cared when I died like I used to back when playing FFI-VIII, just die and continue without really ever losing too much.

    Having to
    level when sleeping is at least a better leveling system than the slot
    machine in Crisis Core, I hated that leveling system, but I still loved
    the game. I could play for a day and not get one level, or I could grind
    and get 3-4 within an hour. Many games have different leveling systems
    around. We don’t even know how the leveling system, and ability point
    for Noc or the rest of the crew really even works yet. We got a super quick
    glimpse of the menus in one of the new trailers, but even that might be a
    placeholder so we really still have no idea how it’s going to work out.
    If there is a part of the game where the characters get stuck somewhere
    without the ability to camp there will probably be some sort of
    alternative in order to gain the xp and/or save. Would be odd to not
    have something like that in place. Still not saying that it won’t
    happen, because hey it could, just saying we should wait and see and trust that the devs at least thought it out and didn’t put in a progression stopping system.

    (Probably lost my point in there somewhere heh, but hopefully you get my point).

  • Yeah, it was short but its a start.

  • Guess theybdid thatbto force chocobo on us. Have to use them to get higher.

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    @Grizzly Knight & Justice V

    Sorry, I make big post because I care.

    Versus was changed to XV I believe two years before it was announced to the public. XV was Versus just with a name change, the game was still the same while under Nomura. The games story and content was what it was because it was a spinoff title. Nomura discussed with Square Enix if it would actually be OK for Versus to become XV due to it having action based combat and everything else they were trying to do because it wasn’t a mainline. Square said it wasn’t a problem and so they proceeded. That’s why XV was still part of A World of the Verses Epic.

    The game never seemed to go through many changes over the years as you stated. It always looked the same and used many of the same scenes. The characters were the only ones who seemed to evolve overtime, but that was because they weren’t the final designs but just placeholders. The Roen deal and what not.

    Nomura said the game would be an evolution of the Kingdom Hearts system and we would get a taste through Versus/XV of what to expect from Kingdom Hearts 3. Going by that we can assume it would have the same type of leveling system. Kill enemies, gain experience and level up, the same setup as other RPG’s and Final Fantasy’s.

    The game only started to change when Tabata took over. That’s when we started seeing changes every time XV was shown/talked about. We went from, “We are following Nomuras vision” to “We are making some changes but keeping close to his vision” to finally “It’s not Versus”. The game was being changed to fall in line with a numbered title, it had to fit a certain rating (probably went from Mature to Teen). The story was changed. The beginning of the game was completely changed. Entire scenes were cut. A character was cut, another redesigned. Party switching was cut. The combat was changed, multiple times. Double jump was removed along with stealing and controlling magitek. Climbing objects was removed and I’m sure there is more. This is why I think Nomura was taken off the project. He wouldn’t compromise his vision so SE brought in someone else who would.

    Noctis being the only playable character doesn’t make sense. That’s just less options for the player, less playstyles. You might not like Prompto but I do and I would love to play as him. I’m sure each character would have had their own set of skills to make them fun to play and give the player a reason to want to use them. For instance even though Noctis was going to be able to use guns, he wasn’t going to be able to aim them with an over the shoulder view. That was Promptos ability. We were going to be able to shoot weak points on enemies and destructible objects on the map. (exploding barrels and so on)

    Nomura said he thought of making Noctis the only controllable character but then went against it because a Final Fantasy was about having a playable party. But players wouldn’t have to switch characters if they didn’t want to. They could play through the entire game as Noctis and we would have been able to control guest characters as well. Only if Noctis died would you get a Game Over. Having the option to change characters is better than not having it at all. More play options is always good and if you didn’t want to switch you didn’t have to. A much better system.

    The way the leveling works could end up being a real annoyance, especially since its open world. What if you’re in a dungeon, making your way through, killing hordes of enemies, gaining EXP and items just to be killed at the end by a boss you were under leveled for? A boss you might have killed if you were actually gaining levels while making your way down. Making the player have to backtrack through the dungeon, out onto the world map, locate the closest camp site and then run to the destination all to level up is a hindrance and will probably annoy a lot of people.

    What I would do is keep the food buffs but also add an EXP buff for camping. Let leveling work like any other RPG. This would give incentive to the player to camp but not make it a must. You could still end up getting killed with a system like this and lose everything. It would still give you that risk factor that you want.

    I also believe the food mechanic might actually be one of Nomuras ideas and then Tabata took it a bit far by adding the camping for leveling. My reason for this is because a similar system was used in another Nomura game, The World Ends with You.

    Sorry again about the long post.


    you dont have to aim for spells.. if you have a fixed target you cast it automatically on that opponent… there is manual aiming because you can effect the environment and all. it worked both in the platinum demo


    i completely disagree with you.. i like the slower pace of duscae demo. the new combat is hackn slash like in god of war or bayonetta.. skill techniques like tempest and subvita blade are gone for noctis. only team mates have real final fantasy skills while noctis now has action combo attacks.. it sucks

  • Justice V

    That does makes sense. Still stinks though hehe.

  • Justice V

    I think the reason it used many of the same scenes and didn’t seem to change much over those years was mostly because not much had actually been done towards making the game, so they had a limited pool of resources to use to show people. At least more so that than the plans hadn’t started to change yet, because we see some changes happening before Tabata takes over as well. Nomura also stated that it was going to play like KH back when it was announced long before any of the actual game had been developed, or at least any of it shown to the world. Just watched the original action trailer for the game, and the action back when it was Vs looks pretty much identical to the way it is now (other than the character swapping obviously and some particle effects). Controls were different since it had the old Attack/Magic/Item/Summon/Ex-Arts options you had to scroll through to use, but the animations for attacks and speed of combat were pretty much the same as now. Character swapping was ever only shown in that one Vs XIII trailer, and all the trailers after even while Nomura was still in charge never showed it again. They showed the team up attacks instead, which I dunno maybe some people thought was character swapping? Pretty sure they scrapped swapping long before Tabata took over. Noct and Luna’s first meeting was changed to when they were kids instead of the party while Nomura was still in charge. Them being outside of the city during the invasion I think also came when Nomura was still in charge, but could have been right after Tabata took over, not 100 on that one. A lot of the changes people seem upset about Tabata for doing happened while Nomura was still in charge though.

    I do wonder if the party scene is still in the game, but reworked more as a flashback to an old encounter between Luna and Noct, since the suit he wears in that old trailer is confirmed in the game now (although as DLC).

    I just think it’s funny that people complain that they wanted a kingdom hearts play style, but then complain that we only get to control one character. We only control Sora in Kingdom Hearts, so what’s the difference there? Would KH be better if we could switch from Sora to Donald and Goofy all the time? Doubtful. I also think the worry about dungeons and precarious boss battles is premature since we don’t know if there will or won’t be camp sites within larger dungeons yet. In old ff games (pre vii) there were almost always camp/tent spots inside the larger dungeons , and since they’re bringing most of the stuff back from the older games would make sense they would bring those spots back too. Especially with how the camp sites were sorta safe havens with the runes and stuff in Duscae, would make sense if there are areas within dungeons that have a sort of safe zone feel that the players can set up camp at.

    Also, I thought stealing Magitek armor was still in the game. In the recent gameinformer month of info I’m pretty sure they talked about how there was a section in the weapons for swords, spears, magic, shields, etc. And one of them was tek or armor or something along those lines and the writer of the article thought it was for magitek armor. And we know you can still mount turrets like in the original combat trailer from the new base infiltration trailer.

    Food mechanic, camp mechanic, etc no matter who came up with it Nomura or Tabata, I still like. though I wish they went a step further and allowed you to experiment with cooking your own recipes, or mixing ingredients to create new dishes or whatever.

    The way it seemed from all the articles and interviews I’ve read it seemed less that Nomura wouldn’t budge on his vision of the game, and more that he just couldn’t get gears in motion quick enough to get the game done within a good amount of time. But you could also be right. I am sad that now that it’s a numbered FF we lose the mature angle it was going for before, because I prefer that over the teen rating. What character did we completely lose by the way? Not doubting you, just curious who it is, because I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Tabata also explained why Noctis was the only playable character in an ATR and from a gameplay and storyline perspective it does make sense. The other guys only have their abilities because the royal line gifts it to them and they all can use the same weapons as him but to a lesser degree in a sense. Why would you want to play with lesser versions of the same character type in an action game setting. In a turn based it would make sense because more damage per turn per character so them all being essentially offshoots of the main guy would be fine, but in an action game if you like the gun play, or the quick daggers, or the heavy weapon, you just equip it and go. And with teleporting it’s not even like switching to different characters helps you get to places to fight people faster, since you can just warp over pretty quickly. In the beginning it might make sense since Noct probably won’t have a gun, cure spell, or whatever so switching would be nice, but as the game goes on and Noct gets all his abilities and weapons there would no longer be any point. I understand people’s desire to play as others, I’d like to play as Gladio just because he’s cool, but don’t really care that I can’t and rather just issue him commands and do team up attacks. Combat changing somewhat makes sense when switching directors, Nomura has his general action style Tabata has his. But Tabata, and I think Nomura himself, mentioned a few times that the older trailers weren’t actual representations of the combat and that when they tried to implement what had been shown in trailers more in the later game it just caused a lot of problems, mostly I think they were referring to the way magic worked. Though I’m not a fan of the bomb mechanic for magic either. I mean it’s easy to auto target and throw a bomb, but I’d prefer it just target and appear without having to lob a bomb. Hopefully Ring magic works closer to the original trailers version of magic, though I doubt it will be for anything other than status buff and debuff type spells unfortunately.

    But as for EXP gain, again, I don’t think there would be anything wrong with keeping it the traditional old style that it has basically always been. But the new system seems fun and innovative (at least for an FF game) and may work out great, or it may blow up as a huge bust. But we won’t really know until we play and experience it. I mean we never had any issue with it in Duscae, granted that was a limited, not even close to final version of the xp system yet, but still. Also again in the gameinformer 30 page thing and the month of articles they talked about the xp and leveling system and how you get points to level up noct and/or the guys which don’t seem to be tied directly to the camping system, so maybe that will help with the fear of being stuck in a dungeon and not being able to improve your characters. Sounds more like it’s skill specific rather than hp/mp boosts, but still probably helps in the same regard. Though I kinda wish you only got new skills by training at camps and testing them out by fighting with Gladio or Cor or something like that, but I like that method of learning new skills in every game not just this one, and wish it would be used more often.

    The food buffs make sense, to some degree, but I’d be fine if that was removed as well considering it makes less sense than the rest and recovery to gain strength hehe. I originally thought I’d hate the sphere grid in X, but turned out pretty interesting.

    OK now my reply is way too long heh.

  • I know right. Why not be able to climb and use chocobo. Imagine if we could climb like in Uncharted and some dungons and mountains had hidden bosses high up where you climb to.

  • Login

    The game used to have climbing.

    “The fight with the Behemoth continues to a collapsing three-tiered highway road. Noctis will have to jump to move forward. Nomura says the route is not fixed. When he played through this area he scurried up an emergency staircase and climbed to the roof. To get to the tip-top point Nomura made Noctis climb up an air conditioner where he could see everything from up high, even hidden treasure chests.”


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    Sorry, another long post.

    Many of the scenes in the Versus trailers all seemed to be from the begging of the game with a mix of a few scenes from the world. It was only in 2013 did we get a lot of new footage but with a few old scenes. After that Nomura was no longer part of the project. The game was still using a Menu type UI like in Versus along with a three party member setup. I don’t know what changes you are referring too before Tabata took over because everything before looked the same to me.

    The attack animations are the same because they are reusing them. They wanted to still deliver on what we same in the original gameplay, it just wouldn’t be played the same. Before it was like a Kingdom Hearts title but now plays like Type-0. So instead of 1:1 actions, the game would kind of play out a video if you will, of the combo while holding down a button. Tabata wanted to make something more casual that anyone could pick up. I would be completely fine with it if only the game still offered a responsive battle system like a KH title. Have both 1:1 and holding. A lot of people keep trying to say the game still works with tapping and that it’s “nearly” 1:1, but it’s not and doesn’t feel good.

    I recently played both demos again to test it out. I quickly tapped the attack button three times and guess what happened? Noctis attacked once. That’s right, one swing to three taps. I tried this with varying speeds of my taps with the same result. It’s only after the first swing that the game will kind of start picking up on the presses but not accurately. The combat system is setup for holding the button. So as I was pressing, depending on my speed, the game would either start doing some swings but then stop to reset the combo because it’s probably thinking I was no longer “holding” the button down, or it would just play out the combo string if tapping fast enough, as if I was holding down the button. The swings would match with a press every now and then but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Character swapping was still in the game under Nomura, he even talked about it in interviews after the rebranding to XV. You would be controlling three characters and had the ability to control guest characters. It was Tabata who decided to remove character swapping because they thought it would be “too difficult” and added in the fourth character to the party setup. So no, they didn’t scrap it long before Tabata.

    I believe it was something like Noctis didn’t remember Stella because of the near-death experience he had as a child, similar to Stella, which allowed them to see the “light of expiring souls”. I don’t think anything was changed but I would have to go back and look that up.

    The party scene, which was the start of the game, was cut by Tabata and changed to the group not being at the kingdom during the attack. They were on their way to see Luna when it happened. They find out about the attack from a newspaper. And the suit that Noctis wore to the party where he interacts with Stella is not the same suit that’s being offered in the DLC. They are different. Also, what changes did Nomura make that people are blaming Tabata for? I really don’t know what you’re referring too but I would like to.

    When people are “complaining” about wanting a Kingdom Hearts combat style, it’s the responsiveness they want. They want it to control like KH and have character swapping. I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand. The KH combat style and character swapping is what got people excited for the game in the first place and was a thing even up to the change to XV. It’s not surprising people would be upset and disappointed with what we are being shown/given.

    I never thought about the tent setup in dungeons from older games. Thanks for reminding me. I was just going by what we saw in the demo and how it was explained. Hopefully your right and they do implement safe zones inside dungeons, but I just have this feeling that they won’t. I hope I’m wrong.

    Stealing Magitek was removed. This was confirmed by Tabata. We can still use mounted guns, like we saw in the Niflheim trailer but we can’t drive the Magitek anymore.

    I also like the food mechanic. I think they said we would be able to choose, if I’m not mistaken, what is cooked at camp. It’s not like the first demo where it was automated. I was just saying I think it was one of Nomura’s ideas and that Tabata took it a bit further by adding the sleeping to level up. Kind of how he took the whole “a fantasy based on reality” a bit too seriously and done some weird things like, no double jump because it’s not “realistic” and taking the whole road trip thing a bit far.

    Versus was announced too early, the same thing happened with KH3, which Nomura was against but Square ultimately decided to do so anyway. I feel bad for Nomura because everyone thinks the guy couldn’t get the game done. This is not the case. For one he never had a full team to work on the game and was constantly working on other projects for Square. His team was called on to help with getting XIII out the door and later to help with XIV. Then the game was shifted over to next-gen. Finally with the guy able to go full production, he’s removed. The excuses given from Square were just PR and we can tell Nomura wasn’t happy from his response in an interview.

    This was his dream project, something he had wanted to do for a long time, a darker more mature game, something more his style. If the guy was so incompetent and couldn’t get the game done, then why put him on the FFVII Remake project? A project that I think is way more important than XV. It just doesn’t make sense.
    That’s why I believe, from what I gathered from interviews from both Nomura and Tabata, that Nomura was removed because he didn’t want to compromise his game.
    The content in Versus was possible because it wasn’t a mainline title. It’s only because Square told him it was fine that he agreed to change the game to XV. Fast forward to today and we have Tabata saying things are being changed to meet a certain rating because it’s a numbered title. I see what’s going on Square.

    The character we lost was Stella. Luna is a completely new character, I know they have a similar look but they aren’t the same. Nomura described Stella as a “female character we have never seen in a Final Fantasy before” and Luna is sounding a lot like Yuna. Not the name but her role.

    Noctis became the only playable character because of the battle system Tabata wanted to create. The others could only use magic when near Noctis. It has nothing to do with their abilities and was part of the game since Nomura was in charge, which still included a playable party. And because Noctis became the only playable character, we see some traits from the others might have been added to him, like the over the shoulder aiming.
    That was going to be something only Promto could do. You see, the other characters were going to have traits that would make them valuable to use in combat. I believe Ignis was supposed to be the most proficient with magic. So if that was your playstyle you would probably enjoy using him. Prompto would be ranged and had the ability to shoot enemy weak points and could shoot objects in the environment. For instance we see him paralyzing the Behemoth in the Duscae demo. So he’s ranged and enfeebles, so he’s most likely a support role, which others might like to play. Also Noctis won’t, or at least shouldn’t be as proficient with using great sword as Gladiolus might be. So he would be the heavy hitter, the close quarter’s combat guy. Again, others may prefer him.

    It’s all about choice and play style and also mixing things up. Using Promto to blind the enemy followed by Ignis casting fire to stun it with pain, then having Gladio knock it down with a big hit to the leg and ending it with a warp strike to the head from Noctis. Imagine how satisfying the first encounter with Behemoth would have been in the Duscae demo if you were the one who actually had to execute that plan, instead of it being a cutscene that tried to simulate what we saw in the Versus trailer?

    And Noctis being able to warp around shouldn’t be used as a justification of no character swapping, especially since swapping was part of the game before. Should Yuna have been the only playable character in FFX because only she could use summons?

    I don’t recall Nomura ever saying anything about having problems getting the combat to work. It’s not really his or his team’s first go at this type of combat style and it looks like we might even get to do a lot of it in KH3 and FF7R. I see that as being something Tabata might have said because of trying to get Nomura’s system to work with his own.
    And I agree, I don’t think ring magic will have anything to do with elemental type spells either. I’m not even sure if it will have anything to do with buffs/debufss. I can see it being something tied to his swords.

    I also wouldn’t mind if they kept the leveling as is or made it more traditional. I kind of enjoyed the leveling up at camp in the demo and how the RV would actually give you a bigger boost to EXP. I can just see it being an issue for some, especially if camps aren’t spaced at a reasonable distance. I think the points system might work in tandem with leveling. Like for every level you gain you receive a point that can be used to boost a specific stat or unlock a skill/ability.

    And thank you for the reply that didn’t try to shove things down my throat and make me feel like an idiot for liking or wanting certain things. Sometimes it’s hard talking with FF fans.

  • Maybe they’ll add it back o the finished game.

  • That just makes us different, I guess you didn’t like Versus XIII cause that game played Hack and Slash just like KH that what caught my eye with this game all them years ago. It definitely not the same today as what it used to be but I mean I like it. He still has abilities and such I believe but I’m not sure as they keep changing everything.

  • Justice V

    Yeah sometimes people go overboard heh. I don’t have the time to look up all the old videos, articles and interviews right now so I’ll just go on your word that what you said was actually Tabata and/or Nomura was factual heh.

    As for the only being able to use Yuna thing because she was the only summoner, if X had been an action adventure game where only one character could do everything the others could more or less, plus summoning then I would have been fine with only playing as Yuna there too. The Ingnis, Gladio, and Prompto examples you provided of stronger magic, attack, and targeting is pretty much identical to the Donald, Goofy, and extra team members in Kingdom Hearts too. Similarly and completely oppositely every character in FFVII is pretty different from one another as well. Cloud only uses swords, Tifa is hand to hand, Barret/Yuffie/Vincent are all different types of long range, With Vincent also being able to turn into monsters via limit breaks, Cid has his spear and jumping abilities, can’t really remember how Cait plays and Red is an animal. So swapping there again makes sense since no one character theoretically has access to all the same basic attack types as another and their attack patterns would all be different based on race/abilities. So limiting player access there would be hugely detrimental, especially since in the past we’ve been able to actively control each of those characters in the original game.

    XV could have made it make sense by not allowing Noctis to have access to guns, daggers, katanas, or great swords. Or made it so that Noctis was really weak with each of those weapons so you’d really want to use one of the others to access really cool skills or high damage abilities with them. The Cure magic, and the Debuffs from Duscae make Prompto and Ignis at least somewhat unique in that sense. And I understand people wanting to play as the other characters, I just still don’t see it as all that bad that we can’t freely switch between them.

    I hadn’t ever realized Cor or any other characters were going to be permanent members of the team. I thought it was always just stated that others would come and go and be limited team members just like visiting worlds characters were in KH. But that was probably my misunderstanding at the time of people constantly relating it to Kingdom Hearts.

    As for the combat in Duscae I agree the tapping wasn’t too responsive, but in Platinum I never held the button and only tapped it for all my combat (I’m not too fond of the button holding thing either, though in duscae I at least got used to it and enjoyed it when changing directions for variations of attacks and mixing in jump attacks and so on). But button tapping was pretty much the only way to do the easy combo of two toy sword slashes switch to the hammer and kill with a ground pound. I never really noticed it lagging in response when tapping, but I was also not expecting super fast paced action ala kingdom hearts really (Which again surprised me when playing as adult noctis with all the weapons available played a lot faster and more responsive than I was expecting).

    Nomura might have said the player swapping was still a part of the game, but we never saw it again other than that last vs xiii trailer which was also the first time it was ever shown. So whether it was actually still in the game once it switched to xv or not is basically just him saying it was but we never had any proof. So I guess we can either believe it was and he had it working and Tabata couldn’t figure out Nomura’s team’s coding, or like Tabata said it caused too many issues and made more sense story wise to only play as the one overly powerful guy rather than switching. Either way we only ever actually saw it in action once, so that’s why I find it so strange that people clung to it so tightly. They talked about it a bit, but we only barely got a glimpse of it and then it was gone. I think them talking about it, if it was actually causing issues with coding, or taking it away if it wasn’t, both fall under the announcing things too early deal again.

    The warping wasn’t really a justification, but more of as an aside. One of the main reasons I personally would want to swap between characters (in any game really) would be to take out enemies faster, and if I see Ignis across the way closer to an enemy I would probably swap to him to kill them. However with the warp strike I could probably lock on and teleport attack that guy faster than toggling between characters or at least around the same amount of time would be wasted. I was kind of anti the idea of having the 3 friends helping out at first because I absolutely hated the Gambit System of XII, but I just kind of think of it as a very highly improved version of Donald, Goofy and whoever in KH helping out which makes me like it more. Even though most of the time in the KH games the only assistance I want from them is D healing me when I’m close to death.

    I don’t blame Nomura for not being able to finish. (Though I do see a lot of people hating on him too much, while at the same time seeing people praise him too much). Truth is it was definitely announced too early, but it was more SE’s fault for spreading, or allowing Nomura to spread too thin. From the time it was announced till now he has worked on around 26 different games in various roles. That’s a ridiculous amount while also trying to help create and direct two of SE’s most anticipated games (KH3 and Vs XIII). Not to mention like you said his team kept getting ripped away to work on or help with other games/projects.

    As for the suit being different from the trailer, I figured it was (just watched the trailer and tried to zoom in on the suit again), but just figured it was basically an updated version of the clothes just like everyone else has kind of gotten more detailed over the years as well.

    Your concept of the strategically using everyones skills to set up a cool encounter against something like behemoth sounds like you’d need a system similar to Dragon Age where you can kind of pause combat to set up the skills you need, place the characters and then when you’ve got it all set up press action and quickly pop and swap to use those skills and time everything perfectly. I mean it would be awesome, and if it could be done I would really like to see it at some point without the Dragon Age pausing/tactics system. But I could also see how that would cause a ton of issues programming, animation, and physics wise. Each playable characters AI would have to constantly adapt and react to what you did while controlling them as well as what they were already doing/did to make it satisfying. Maybe if XVI is action based we’ll get that, and I’d be totally down if it works out.

    Lastly, because it’s getting too long again heh, I do like your idea of how the magic Noctis gives the other characters could work. I doubt it would ever be done in this game, but another game/book/tv show/anime/manga/comic whatever where that sort of theory and plot device is used would actually be pretty cool to see.

    I also agree that I would have liked to have kept vs instead of XV in the fact that vs could have kept the darkness that spinoff games have been able to produce like Type-0 and Crisis Core, and what Nojima and Nomura had originally been looking towards. Though I am glad that not being a spinoff SE puts in as much as it can to get it done and allocates more for the project so it can theoretically be bigger/better (of course not always the case). I’m definitely more a fan of the darker stories and twists, but as long as the story turns out well and the game is fun I think I’ll be happy. If it ends up being even closely as emotional as other games that Nomura, Nojima, or Tabata have worked on I’ll be good as well. And maybe someday Nomura will get another chance to tell a dark side story that will be able to fully done by him this time from start to finish so no one can question what was lost when he left.