E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata answers 16 questions from fans By Wazi the pa on June 16, 2016 at 8:52 PM

During today’s Square Enix Presents E3 livestream, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata was brought on stage to answer 16 questions about Square Enix’s highly anticipated RPG. These questions were directly asked by fans who used the hashtag #AskFFXV via social media.

Check out the questions and answers directly below:

  • 1: Is there an option to turn off the HUD to create a more immersive experience?

Yes, there is. Tabata believes a ton of players will be taking lots of in-game shots.

  • 2: Will there be a camera mode, theater mode or coliseum mode?

Yes, there will be a camera mode in the game, but no theater mode. However, Tabata mentioned there will be a mini-game in the coliseum of Altissia where monsters are fighting against monsters which players can bet on.

  • 3: Will there be an option to adjust the camera distance?

There are no plans for such a feature at the moment, according to Tabata.

  • 4: Will the game become too easy if you level up too much?

If you do level up enough, there will be situations where you can ‘one-hit’ enemies, but Tabata believes it isn’t a negative result for the game.

  • 5: Will there be different control layouts and UI that players can choose from?

From what you’ve seen from the E3 2016 demo and before, the UI design will be renewed once more prior to the game’s release. The FFXV dev team are currently working on the functions and aesthetics of the U.I.

  • 6: In the final scene in the E3 2016 trailer, when is that in the story of the game? It looks like they are wearing what the glaives are wearing in Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Tabata wasn’t able to reveal much information about the story but what Noctis and crew were wearing in the final scene of the E3 2016 trailer is, indeed, from the Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV movie.

  • 7: Is Insomnia (Shinjuku) an explorable town in the game?

Insomnia is not explorable like how the city of Altissia is, according to Tabata. However, Insomnia will act as more of a wide battle area location for the player to venture in.

  • 8: How many hours of gameplay will there be? Aside from the main story, are there a lot of side quests?

Players can complete the story in 40 to 50 hours. In terms of side quests and side content, it will take 100 hours or so for players to complete them. Ultimately, players will have up to 200 hours of content to enjoy in Final Fantasy XV.

  • 9: Will we see a stable frame rate and anti-aliasing improvement in the final release? What kind of optimization is being carried out to maximize visual quality while preventing frame rate dips?

Tabata claims it’s difficult to talk in detail since the dev team are still in progress in optimizing the game for the final release. However, Tabata mentioned the current specs the E3 2016 demos are sitting is the stage the dev team are for optimizing Final Fantasy XV. For the demo on Xbox One, the resolution ranges between 800p to 900p but is mostly sitting on the latter with a constant 30 frames per second. As for the demo on the PlayStation 4, the resolution ranges between 900p and 1080p but mostly sitting on the latter with a constant 30 frames per second.

  • 10: Will movement speed and duration increase as you level up in the game?

Normal movement will not consume stamina but running and dashing does. Players are able to influence Noctis’ stamina depending by what he eats at camp. Additionally, players will have the ability to disable and enable the stamina gauge in the final release.

  • 11: Is the music piece ‘Somnus’ still in Final Fantasy XV?

Tabata reassures fans that ‘Somnus’ is still in the game and mentions that it will be used in a very interesting way.

  • 12: How many Astrals (summons) are there in the game?

There isn’t that many Astrals to summon in the game but the FFXV dev team have made each Astral impactful in their own unique way.

  • 13: Are there multiple approaches to summoning an Astral?

There are certain conditions to summon an Astral during battle sequences. For example, players won’t be able to summon Leviathan unless they are near a large source of water.

  • 14: Will the Airstep Sword and Engine Sword make it in Final Fantasy XV?

Yes, it’s confirmed that both weapons will be in the game. In regards to the Engine Sword, Tabata said the weapon will have ‘special’ functions.

  • 15: Are there any plans for DLC in Final Fantasy XV??

According to Tabata, the FFXV dev team has finalized DLC plans for the game. There will, indeed, be additional story content, costume content and other ‘surprises’.

  • 16: Are you able to change party members’ behaviors during battle?

The party member behaviors are affected depending by the equipment and abilities players will have at the time during battle. Players will also have the ability to change party members’ abilities during battle sequences by hitting the L1/LB button.

Final Fantasy XV will hit store shelves worldwide on September 30, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned to Nova Crystallis for the latest.

  • Omegataco

    Watched the interview. In regards to question 4, Tabata also mentioned in response to that question that there is going to be some type of item in the game that can be used to inhibit your level growth, so that you can do low level challenges if you want.

    He also stated that they are going to include the Episode Duscae control scheme as an alternate control layout, and that they might include a third one before the game releases.

  • •december

    Oh man that episode of Brotherhood, Prompto’s back story
    Also looks like someone beat me to first comment lol

  • I’m upgrading to deluxe edition or collector if I can.

  • Mehmed


  • jamie

    200 hrs?? YAAAASSS

  • Aulix Indragonz

    tbh i was expecting FF XV to be 300-400 hours game considering it’s map size and how long they made us wait for this game
    and it’s a bit of a shame we can’t explore insomnia as an explorable city
    i want to find prompto’s house 🙁

  • 4FFAN

    You do realize a year is only 8000 hours or so…Nobody would invest 400 hours of it in ONE game.

  • Yen Lin

    Because insomnia will be destroyed in very beginning, it will be a “explorable ruin” in main story

  • Morgan

    YAY! Costume DLC! 😀

  • Aulix Indragonz

    i would, so that i can play the game even if it’s already 2-3 months after the game release
    tbh in my 1st skyrim playthrough i got arund 300 hours from it total
    and i’m sure the map size isn’t nearly as big as ff 15

  • Jesus Christ

    Because he’s a convert since yesterday he saw latino and black people in game. LOL

  • All Seeing Eye

    I want the “surprise” to be Ultros so baaaaad.

  • I want that royal suit and the movie.

  • omexheartless21

    mmm i wanted to known about skills

  • Ace

    Well then.

  • Justice V

    People do for the Disgaea games, but the actual story portion of those games are only around 20 hours I think the rest is people just trying to get crazy stats heh.

    But yeah if this game was aimed at 3-400 hours I’d probably not want to play it. I got frustrated with FFVIII taking me 80 hours and only being on disc 2 back when it came out.

  • Justice V

    Can still get deluxe, pretty sure even the additional Ultimate Collectors is sold out.

  • Justice V

    Interesting. I think they should have the main one, the duscae control scheme, and maybe a customizable one for people who don’t like either.

  • Wazi the pa

    200 hours worth of content made for the BASE game (MINUS THE DLCs) after 3 or so years of development time. I’m sorry but for you to say that it still isn’t enough is just an insult to the people behind FFXV.

  • Xervath

    “There aren’t that many astrals to summon”

    Frankly I was hoping there WOULD in fact be a decent bunch in there. I was hoping for a (rough) number and not this beating-around-the-bush answer. We have 4 confirmed astrals at this point. It would be a bit of a disappointment if there are only 6 in total, so to speak. I hope we can clock at least 10. 10 I could live with.
    (As far as the throwbacks and claims that the team has made go, I’m sort of expecting to see Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut….HOPING for Odin; this makes 8. Two more “randoms” and we’ll have at least a decent bunch)

  • Wazi the pa

    I’m intrigued to see how those story DLCs play out in the game. Kinda hoping to get it in the same style of the Witcher 3 expansions. Anything close to that for FFXV would be a godsend.

  • Octavio Valdez

    I guess I was not so far from the money on Insomnia being most possibly the final dungeon area of the game, also anybody notice in the scene that most of the town is out of power, I wonder if it is in part intensify the whole idea that the world is becoming perpetually dark as the story moves forward.

  • Codes McGodes

    Ramuh, leviathan, Titan…..who’s the fourth? Carbuncle? Is carbuncle actually summon able? He seemed more like a story element.

    I’m disappointed by this news as well. After 13’s pitiful lack of summons, and 14’s lack of summonable summons, Simmons are really becoming more and more of an dying art. 🙁 I just hope they add a few new ones. It gets boring when you expect the same summons every time.

  • Octavio Valdez

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they add some additional side stories with monster hunts, Though I hope the base game has optional bosses like Ultima or Omega weapon

  • Justice V

    Yeah not sure what he’s considering not too many. XIII there was only 1 per character, 13 in XII, only 8 in X, 13 I think in IX, 23 in VIII, 16 in VII, 27 in VI, 15 in V, 16 in IV, and only 8 in III. So really not too many but compared to which series? Averages around 14-15 over the course of the series, so not too many could mean 10-12, or not too many compared to FFXIII would be less than 8.

  • Wazi the pa

    Hey, we won’t get that many astrals to summon but who’s to say there aren’t many astrals to fight against, right? Let’s be real here; in most FF games, fighting against summons are far more epic than summoning one and from what we’ve seen of that Titan battle, I can only imagine what a battle against Leviathan would be like.

  • Justice V

    They said he’s a summon if you beat platinum, so we’re currently to assume that he works as a summon in some capacity in the main game.

  • Justice V

    Sounded like Tabata was thinking the Collesium could work in a DLC capacity to add in something later. But yeah I’m reaaaaallly hoping for Witcher level DLC, either post story stuff, or Prequel stuff.

  • Justice V

    4: Will the game become too easy if you level up too much?

    This is pretty much going to happen no matter what RPG you play. I always over grind and things are too simple by the end, but it’s still fun.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    i say they deserve the insult for wasting 6 years of fans time, turns out they only start making it since 2012 after covering it up

  • James Stine

    Well, if you look at the Genesis artwork, that confirms a few summons I’d say. Ifrit, Shiva, Leviathan, Titan, Ramuh, Bahamut(?), Carbuncle. There might be others, there’s a Siren or Mermaid looking character next to what might be Bahamut. I’m thinking there’s probably at least 7 summons, so between 8-10 sounds very possible.

  • Some Random Guy

    6 does sound about right tho. 1 Titan scale set piece every 5 hours + other non summon bosses and story content.
    I would be very happy with that

  • Some Random Guy

    Ifrit, shiva

  • Adrian

    At least we know adamantoise is an optional boss haha.

  • NewestType

    So the average would be 14.5 summons. This is what they should at least aim for in every FF I think. Maybe that’s why I always gravitated towards VIII. This sucks tbh.

  • Dongmatteezzy

    Oh “ask some questions” yeah right! like as some questions that are really obvious! like #4, #8, #13, and #15 -_- where is the question: “can you still swim in the game?” Am I the only one who’s worried about not swimming in the game? I mean that’s a really cool feature in the 2013 Trailer but after that they didn’t showed us anything swimming! even in the E3 2016 trailer….just walking on the water -_- No one even bothered to ask this question….*sigh* I even tried to ask but unfortunately–NOPE. Nothing happened.

  • NewestType

    Jesus… you funny today.

  • NewestType

    Tbh I would seriously consider going back to turn based if it meant more summons. Like 7 or 8.

  • thetrooper1989

    Are u guys going to TGS?

  • Average Afro

    wait wait. The Duscae control scheme made the combat almost completely different! That’s crazy.

  • Average Afro

    Ehhhhh, that doesn’t sound like we have a lot of control on q16, I was hoping we’d have a gambit system…

  • Yuntu

    They picked those question and said that during the stream. They can`t answer everything.

  • Yuntu

    no the current team behind XV doesn`t deserve an insult, Wada, the former CEO from SE, deserves one for butchering this games development because he thought XIII should get more priority and is the better concept for a game.

  • DoUEvenLeviosa?

    I’m happy that I will be able to play with Duscae controls and UI. Just this.

  • Paul

    The answer to the conditions of when to be able to summon an astral is pretty cool. Makes it more connected to the world and makes you think of your strategies

  • D.3ND

    #4 was a stupid question to ask. :L

  • D.3ND

    With the DLC the have a chance to add in more Astral’s like they did with Carbuncle.

  • D.3ND

    I count Carbuncle as a DLC Summon.

  • Login

    What happened to just wanting to make one game with a complete story? Wasn’t that the excuse they used to butcher Nomura’s original vision?

    We now have a multi part anime, a film, mobile title, a 2D side-scroller and story DLC.
    They should have just kept the original opening to the game instead of trying to make it a movie, and I would have preferred multiple games in the XV universe as originally planed.

    In 2-3 years from now they could have released a prequel game where you play as a young King Regis, instead of making that story a 2D side-scroller. A few years after that, another title where it focuses on the Kingsglaive and so on.

    All I can do now is hope XV has a good story and plays decently.

  • Phantom Sword

    XV condensed Versus and all its sequels into XV alone. Everything else is additional side story

  • Xervath

    Indeed, looking at the past titles, the amount of summons has varied.
    I imagine that making these boss-fights is a tough thing to do, so in that aspect you’d think there wouldn’t be too many astrals, BUT, it’s also been stated that you can get astrals through other means besides fighting them. So not every summon warrants a fight as epic as Titan or Leviathan.

    Looking at the Genesis piece there are indeed a good few summons, but I thought that it was simply a representation of the series’ summons, and not something that has a direct relation to this game in particular?

    I count Carbuncle as the 4th summon, as he is one you can get through the Plat. demo, but I don’t know if they devs consider this to be part of the “main game summons” or if it’s a “DLC summon” as one user stated. regardless, Carbuncle is part of the fray.

    I personally wish that this game would also have one of those god-tier summons, like they used to have, for the sake of it being flashy.
    FFVII had Knights of the round
    FFVIII had Eden
    FFIX had Ark
    FFX had…well, guess we’ll go with the Magus sisters (or Anima, take your pick)
    –I’d like FFXV to have something extreme as well… and Odin.

    Taba-chan mentioned that DLC is in the works…who knows, we might just see DLC summons.

    Regardless, I’m very much still looking forward to how this is all going to come together (despite the questionable MS-E3 performance, which I’ll just blame on pilot-error)

  • You can do so many things in the game and move by feet, by chocobo, by car and later by a flying car, so swimming is not that important, is it? I think they chose pretty good questions to answer.

  • Login

    The start of XV was completely cut and changed into a movie. So no, it wasn’t all condensed into XV.

  • You’ve got to be realistic here…400 hours is insane. Most AAA games these days don’t offer 50 hours of gameplay let alone 200! I platinumed X HD in 125 hours and even for a game that I really liked, it was getting boring after so many hours. 200 hours of content for FFXV is more than enough.

  • The point here is that they’re trying to create a universe using different mediums to catch the attention of both old and new fans for the franchise. Considering XIII had 2 sequels and they were not received well, they certainly made a wise decision making different things instead of game sequels. They found a way to expand the universe without spending too much money (except for Kingsglaive that looks pretty expensive).

  • I hope there’s dlc adding Gilgamesh as a summon or optional boss.

  • Damn… Want that statue.

  • Story dlc is fine they didn’t want this story to be a 15-2 type deal.

  • Still doesn’t seem like you can summon unless you’re about to be KO’d. What other way is there to summon?

  • If you stop at 50 in most RPGs you should in a position to have great skills and still a challenge. If after the main story where going to 100 seem reasonable. Especially in SO games.

  • I hope its not the last area. Fighting in it will be cool but I wanna giant ethereal place as the end. Like a giant throne of the gods that you have to climb over to reach the masked man.

  • I want all story dlc. I’ll get SOME clothes dlc but not swimsuit or childish stuff.

  • The confirmed its still in the game?

  • I bet all there is is Shiva leviathan Ifrit Odin or Yojimbo and Alexander or Bahamut and Titan. It won’t be more than 9 I bet.

  • Gods are likely just for story and bosses.

  • Carbuncle might just walk beside you as a pet and heal you now and then

  • Gotta have at least them

  • 3specially more LBs.

  • Likely.

  • They did say you don’t need to watch Brotherhood or even Kingsglaive to understand FFXV proper.

  • Weapon battle! I miss those.

  • We can explore it but it’ll be a war zone. No shops I bet.

  • Or full of lingering soldiers.

  • Why clown me when I’m in a good mood? I always like FF games. I been a fan of Square since Chrono Cross.

  • Sanips

    What is theater mode?

  • The one with no HUD icon?


    and on the contrary there are complete additional new things that havent been in FFXIII Versus


    yojimbo? lol very undoubtful… since yojimbo appeared just once in the series i dont know why they should implement him now… and odin isnt very unoften there too.. i moreover think titan (desert), Leviathan (water regions), Ramuh (grass land like in duscae), Ifrit (the volcano region we saw) and yeah.. carbuncle from the platinum Demo and maybe just maybe shiva .. as we saw one small snowy weather that appeared during the train travel.


    what has turn based to do with that?!


    gosh you are horrible.. whining about a game having 200 hours of gameplay are you fucking insane or something?! which game has more than that?


    you can buy almost the same figurine as a stand alone version.. except the spear weapon was exclusive for the ultimate edition: https://store.eu.square-enix.com/de/product/404120/final-fantasy-xv-play-arts-kai-noctis

  • Sweet thanks.

  • that would almost be just like Crisis Core line up. All males except Phoenix. Why skip Shiva? Why reuse Odin and Ramuh so much? Do fans not like Yojimbo or Quetzulcotal.

  • D.3ND

    Why not both?

  • D.3ND

    Near death summon is a pussy option if you don’t want to die but you have to pay the price for it (no exp gain).

  • D.3ND

    Yojimbo was a stand in for Odin/Gilgamesh in X as Ixion was a stand in for Ramuh.

  • Samuel

    Imsomnia not being explorable is a slap in the face as a fan waiting 10 years to play this game.

  • Xervath

    R.I.P. Quetzacoatl.
    Forever in our thoughts

  • Average Afro

    Really? You didn’t expect to now be able to explore it after the trailers from 3 years ago?

  • Justice V

    Yeah I just have the problem of focusing on grinding way too much. I like it, but I tend to do it a lot early on in games. I remember playing FFVI and finding a dinosaur forest and spending a night grinding to lvl 99 with all the characters on SNES, and it’s just become habit ever since heh.

  • Kaizokugami

    200 hours? Well then. That far exceeded my expectations.

    September 30 now plox.

  • Justice V

    Ah that’s just an action figure, not a statue, and the only exclusive part of it for the collectors edition is his additional spear I believe. Otherwise the Noctis Play Arts-Kai will be sold as normal with all the rest of their toys, probably range from $90-150 depending where you get it heh.

  • Justice V

    They did say there was at least one more cute small like summon similar to Carbuncle during E3. Maybe Fat Chocobo heh, can’t really think of any other small summons besides carbuncle and Chocobo though.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    That’s what condensed means , the invasion would take something like 2 or 3 chapters it would ruin the whole pacing .

  • I like him better than Ramuh. He’s speedy and that seems to embody lightning more than Ramuh. I mean Ramuh is kinda like a Zeus type. Just more focused on wisdom than ruling.

  • Justice V

    Don’t think many fans care about Quetzulcotal, and like someone else said Yojimbo’s only been in one game so not really a fan favorite either.

    -edit- just to be sure he was really only used once I went through a list of all the summons in FFIII-FFXIV (except XII since those summons have never been used in any another other game in the franchise and didn’t include any old ones either). I didn’t count spin offs or sequels though, so the actual numbers for some of these could be higher if you count those.

    But here are all the summons in order of most used to least, in sort of alphabetical order from what I could find online. (Interesting to note Shiva and Bahamut are the only two to have appeared in every single game since summons were introduced, except XII of course).

    Bahamut – 11
    Shiva – 11
    Ifrit – 10
    Odin – 10
    Leviathan – 9
    Ramuh – 8

    Titan – 7
    Phoenix – 7
    Alexander – 6,
    Carbuncle – 6
    Chocobo – 5

    Diabolos – 3
    Fenrir – 3
    Mog – 3
    Siren – 3

    Atomos – 2
    Bismarck – 2
    Cactuar – 2
    Cait Sith – 2
    Catoblepa – 2
    Garuda – 2
    Gilgamesh – 2
    Golem – 2
    Knights of the Round – 2
    Madeen/Maduin – 2
    Sylph – 2

    Angelo – 1,
    Anima – 1
    Ark – 1
    Asura – 1
    Bahamut Zero – 1
    Bomb – 1
    Brothers – 1
    Brynhildr – 1
    Cerberus – 1
    Cockatrice – 1
    Crusader – 1
    Doomtrain – 1
    Dragon – 1
    Eden – 1
    Eggman – 1
    Enkidu – 1
    Goblin – 1
    Hades – 1
    Hecatoncheir – 1
    Ixion – 1
    Kjata – 1
    Kirin- 1
    Lakshmi – 1
    Magus Sisters – 1
    Midgardsormr – 1
    Mindflayer – 1
    Moomba – 1
    Neo Bahamut – 1
    Pandemona – 1
    Phantom – 1
    Quetzalli – 1
    Quezacotl – 1
    Raiden – 1
    Ragnarok – 1
    Ravana – 1
    Remora – 1
    Sephirot – 1
    Seraph – 1
    Syldra – 1
    Tonberry – 1
    Typhoon – 1
    Unicorn – 1
    Valefor – 1
    Valigarmanda – 1
    Whyt – 1
    Yojimbo – 1
    Zona Seeker – 1

  • Justice V

    He literally is since you have to download the Platinum content in order to get him. But he’s still a confirmed summon for the game either way.

  • Justice V

    Yeah definitely pilot error haha. Just watch the other players on youtube during other interviews with tabata or off camera recordings of people playing that part and it looks a lot more fun. Also looks like half the actual battle is cut out from it since it’s super short when played correctly.

    Bahamut will likely be a godteir summon in the sense of flash and MegaFlare doing some serious damage to the enemies and the world heh.

  • Justice V

    Yeah hoping that it seems like it’ll be the last level, but once you get there you realize you have to fly to some godforsaken place to stop the main villain from doing whatever they’re doing and the final battle location is something special and just just Noctis’ throne room or something heh.

  • Justice V

    Like average Afro said it’s still explorable to a degree, it’s just not completely open and doesn’t act like a town in the same way all the others in the game will. Which if you’ve been watching the trailers since VSXIII days is pretty much what it’s always looked like. They’ve only really ever shown footage of Noctis and them fighting their way throughout Insomnia never just chilling and going to shops or sight seeing. So even if you had hope for it to be a fully explorable town, which I admit I kind of do too, I don’t see it in anyway as a slap in the face of fans waiting because it’s just the same as it’s always been presented.

  • Justice V

    My guess was being able to watch all the cutscenes outside of gameplay? That’s the only thing I could think of.

  • Justice V

    The more summons the better usually, but I was fine with the games that had smaller amounts of summons (except XIII but that was more because the summons were stuck to each character and it felt weird overall). So as long as there are 8 or so I think it’s fine, especially with how they are presented in this game. Any more than that even better.

  • Luiz Augusto Alves Leopoldino

    During this atr Tabata told that there are other conditions different from the one that you have to be dying to summon an Astral. You can preset that.

  • Justice V

    Dunno I’m happy with a solitary game with maybe some decent story dlc additions over a forced sequel, most people are hoping for Witcher 10-20+ hr story level dlc but we’ll see if SE can manage that heh. I-IX never had sequels (until years after), and that was fine. A full story all done in one game is generally nicer than forcing multiple sequels that get released in a fraction of the time and with less overall polish than the original (X-2, XIII-2). Having side stories doesn’t detract from the experience of the game, and other than maybe some of what is in Kingsglaive (which might still have similar scenes appear in the main game) it’s nothing that was planned to be in VS XIII or even XV in the first place. So dunno why that would cause a complaint.

    Pretty sure (but obviously can’t know for certain) that XV’s story will be good and already plays pretty well. We still haven’t seen hardly anything in terms of overall game story, weapons, abilities, locations, advancement, etc. There’s lots to look forward to rather than focusing on what little we know we will no longer be getting from what was shown 6-10 years ago.

  • Morgan

    There was a Cerberus in the new E3 Kingslaive trailer at 1:20. So they very well may include some less known known ones.

  • Luiz Augusto Alves Leopoldino

    Have you guys seen the latest Kingsglaive trailler from E3?? Watch it with doubled attention, almost at the end one od those enormous bad monsters from the box art of the game shows up with red eyes and something like a red cristal at what seems to be its chest, and i freaked out with the similarity with Emerald Weapon from FFVII.

  • Luiz Augusto Alves Leopoldino

    We already have Carbuncle(from the demo), Titan, Ramuh, Leviathan. And for guessing Bahamut(is almost in every FF), Shiva(the same as Bahamut, a fire based one(Ifrit or another), Odin(or someone like him), Bismarck(i think it will at least show up because ate the demo in the Altissia part you can see his statue, a strange whale).

  • Justice V

    Yeah I’m curious what the conditions are, but tabata said some are tied to your teammates too. And I’m guessing Carbuncle and other support types aren’t tied to your HP in any way. Curious how they will work, and what all they will do.

  • Justice V

    The three eyed chest glowing thing coming out of the clouds towering over the entire city? Yeah wonder what that will be, though looks somewhat like the guys at the end of the Dawn trailer too hehe. Cerberus looks tight in it as well.

  • Justice V

    I’m almost certain there will be at least one ‘weapon’, even if it’s not called that, in the game. But I really hope there are multiple, maybe in some of those locations we can only reach with the regalia type F.

  • Mehmed

    I think I want a game named Dark Fantasy Versus based on ff13versus without final fantasy.
    Just blood, coolness, beautiful women, a great story, great graphics, just the period of 2006-2008 with a little few elements from 2011

  • Luiz Augusto Alves Leopoldino

    There’s Sylph, Cactuar and Moomba also. But the fat chocobo would be nice.

  • Luiz Augusto Alves Leopoldino

    The evil giant gods was confirmed, but not who they are.

  • D.3ND

    Only through platinum though.

  • Mina-P

    “There will, indeed, be additional …. costume content’.”
    Noctis beach outfit plz ty

  • Aulix Indragonz

    fallout,skyrim,witcher 3 to name a few
    and the fans don’t need to wait 10 years for that game to come out

  • Aulix Indragonz

    fallout,skyrim easily reach that amount you know

  • omexheartless21

    that i kinda understand do you need help?

  • I know but I think they should do that more often. Let some of the lesser known summons get their time in the limelight. When was the last time we could summon Siren for example? Or Hades?

  • So no exp if you summon at near death. What other way to summon is there? Is there just a summon command in the pause menu?

  • I’m for it. If he’s in the game it’ll happen. They already said they want all summons to be battles first. Except Carbuncle I guess. Though you did have to beat the whole demo to get him too.

  • I just meant “Especially more Limit Breaks” as in I want to hear more about the Limit Break or Armiger skills.

  • Are they evil? What’s the story with them? They seem to want Noctis for something? Like “give us your first born son, you owe us.” Like that.

  • Yeah the non-attack ones likely are easy to summon at any time. Carbuncle might even be out all the time as just a lucky mascot who heal your now and then or ups your Def. I wouldn’t be surprised. Likely how he did in the demo.

  • Bismarck seem redundant. If he’s there. Then why have Leviathan? Both are water types only. All the others seem like givens, yes. But every FF always has at least one new summon if you can summon. Like Vanille’s and Sazh’s in 13 or Ark in 9 or Pandimonium in 8.

  • In the movie? Wonder if they beat one there and Noct kills another in his game. I’ll have to check for it. It seemed like they were swinging on a animal in parts of the trailer.

  • Sweet! But that might just be a mutated Behemoth made by that mad scientist working with Idola or just a huge new monster.

  • Okay so kinda like this?
    1: summon if near death
    2: summon if near water
    3: summon if near fire
    4: summon if fighting poison boss
    5: summon if fighting swarm of foes with high defense

  • Extensive research.

  • Ramonajnorris2
  • Ramonajnorris2
  • D.3ND

    That’s what wait mode is there for and the mechanic on summoning astrals depending on the environment and time of day.

  • NewestType

    Do they?

  • NewestType

    It seems like implementation of summons with XVs system limits the quantity of summons.

  • Mehmed

    in 2 month there will be more information, mostly about the story. 1 month and 1 week away from the release…If the game by then isnt ready… i really dont know. I hope to see more Luna

  • Xervath

    Thing is, Quetza. is the first summon I’d ever seen. I had no idea that Ramuh was the actual ‘long running summon’ of the series.
    So I do, too, like Quetza a lot, however I don’t mind Ramuh either.

  • Xervath

    I’ll throw in ‘Diablos’, then.

  • daveguitar

    That’s it 🙂

  • daveguitar

    So.. we know about Ramuh, Titan, Leviathan and Carbuncle. I’m 100% sure there will be Shiva and Ifrit… let’s pray for Bahamut and at least another one. Knights of the round or Diablo would be great.

  • yeah I was surprised when he was in Type-0. But like 12 it’s better not to summon so you never get to use him.

  • I agree nothing wrong with Ramuh I just think the more they reuse the fan favorites the less likely any other summons will become fan favorites.

  • Isabelmrobles3

    Insomania is such a huge modern city it would be as huge as a full GTA Game.. where would you cut the edge then? would you use invisible walls? And on the other hand how do you want to fill that modern city with quests? This isnt a GTA were a quest says to rob a bank or something… there would be just a modern city without any real filling content in it. they would have needed to draw invisible barriers. btw:

  • Average Afro

    Everyone is complaining that we have seen too much about the game and that any more is bordering on spoiling the surprises. TBH, I feel like what we’ve seen is the tip of the iceberg, and I’m on the edge of being patiently excited, to impatiently excited…

    This very fact I think makes it clear that they’ve done a very good job at marketing. (Minus a couple hiccups)

  • Average Afro

    I imagine like Bambii in KH. Or imagine if Carbuncle was used in specific areas to find hidden items (Ala moogle in 13-2)

  • Average Afro

    I think worth. Imagine if the last time you saved was just after leaving camp and you’d been grinding for 3 hours?

  • D.3ND

    True, who hasn’t been in that situation while grinding? But i’m the dare devil type and I’ll try to stay alive as much I can to recover Health and magic. Playing both demos for the past months have taught me a lot on I should I approach combat and I could to increase my chance of survival, but all that might be rendered useless in the full game with the additional mechanics and switching difficulty.

  • Jaze Black

    I’m severely disappointed by the lack of a Theater mode, it’s always one of my favorite features and i enjoy watching the game’s cutscenes.

  • That’s a sweet idea. Anytime in the open world that he’s out hidden items are marked on the map. I’d say that’d make him best for exploration.


    its better to play through it again you know 😉 and there never was a theatre mode in the FF series.. except the 14th online title

  • 4FFAN

    Well, I guess we’re all different…I wouldn’t invest 400 hours in a game…at least not in a single year. 400 hours in multiple games, yeah.

  • Nick

    You could unlock the cgi cutscenes in ff10 and watch them any time u wanted.

  • Janicedray2
  • FFdiehardfan

    Imsomnia not being explorable LOL Squarenix… GJ!
    How about damn PC port? the gamne looks really bad consoles. 800p? This game deserves better.

  • GetAGrip

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but I always had a theory that the only reason the XIII sequels exist is precisely BECAUSE of XV’s reshuffled development. Think about it, SE decide to rename and move XV to PS4, so more XIII sequels were needed to bridge the gap before XV’s release (realising that a large chunk of the fanbase have never bothered with FFXIV:ARR). SE released the XIII sequels knowing they were going to bomb, but they had no choice, other than to leave a 6 yr gap between mainline entries.

    And also I realise that XV only started development proper in 2012, but I’m willing to bet it was on the cards much earlier, especially after the critical panning of XIII in 2009/10. Sorry, know it’s off topic from OP but been dying to say this for ages.

  • Yuntu

    Nope no way.

    The former CEO of SE was simply stupid and wanted to push 13 for some easy money rather than developing new entries. He is responsible for everything fucked up SEs reputation.

  • Jaze Black

    FF IV DS remake did have a Theater mode.

  • llazy77

    For number 6 in the livestream Tabata says its towards the end of the game but you dont say that here

  • asch999

    You fake and gay