A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV previewed in new trailer By Erren Van Duine on July 21, 2016 at 12:43 PM

Square Enix has released a new trailer for A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV – a side retro-style game set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy XV proper. This bonus is being made exclusively to those who pre-order the game at GameStop stores and will be available to play on September 30.

Square Enix has provided the following story synopsis:

Taking place in a fictitious 30 years before Final Fantasy XV, this game features retro-style inspired graphics centered around a fast-paced combat system with influences from modern gaming. The in-depth combat system blends intense attacks, devastating magic, mighty summons and unique companion attacks into a singular gaming experience through three diverse locations in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Restless before bed young Noctis asks his father, King Regis, to tell a fairy tale full of fantasy and adventure instead of just another generic bedtime story. Regis begins with a peaceful day being disrupted when monsters raid the royal capital, Insomnia. Young Regis, joined by Weskham, starts his adventure from the royal capital. Eventually they are joined by friends Cid and Clarus, where they travel to the plains of Duscae only to discover a mysterious cave where their enemy resides. Throughout the tall tale, King Regis and Noctis interject their own commentary, adding depth and perspective to the story itself.

  • 4FFAN

    Wescum? Who? Anyway…this another black character wielding guns…what’s with the trend Square? lol

  • JohnCaseyCB

    “This bonus is being made exclusively to those who pre-order the game at GameStop stores and will be available to play on September 30.”

    Oh hell no. They’d better eventually release this for everyone else.

  • Yuntu

    Weskham. I assume we will maybe meet him either in the full game or Kingsglaive … just a guess though.

  • arcnate

    he looks like the black shopkeeper who gives the party hunts in the altissia trailer

  • Yuntu

    I doubt that. There`s a black guy in Regis council … maybe that`s him.

  • arcnate

    im serious that same shopkeeper has the same monocle as him

  • Yuntu

    hmmm … I guess we will find out

  • André Maske

    In Brazil, you can get it pre ordering it on Saraiva Stores.

  • •december


  • Jesus Christ

    cash grab

  • João

    I just died with this information! I don’t know how to thank you!

  • Like religion

  • I wish the black guy was younger. It seems like too often they’re older and always doing that “I’m too old for this” line. Sazh literally says it in 13.

  • Just once I would like to see a young black character that uses swords and is more heroic.
    Not another gun user and especially not one dislikes danger or cusses all the time (Sazh and Barrett)

  • Artemis Polara

    Irony though is that Sazh was my favorite character from XIII despite them throwing the stupid comedic gags at him. Also I can see that Regis will maybe work as a mid leveled Noctis but after a while Noctis will overshadow him in terms of everything.

  • I just want Noct to have his own powers. If everyone does the same thing as Noctis in Kingsglaive then Noctis isn’t special. He’d be basically another foot soldier who just got more experience. I’d maybe make it so he can be the only one who can rapid fire spells or shift weapon super fast. Or summon two summons at once (in story).

  • Justice V

    Nyx can only teleport in Kingsglaive because his power is a gift borrowed from Regis. So guessing there’s some deeper connection between them there. Noctis’ mom was most likely a normal human female so unlikely that she’d have anything special to pass on blood wise unless she was one of the rare people like Crowe who can natively use magic. Considering Noct has to use magic items and ring magic though I doubt it.

  • Justice V

    At least it seems like a fun cash grab rather than a worthless one.

  • Justice V

    Most likely will. I think every game I’ve bought that had Amazon/gamestop exclusives were eventually sold to everyone as dlc 1-3 months later. Don’t see why this wouldn’t be.

  • 4FFAN
  • It seems dumb to just repeat the same skills thru a whole cast. I would make his mother teach him martial art unarmed and also philosophy .

  • I want a black protagonist someday

  • NoctisStrife87

    The ones amongst the Glaive who can use the Warp ability, uses only because the king shares it with them through the ring. So in fact only the ones who has the kings blood has it naturaly. Noctis will be the only in the game after his father dies, or he will grant his dudes the same ability using the ring too.

  • NoctisStrife87

    Entre pagar menos de 200 com um fornecedor de games e 200 e pouco na Saraiva. Pego qnd sair pra dlc. Mas é uma boa, aqui no Brasil ta dificil de liberarem aquelas pre order com as armas exclusivas. Queria a Gae Bolg do FFIV.


    cid has a spear haha like FF7s

  • highsky00

    Twist : he is Cid from FF7.

  • Jesus Christ

    True, what’s why I’m richer every Sunday.

  • Gotta love that collection plate, huh? Those bible and gold crosses don’t pay for themselves. But then again, why not just keep turning water into wine and sell that to make money?

  • But how will he make the power his own? When the story is over will he still just be filling his papas shoes?

  • Me too but Japan doesn’t like that. The only time a black guy was the head main character was the Blade Marvel Anime. And that was a one and done type of deal.
    Japan just isn’t going to have an FF world modeled after Africa or South America or Haiti or New Orleans. They like British stuff, their own stuff, and some American stuff.
    I guess I just have to accept that. After all in all my years of writing I never wrote a book only about a large cast of gay people so at some point someone will always be able to say you discriminate even when youre not trying to.
    It still breaks my heart but I guess as long as they don’t make games where black people don’t exist at all I can be happy.

  • Unfortunately we will never have a cultural diversity in japanese games. If I could direct a FF in my live, it would have to have a black strong female MC.

  • NoctisStrife87

    I guess the ring is inherited from father to son as it always has been and it accepts his bloodline. But i guess that all the kings had their own journey to prove themselves worthy to the Astrals like Luna says to Leviathan that Noctis will prove himself worthy just like his father. Maybe it is a cycle that the they must do before they become kings.

  • I just want him to be his own man. More than his the same exact use of his powers.

  • We could use that too tbh.

  • NoctisStrife87

    I think somehow Noctis will break some kind of cycle or something like that and free the people for real from Niflheim(like Regis says that he needs to fullfill his destiny). Can’t wait till Sept 30th haha.

  • Dick

    I liked Sazh because he reacted in a realistic, human way to things. His personality was fantastic and while his comedy relief gags could get a bit too much at times, it didn’t detract from who he was as a character.

  • Yeah I’m gonna be all over this game all weekend once it comes out.
    Before I do anything else as it installs DLC I’m gonna watch Kingsglaive then play the game it’s self and before to search every nook and cranny for rare gear.

  • NoctisStrife87

    Me too. I’ll get the dlc and stuff and watch the movie while i wait. Every square of land, and air will be searched, haha.

  • Justice V

    Yeah, well at least we know Crowe is different since she’s got strong magical abilities innately I believe. So she should be interesting to watch. The way these guys use their weapons at least seem a little different from how Noctis and his crew do even if they are using the same/similar weapon types.

  • I see that Nyx has some skill but it just seems like without Regis all the sword mastery in the world couldn’t beat Diamond Weapon.

  • Open world is great for exploration but some of the other devs don’t do it well and it ends up wasted space. I think as long as they have chests and side quests and towns exploration will be just as fun as exploring in Fallout 4 or FF7.

  • NoctisStrife87

    Yeah. I hope the not so open world will keep the focus on the game and make it more concise.

  • All they have to do is have the spot on the map marked so that you know where to go for story and you can explore everything on the way. And once the story scenes are done new events in the area can pop up. That’s how I’d do it. You can move on or do the new events.
    But most devs mess up in that they give you so much freedom to go everywhere there’s literally hours between when the player ever runs into more story. They do endless sidequests that pop up one by one and feel like they’re no connected or tedious.

  • NoctisStrife87

    Yeah, that’s why i think it will be like older FF games when at the beginning you have not so much side stuff, and more story focused things and the side things grows up exponentialy. I felt that back on VII and VIII, a little bit less on IX and X had more side things. Sure there will be some side quests that needs to be resolved on a specific chapter and other that you will be able to come back later and do the job. I’m curious for the Colosseum.

  • Once the whole map is revealed it’s always good to have sidquests everywhere to give people the fun of backtracking rather than beating the game right away.
    I think the Colosseum is just for betting on monster fights for right now.

  • NoctisStrife87

    Me too. But fingers crossed for future dlc on the colosseum.