Advent Children, Spirits Within set for blu-ray re-release By Erren Van Duine on September 7, 2016 at 1:36 PM

Both Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within are set to see a re-release on blu-ray, Amazon’s confirmed. Listings for both films were spotted on the online retailer this morning with a planned release on October 4.

Coincidentally, that’s the same day Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is slated for its physical release so it’s likely Sony Pictures is reprinting these older films to drum up interest. If you’re interested in purchasing these re-issued versions, Advent Children can be had here while Spirits Within can be purchased here.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Do they feature new covers? Not sure if Amazon pic is accurate.

  • Alex Kraus

    I saw a listing for something called the “Final Fantasy FIlm Collection” on Blu-ray on one of the international Amazon sites a few weeks ago (amazon.de maybe?) to come out about the same time

  • stevenm281

    they have it on the PS Store!

  • I still have the original AC. Money is tight so I’ll just buy FF7R and we’ll call it even.

  • Randy Marsh

    Why would people buy the original Advent Children for 15 dollars, if Advent Children Complete is like bargain bin 10 dollars cheap now on Blu-Ray?

  • Justice V

    Might get Spirits on BluRay, been wanting to buy it on dvd anyway. I can’t tell if there’s any difference from this new Bluray and the old one for ACC. I mean I already bought that movie 3-4 times, dunno if I wanna buy it yet again for the same copy I already own.


    Can they add Safe and Sound to the English credits like they did for Japan, dammit

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    This is Complete, not the original.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    The pics are of the new covers.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    You might want to make it clearer in the title that this is Advent Children Complete, not Advent Children.

  • Mina-P

    You can get the first print for just 10 bux. Totally worth it, there’s a half hour of added scenes and most of those help the plot flow better and are more character driven. Trust me, the story makes a lot more sense in complete

  • Mina-P

    For real D: I bought… the original 2 disc special edition, then that huge black limited edition one when that came out with the novels and the anime on it… then I bought complete ;__; not buying again ty lol

  • Randy Marsh

    I see it now, the cover image wasn’t loading properly at the time I looked earlier. How odd they’re just listing it as Advent Children in the Amazon listing though.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    That is odd/unfortunate, since most Final Fantasy fans are very clear on the difference.

  • But I watched complete and if I buy it again I’ll have two of the same movie. If I ever break or lose my copy so be it. But right now every dime counts.

  • Mina-P

    Np 🙂 I’m rly hoping we get like some sort of compilation of ffvii box for the 20th anniversary like.. acc & cc hd or something

  • If they put it together with FF7R I’d get a box set for sure.