Final Fantasy XV might receive additional PS4 Pro support post launch By Erren Van Duine on October 22, 2016 at 3:05 PM

Final Fantasy XV is just around the corner and so far Square Enix has been somewhat mum on the things PlayStation 4 Pro owners can expect on November 29. We know the game will support 4K and HDR at launch but what about additional improvements?

Speaking with Spanish site HobbyConsolas, translated by user Lulost on our forums, director Hajime Tabata shared some new insights on the game including thoughts on a PC version, further PS4 Pro improvements, outfits and a word on Fabula Nova Crystallis.

On PC, Tabata once again said they’re focusing all of their efforts on the console versions at the moment. If they do a PC version they’ll have to readjust a lot of stuff and concentrate on it fully. The same applies to the PS4 Pro – if they want to go all the way with Sony’s new hardware they’ll need more time to get the game running and looking better. “That said, we can’t exclude that in the future, with some dedication and time maybe we can get a PS4 Pro version of the game that can take advantage of its capabilities,” he explained. “But as of right now the game has maxed out the PS4 horsepower.”

Between PS4 and Xbox One, however, there will be some visual differences. “In terms of content, they’re basically the same game,” said Tabata. “Technically, they’re different pieces of hardware so the most significant difference is the resolution, maybe. They both run at a dynamic resolution and to be more specific the Xbox One version is a little lower on the resolution side, but overall we’re taking full advantage of each piece of hardware. Players of both versions will be satisfied.”

Other highlights from the interview include a bit on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and XV‘s connection to the Fabula Nova Crystallis umbrella series. Unfortunately there’s currently no plan to add Noctis’ original outfit from the 2006 trailer, but if there’s enough demand the team will certainly consider it.

As for the game’s connection to FNC, Tabata had this to say: “We didn’t take the FNC too much into account when developing Final Fantasy XV, mostly because the world of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV are completely different. And I think with each FF title people want stories that can be experienced on their own without much background knowledge or something like that, so keeping the FNC myth from FFXIII to FFXV wouldn’t be a very good idea.”

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Yuntu

    Post launch support is something very important for SE to consider. One of the reasons why Witcher 3, as probably the best known example for RPGs, had such a long stay was the post launch support with patches and additional content (which we already know about for XV).

  • Adam Hedquist

    OH good News. Love to see improvments on The pro version and it’s smart to wait until they can focus on a pc version 100 %. And tabata.. Pls give us The original clothes! And for The pc version pls add other playable characters and a gambit system for your party members but it should be turned off for the one you play as. And make the game easy to mod.

  • 4FFAN

    WOOOOW!!!! I mean come on Tabata –” In 2013, even though it was Nomura directing, we were told that FFXV would keep the same story as Versus. Then it didn’t. But we all got over that. I mean Tabata isn’t Nomura so complaining about this is useless… My problem with this FNC thing is that LAST YEAR or the year before maybe, anyway, when Tabata was directing. We were told that some of the FNC elements remained in the game, they would just be called differently. Why were we told that? Why lie to the fans? It’s honestly disrespectful. Don’t get me wrong, with all the changes made all the time and the unkept promises, we have NOOO idea of what to expect from FFXV’s story which is a great thing and I’m glad the FNC mythos is in the past ’cause…do I really need to explain (lol). Anyway, I just think it’s kinda sad how promises weren’t kept and how we’ve been told lies in a way. Anyway, I’m done ranting. Just let FFXV come out already.


    Wait, so is it Fabula Nova or not? I’m confused if he’s saying it’s not FNC anymore or if it is, just not as closely styled as originally intended.

  • MasterLink

    Mate, it is good to stop ranting. As someone who complained about the changes in XV, my biggest fear is not about XV is not being the game I always wanted, but it is about how making FF titles without making any compromises in the future. I mean if Nomura, Tabata, Ito or anyone else get a opportunity to direct a new mainline FF title after XV released, will they able to make the games they want without making any compromises?

    Anyway, that being said, I am really looking forward to XV, and cant wait to see what SE has in store in the future.

  • Hasuki

    I am 100% down for the original outfit. My body is READY!!

  • Jesus Christ

    If you hark on the past about FNC, there’ll always be people complaining why they changed it and how FNC would’ve been better… like… as if they know everything LOL

    I do, they don’t.


    new famitsu gameplay of the first chapters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7vzWVwivMo

  • Josh Asher

    Why does he only mention XIII as having FNC? Type-0 had it too. A game he directed. Strange.

  • Bottom line: Is the game fun? Is it full of bugs and glitches? Is the story deep and devoid of plotholes? That’s all that matters to me.

  • Luke Watts

    I thought the FNC rubbish was already confirmed to have no connection to 15? Well, can’t hurt to hear it twice. Hell, I’d like to hear it a few more times.
    I must say, I also had a little chuckle when I read that it will perform better on PS4..

  • Luke Watts

    It won’t, but if there IS it will be incredibly subtle. (That’s how I interpreted it)

  • Randy Marsh

    Funny thing about that, Tabata has admitted before he forgot Type-0 was a FNC during development and that effected a lot of the elements in the game’s story. I guess it is just a habit for him.

  • Randy Marsh

    He stated before it was no longer FNC last year I believe, or at least strongly implied it wasn’t no longer. However, if it is, the FNC will not be strongly present like it was in the FFXIII trilogy of games. Tabata at times leaves this impression of being very paranoid and often points FFXIII as this red head stepchild, and looks to it as a game not to be like in terms of gameplay, exploration, and overall lore. At least that is how it appears to me.

    Think about it this way, the last time we saw any traces of its FNC status was back at E3 2013. Three and a half years ago, after that trailer, there was no more mention of FNC anywhere in the trailers for the game. Heck, there was no FNC branding anywhere are the Uncovered event either. Also to add, for the Episode Duscae there was no branding on it anywhere, even Type-0 HD had that logo pasted on before the opening screen. It is very curious. I could’ve sworn some promotional material carries the FNC copyright information at the bottom also….

    Tbh, the only true way to know is when the game finally releases next month and you DON’T see the amano FNC logo before reaching the main start menu of FFXV.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    Give a link because he has been saying no FNC for a while .


    The fabula novacrystallis idea was bullshit anyways. it was just a marketing idea to sell these games to the consumers as a trilogy. the novacrystallis background thing was artificially constructed anyways with very very small details to it.

  • Justice V

    He’s not really contradicting himself at all though. A long time ago he said there is no FNC connection in XV. Now he is saying there is no FNC connection in XV. He never says that they didn’t keep some things change them around and/or rename them. He never says they trashed all the old fnc ideas from back when it was vs. He basically only just says that connecting the mythos to FNC from XIII doesn’t make sense, which it doesn’t and only slightly ever did (from what we knew). He might have trashed all the mythos in the game and started from scratch, but that’s not what he says he did here. Just stating they didn’t try to connect it to fnc and xiii at all, which is how it should be.

  • Justice V

    Pretty much exactly what should have been expected. They haven’t had time to focus on pro yet if them being all hands on in order to fix it these last couple months was true. Which I’m sure it was.

  • Syafiq Khaidir


  • MasterLink

    I love how you make statements like “which it doesn’t” and “which is how it should be” like they are undeniable facts.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    If it turns out that Mwynn, Bhunivelze, Etro, Lindzei and Pulse are not part of the creation myth for FFXV, then it’s not.

  • •december

    Headlines like these always make me laugh like:
    “The future happening is very likely to happen in the future”

  • Yuntu

    And how is he lying here? Some of the FNC elements are here and called differently. But there is no connection to FNC.

    Those two things are seperated from each other. You can say many things about Tabata, but he never lied to us.

  • Justice V

    Hmm I guess, but in those cases it’s meant as opinion. Guess I could have added ‘which it doesn’t to me’. ‘Which is how it should be’ could be debatable. Considering no other numbered games have ever been connected in any way before other than lil easter eggs (Shinra in FFX). Once it became XV it theoretically should have cut all ties with connections to XIII. But again opinion. They can do whatever they want and if they want XVI to take place in the same world/universe as any of the games from FFI-XV they can. So yeah thanks. I’ll try watch out for definitives like that from now on.

  • 4FFAN

    Please explain, maybe I misunderstood. You say FNC elements are here…but there is no connection to FNC. How’s that possible?

  • 4FFAN

    It’s in french. But here’s a quick translation:
    “I joined the FFXV team when they were going from Versus to XV. The FNC had already been implimented into the game. When I took over the project, we selected the elements that were necessary and removed those that weren’t. We wanted to make sure that the players wouldn’t be confused by the terminology of the mythology. So we tried to unbind the game from the mythology a bit, but it’s definitely still in the game’s DNA and the story.” I mean maybe, I don’t understand what he’s saying. Like, he says that they removed elements from the FNC but that the FNC is still in there…so why is he now saying that they didn’t consider the FNC when making the game? o.o

  • Yuntu

    How is that possible? Example: I`m 100% certain the Lucii (the people in the Ring) are the translation of the L’Cie/Fal’Cie etc. from the FNC into the current game. As in “the people that give power”. But they aren´t called that anymore (maybe they never meant to be called that? who knows what Nomura planned) and are just power givers.

    So they are remnants, atleast in my opinion, of the FNC being there once but aren´t connected to the FNC.

  • 4FFAN

    Well they are connected to the FNC…just not using the terminology of the FNC…That’s how I see it. I just don’t understand why he says that they didn’t consider the FNC if FNC elements are in the game you know…

  • Yuntu

    Because it doesn´t have any connection to the FNC.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    Mmmm he once said that you could still find some FNC elements in FFXV if you played attention (some like a easter egg or a 2nd reading i guess ) , so he is probably talking about that .

    Thx for the link btw.


    Next goal of the twitter campaign and we see the moogle movie:

  • 4FFAN

    Okay. I guess I’m just too dumb to understand what’s going on lol, whatever it doesn’t matter anyway. FFXV’s gonna be great.

  • Ryuke

    If FFXV is anywhere near The Witcher 3 in terms of quality then I’ll be so so happy! I really want it to be a hit, the series needs it. So yes, a similar post-launch support plan like TW3 would be ideal.

  • Member Berries: “Member when games when advertised like this? Member?”

  • •december