Initial Final Fantasy XV DLC detailed, online co-op mode announced By Alex Donaldson on October 27, 2016 at 10:16 AM

Square Enix has confirmed details about its Final Fantasy XV season pass, revealing its four main pieces of DLC including an online multiplayer expansion.

The first three pieces of DLC released for the game will follow members of the game’s core cast, finally giving players a chance to play as party members Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. The final piece will bring them together in an online multiplayer mode.

“The first intention is to take the three comrade characters we have in supporting roles in the main story, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto, and to make them each playable characters in their own right,” DLC Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari explained to us in a short interview for the announcement.

“We had a philosophy that the expansions that we’d release would be content that’d be valuable to the player and satisfying in its own right,” Sawatari added.

The first media for the first DLC, Episode Gladiolus, is out now. It’ll be the first DLC to release and will set the template for the others, significantly adjusting FF15’s gameplay to better fit each of the main cast while also including a new story chapter centered around that character with all-new locations.

“I can’t go into too much detail at the moment, but for Gladio we’re very much going to take him for a more full action game type feel,” Sawatari explains. “There’s a more hardcore action in the way he’s played. Ignis will be much more tactical – it’ll be a much more strategic approach to battle that you have to take with him. Prompto’s gameplay is going to be a lot closer to shooting game mechanics. That’s the rough direction you can expect.”

Sawatari took control of the DLC late in the summer when it became clear that the game wasn’t going to make its original release date. While director Hajime Tabata worked to polish the game with the main team, Sawatari and a special team splintered off to begin crafting the DLC chapters.

He couldn’t go into further detail on the multiplayer expansion or the format it would take, saying that the team was only just now figuring out exactly how to make it work. He also wouldn’t yet comment on the length of the single-player DLCs in detail.

“The way we look at creating the content and how much to create isn’t really about the length of time or creating so many hours of gameplay because of that wide user-base,” he said. “We really look at it from the perspective of making sure that we’ve got something that’s satisfying and an enjoyable experience for anyone who plays the game.”

Final Fantasy XV is out on November 29th. The Season Pass will be available right away, and will cost £19.99 / €24.99.

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  • Adam Hedquist

    Wow, this is awsome! Hopefully it’ll work and will be great 🙂

  • D.3ND

    Gonna start prepping my room to look like a movie theater because this is going to be a blockbuster.

  • No coop for me thanks. People can’t be trusted online.

  • Emorelle

    No interest in the online at all. Hopefully people realize this isn’t for the sp part of the game. its for monster hunting type mode.

  • strifev1

    Are you afraid the person will be a Nigerian Prince and hit you up for money after the game?

  • stevenm281

    I never coop with strangers, but why wouldnt you want to coop with friends?

  • No. When I played FF14 I tried to make friends and connect with people online. But instead people verbally and emotionally abused me. And lied to get what they wanted. Or said they would help me after I helped them but would ditch me once I helped them. People don’t care about most other people. Most people have small hearts and will use others just to stroke their egos.
    What hurts most is I thought back then I had friends but it was just a scam. Just because people talk to you doesn’t mean they care about you or like you.
    Same as real life.

  • Shaun Abdilla

    The PS1 era was a good time to be alive! A time were Final Fantasy games were 18 months apart with 5 to 10 great jrpg’s in between :/

  • strifev1

    That’s depressing.
    Sorry that happened to you. I’ve personally never had that experience but I usually play with people I know IRL. PUGs I generally use to get daily content done and NOT social interaction necessarily (although it happens from time to time) BUT that’s just how I play. I know a lot of players do use PUGs in that way but I’m fairly antisocial IRL so am the same way online.
    I feel expectations are key here. Don’t trust players and don’t expect much from them.

  • Strabos2333

    I’m starting to notice a lot of people here are very lonely and have no friends, lol….

    Isn’t that gonna make playing FF15 just more painful, with its themes of bromance and all?

  • strifev1

    It’ll make my own IRL bromance even stronger!

  • I understand. It hurt. But I know better now. Given my personality I’m better off by myself. I’m not really an internet or co-op guy.

  • auronrenouille

    I and many others play FF14 and, while there’s surely no shortage of nutballs online, to imply that the majority of the community are verbal and emotional abusers is erroneous at best. Frankly, that’s edging into paranoia.

    Guess what – it’s an MMO. Duty Finder exists for a reason. Don’t expect everybody on your server to sit around waiting for you to queue content. If you want to find a group of friends with whom you can progress in lockstep, make a raid group. We did, with clear rules about not doing endgame content independently. It takes time and effort (and maybe a little help to control that paranoia) but you too can find friends and create groups of like-minded individuals. If you can’t, don’t blame society at large.

  • Its been my experience that people who say they’re you’re friend aren’t always your friend. Competition and teaming up proves it. I run into “friends” who like to scream “get good you fuck up” or only are interest in getting all the best gear for themselves. I even knew a roommate that when he’s playing offline won’t equip his NPC party members well just to keep all the gear on the character that represented him. His reason “I’m the only one that matters.” Smh competition breeds selfishness. And people find it easy to be greedy.

  • Randy Marsh

    The FFXIV community has some pretty rotten apples, believe me I’ve met with a majority of them for nearly 3 years, Diabolos (oh god) and Gilgamesh are full of them. However, they are not a majority, they’re only a minority. You should make the effort to make friends that aren’t complete jerks, you’ll find them eventually. I won’t lie, it takes time, took me nearly 2 years of playing.Take this from a person who was just back stabbed by friends in the game recently over stupid crap. It is best to just delete them on your friends list, never look back, and just move on from the negativity.

    It also matters the server and data center you pick, never pick Primal (no offense primal people) if you’re aiming to find friends, their servers aside from Behemoth and Ultros aren’t full of angry hardcore wannabes. Personally Aether is better, since Gilgamesh, Goblin, Faerie (if you can dig the awesome lbgt people on there and their freaking fantastic macros), and yes even Balmung, have some nice people that are easy to talk to imo.

    Back to the subject, just remember not everyone online is this big burgling monster. Being paranoid over a bad experience will be no help either.. Just remember, there’s nice people online, you have to find them and attempt to be their friend.

  • stevenm281

    I’m not talking about online friends, I’m talking about RL friends.

  • No I’m not saying the majority of people online or on 14 are abusive. I mean the people I kept running into were. I went to two different servers and met the same kind of selfish cruel people.
    One guy mocked me till I quit his guild. Then mocked me even after I left. Why? Because he could.That’s what trolls do.
    In order to move thru the net you gotta be able to move thru a room full of vultures. You gotta turn off all compassion and just be ready to fuck over people nonstop. My failing is I give a shit and I give people the benefit of the doubt.

  • Yuntu

    Well that time will never come again. Game development is way more complex nowadays and the japanese console industry decreases each year.

  • auronrenouille

    I’ve done pretty well on FF14 without “fucking over people nonstop.” Look inward and defeat your own cynicism and then you might do better at being social.

  • Yeah. My roommate is a type of person who gets competitive and controling. My siblings used to play along side me but they got their own friends now and said I just used video games as a ploy to separate them from their friends. And my coworkers don’t play Tales or FF or YS or SMT games. They mostly play shooters like my roommate. So they mock things like martial arts and magic and swords. Especially when it’s a chubby black guy who’s into that instead of basketball or football.

  • I’m not giving up on people. I’m just gonna stick to what I can rely on. 1 player RPGs aren’t about competition. It’s about story and loot. So there no need to brag or obsess. If someone wants to talk about an FF or Tales game I’ll befriend them no problem. But if they wanna mock me for losing to Ultemecia because I’m apparently a “shitty” gamer, then no. I’ll look elsewhere.

  • Strabos2333

    I also hope that Co-Op mode includes more than just the bros as playable characters. I NEED to tear shit up as Cor!

  • Its not cynicism. I treat people with respect and extend hands of friendship. People see that. Use me. Toss me aside and laugh it off as “how things are”. I’m telling you not everyone is like that but the ones I met did that to me. I’m better off playing single player games until I make mature compassionate real life friends with similar interests.

  • stevenm281

    yeah, only three persons I know like FF, I wish it would be more popular than those damn shooters.

  • Noctis

    who wants to add me on psn? Of course we will play coop after the game is finished so I don`t see a problem 🙂

  • NoctLightCloud

    What exactly is a season pass? I’ve never bought any DLCs so far (I refused to feed the DLC-industry as I want them to release full games, not patching them afterwards), would someone mind explaining it to me?^^ I might make an exception and buy these DLCs.


    i think season pass means that all upcoming DLC’s for a specific season are included.
    its often cheaper than buying one DLC after an other

  • stevenm281

    a Season Pass grants you access to some DLC as a bundle of sorts.

    The FF15 Season Pass includes 4 or 5 DLC I think, not sure, there is one for each party member which offer the player to take control of the character for their story episode, each character story episode offer different gameplay mechanics. The last DLC is the Coop Online Experience. You can purchase the Season Pass for 25$.

    Each of those DLC, if purchased seperately, would probably be 7-15$ each, so the pass is always a great option for someone that wants to buy many DLC.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Thank you for taking your time to answer. So the season pass does not include all DLCs, but just a few chosen ones? So no car skins, clothes, nor weapons? Only the things as listed above?:O

  • NoctLightCloud

    I see, thank you. Is there usually a time frame for season passes (since they’re called seasonal) or can I also purchase it in, say, January next year?^^

  • stevenm281

    Season Passes, from my experience never offer cosmetics/weapons, etc., its always story related or new areas, etc.

  • stevenm281

    Not really, I can still purchase some passes on PSN from games that released years ago

  • NoctLightCloud

    New areas even? :O now that’s a must-buy. I see, thank you for explaining it to me. 🙂

  • stevenm281

    I meant in general, it doesnt mean that FF15 will offer that.

    Altho in the article they say that the characters’ story episode will feature new locations.

  • 4FFAN


  • Justice V

    Depends really. Some games have reaally crappy season passes, others are great. XV’s season pass definitely seems worth it. Previously it was listed as including
    Expansion pack (no idea what that is)
    Holiday pack
    Gladio episode
    Ignis episode
    Prompto episode
    Online expansion (which we now know is a multi player feature)

    For $25 I feel like it’s def worth it. Basically the 3 episodes alone are worth it, unless each one is only 5 mins long.

  • Justice V

    Can’t wait to get the Gladio episode.

  • It’s a sign of the times. People don’t care about story and characters anymore. Not many of them. That’s why I get called a loser for liking Wild ARMS and Grandia but it’s cool to play Call of Duty or Halo or Super Smash Bros. Not long ago, anyone serious about games was a dork or nerd. Now people draw lines in the sand and pretend there are “cool” nerds and “uncool” nerds. Which brings me back to me point: Anytime I can walk into a college anime club and get the cold shoulder cuz I don’t play Soul Calibur I know I better off being by myself. Online or Off. At least until I find real people who can give a shit about others.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I see, interesting choice of name then for the pass xD

  • Jesus Christ

    The sound of co-op is exciting. I want KH to be co-op too. have a friend be goofy donald, mickey or disney movie character

  • Keirii

    I would be buying that season pass as well.

  • Keirii

    I would like to.

  • Noctis

    Noctisx8500 add me 😉