New Kingdom Hearts III screenshots reveal Guard Form By Wazi the pa on October 27, 2016 at 11:43 AM

Paris Games Week 2016 continues to excite Kingdom Hearts fans as Square Enix revealed a brand new drive form for Sora in the third numbered entry in the series.

Known as the ‘Guard Form’, the first shot showcase Sora transforming and utilising his Hercules themed Keyblade, which has been shown previously. The company stated the power form, shown in the second shot, was edited as the keyblade is from a world that has yet to be officially announced, so it has been changed into a hammer shape to prevent any reveal of spoilers or surprises.


Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As always, stay tuned to Nova Crystallis for all the latest.

  • Randy Marsh

    Oh my god, yes! So glad drive forms aren’t being kicked out of Kingdom Hearts III, awesome to see them finally making a comeback.

  • All Seeing Eye

    Final Form pleeeeeease come back!

  • Lord Shiru

    That would be amazing πŸ™‚ !

  • Strabos2333

    I was always more partial to Master form lol. Master + Berserk = IT NEVER ENDS!

  • Justice V

    Hammer? Unannounced world? Thor and Marvel world confirmed? Hehe jk.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Which worlds have been confirmed until now?

  • Randy Marsh

    Only confirmed ones are Tangled and Big Hero 6 officially. However trailers have shown Twilight Town and the world of Hercules outside of the Olympus Coliseum arena.

  • Jesus Christ

    Ah my love!

    And here is a complaint… evironment is barren as always LOL

  • Hopefully like in KH1 they’ll be a hub world with people in it. They really need to make more towns lively in KH games. It would hurt to at least have 10 people in a one town per world.

  • Final form was pure greatness. I always loved having that in 2. The floating zen-like KB swings were a nice touch.

  • I wanna see Lighting, Ace and Noctis in the tournament fights.

  • Jesus Christ

    I mean no birds? butterflies? No tumbleweed? It’s just land with colors. It’s vibrant but it’s so barren. It’s not as cool as I wish it should be!

  • I gotta agree. Its ps4 they have the tech now to do more. KH always feels like a big playground mixed together with a theater stage. But towns should still have life.

  • Jesus Christ

    Id even say twilight town had little life. I suspect they will have the same thing for KHiii and we all just have to suck it up

  • If it’s any consolation, I think that it won’t be a repeat of Twilight or Traverse town as the hub world at least.

  • Jesus Christ

    Well one thing for sure I know traverse own gonna make a come back just bigger and more color and more barren in most places. Just the entrance with… a few people LOL

  • Theresajmitchell

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  • It seemed like a total waste to do Traverse Town again in Dream Drop but only to have the WEWY cast running around in it and never talking to people in the town. You only see scenes with them. There’s no shops or inns to visit them at for sidequests or something. Nevermind none of them ever really fight. No spell, no martial arts, no weapons. It’s like they were just running around Traverse like it was a big playground and playing with Dreameaters. SMH For this they nix full towns and FF hero interaction?

  • Jesus Christ

    I’m glad we’re on the same boat. We’ll, I’m on clouds. You’re on… Earth. But yes, I concur. This has been my complaints since KHII. I let KHI slide cause it was the first one and let Chain of memories slide too cause you know… GBA? But they could’ve added more people in KHII.

    Funny thin gis that whenever I brought this up in the past, hardcore KH fans assume I want the game to be like GTA level people… NO. But I don’t want extreme of bareness that KHII gave me. KH3DDD was embarrassing as well.

    I’m asking for simple things that make the scenery look alive in a game cartoonish world. IS that so much to ask? Square Enix perfect water movement looking nice, OK now add more things. I can understand some restrictions in adding new characters or areas with lots of people in disney specific worlds because that may not fit in that world, but at least make more of an effort in original worlds in traverse, twilight. There’s no more excuse. Don’t tell me PS4 can’t handle it and then you look at GTA V (again, not asking for GTA level, not come on, freshen it up)

  • NoctLightCloud

    Awesome news! I’d also love to see Radiant Garden and Traverse Town again^^

  • Them assuming you wanted GTA is a serious conclusion leap. A couple dozen NPC wouldn’t kill Square. Especially when they have scenes like in Dream Drop show Quasimodo in a PARADE but you see NO TOWNS PEOPLE. All games since should have NPCs. And not just in one town.

    Think back to Rogue Galaxy by Level 5 on PS2 and now on PS4 PSN. It had towns you could fight in. And when a fight happened the NPCs vanished. Then came back when the fight was over. If too many graphics in one place is the issue, there’s the solution right there. And Level 5 did that BACK ON PS2!

  • Randy Marsh

    Radiant Garden is most likely a must, since the rebuilding was barely going into full motion since the MCP was replaced with Tron at the end of the game. Also Squall, Aerith, Cid, and Yuffie are kind of Sora’s go to gang for advice and leads when it comes to plot stuff. Squall receiving his letter with a pair of wings at the end of KH2 also means they’re not over with just yet.

    Traverse Town is 50/50, just depends if it has a purpose to be in the game.

  • Jesus Christ

    “Dream Drop show Quasimodo in a PARADE but you see NO TOWNS PEOPLE” This is what Im talking about. Like really, Square? Where are they after the cutscene? It’s so stupid and cheap. They are cheap seeing how they can’t get new theme songs. They gotta remix or reuse it’s so embarassing.

    If I complain too much I’m not a fan, so stupid.

  • I get that too. Its hard convincing people that you’re a fan even tho you hate something a dev did is rough. I guess Square wants us to just pretend townspeople are there. Use our imagination. But now its KH3. Nomura spoke of wanting to show the keyblade war. That’s gonna look like a Musou Dynasty warriors game if they do that. Now imaging what they pretend is a “war” ends up just being u people on screen. No way.
    I want KH3 almost as much as FF7R or XV or 16. But I know they’re not gonna do but so much. Its become mostly showing off Disney and then at the end of each game it focuses on the original characters. It’ll never be about NPCs and towns and traverse a huge city.

  • Jesus Christ

    Sigh, sad but true.

    And it’s important to note I’m willing to accept “birds” “butterflies” or a darn “tumbleweed” (well, the last one is a joke because seeing a tumbleweed means it’s barren as heck LOL). I mean, just make the environment alive! The gameplay in which supposed Sora going to Repunzel is very vibrant in color with that water flowing, but like…. other than “heartless”… no “natural” beings there?!

    Now i can totally understand places that shouldn’t have a lot of people. For example, where Yen Sid lives. That place is understandable secluded, but of course I don’t ever bring that up as a complaint to be it more lively. I’m more concern about twilight town and traverse town. They clearly have more freedom with original KH worlds and towns and add NPCs there and make it fun.

  • Marilynlcaraballo2

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  • Swallow a swollen shlong.