New screenshots detailing magic, summons and more for Final Fantasy XV By James Stine on October 27, 2016 at 2:41 PM

We’re in the final stretch leading up to Final Fantasy XV‘s release in just four weeks now. For those of you that can’t get enough information, 4Gamer has released a set of new screenshots and details regarding a few of the game’s systems.

Elemental Magic

The three basic elemental magics are Fire, Thunder and Blizzard. You can absorb these all over the world and craft them into throwable items using Magic Flasks. By combining your magic with items, you gain additional effects such as recovering health, or curing negative status effects. Noctis isn’t the only one who can use this type of magic either. Your party members can be equipped with elemental magic in their sub-weapon slot. There are hundreds of combinations to explore when crafting magic. Go out and collect magic and try to craft your own.

Ring Magic

By wearing the royal Lucii ring, Noctis can cast different spells such as the recently announced Death spell seen here. Using Death on an enemy will slowly drain their HP as well as causing their body to shrivel up into nothingness, leaving no trace of them behind… quite disturbing!


When night falls, dangerous creatures known as “Daemons” come out to play. Familiar monsters in the series such as the Bomb and Iron Giant are just a few of the ones you’ll find. These enemies are quite tough, boasting high HP and attack power. It’s best to just run away when you see them until you’re high enough level to take them on.


There are a few ways that Noctis and the gang can get around in Eos. With fast travel, you can quickly travel to any of your previous destinations. Comes in handy when time is of the essence. Left the Regalia behind to go exploring? Just give Cindey a call, and she’ll drive it out to you for a fee.


Summons only appear in various areas of the world, and will change their attack based on where you are. Titan’s attack “Gaia’s Wrath” for example normally will smash the ground around him, but when Noctis is out of reach, he will throw a massive boulder instead. Ramuh’s “Judgement Bolt” thrusts his spear into the ground when Noctis is nearby, but will throw it when you’re in another area. Then there’s Carbuncle’s “Ruby Light” which works a bit differently. Carbuncle being a smaller summon can appear wherever Noctis is. Carbuncle can restore your HP as well as giving you attack and defense boosts. Carbuncle’s buff can be seen in the party list, as well as with Ruby colored particles floating above Noct’s head.


Everyone loves Moogles, right? This time around, the ever popular Moogle is a stuffed doll. If you’re surrounded by enemies, just throw a Moogle at them. Enemies seem to go crazy over these things and start attacking them mercilessly. When under the effect of the Moogle, enemies will glow red. Whether or not it’s out of anger or affection is up to you to decide. These Moogle decoys are perfect to round up a group of enemies to set them all on fire.

The Town of Lestallum

Lestallum is an industrial town powered by the nearby Astral shard and is home to many people. The city is full of life both day and night with many people to talk to or shops to visit. With back alley ways to explore to the open market place and even vendors to buy food like meat kabobs.

4Gamer also details the newly released Omen trailer which you can watch and learn more about over here on our site.

Final Fantasy XV has just gone gold and will be releasing worldwide November 29th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Fingers crossed. Bahamut Yojimbo Diabolos and Fenrir.

  • I’m gonna give Noctis lightning. Ignis fire. Prompto ice and Gladio just weapons since he’s a tank. He’ll get all heavy weapons while Igz will get knives and fire spells. Prompto gun and tech and ice spells. Noctis lighting knjves shield and sword and katana. Maybe spear.

  • D.3ND

    Bahamut was been confirm weeks ago.


    well confirmed ones:
    – Ifrit
    – Shiva
    – Titan
    – Ramuh
    – Leviathan
    – Carbuncle
    – Bahamut

    On the Amoura artwork we may see Odin, too.
    But tabata said that in FFXV there wont be as many summons as in other FF’s like FF8 for example.

    its more “quality” instead of quantity. As there will be always battles against these before you can obtain them. Each of them (except carbuncle) will present a boss fight.

  • Yuntu

    Bahamut is gonna be straight fire. Gonna look glorious~

  • Mark Ty

    I don’t want to be a party pooper guys, but, are we gonna ignore the fact that the game got crashed during the Midgar Zolom fight? Even though the game is already golden? I’m just worried. I want this game to be a success.

  • Any confirmation of these screenshots being taken from the normal PS4? Because they look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

  • I need pics. So much ends up as just rumors. Like we still don’t know HOW you summon. Do you still have to wait till you on the verge of death like before?

  • JLV

    It’s from a dev pc. The button icons pretty much gave it away. The ones from Paris Games Week should be indicative of the final look of the game.

  • JLV

    We all wanted the game to be a success. But there’s this thing about open world game, it’s already hard enough to make one, but debugging one is another whole level of headache. Here’s my take, like it or not, a patch is a certainty in games like this, just hope it’s a minor glitch or bug. They stated that the console overheated, if it is due external factors, like bad ventilation, heat from the stage or something, then it’s nothing. But if the game is proven too much for the console to bear, then they can dial down on the graphics so that playtime (and console lifetime) do not need to be sacrificed.

  • XenoSilvano

    Fire, Ice, Lightning… ehh, where the hell is water!?

    I am not digging what the FINAL FANTASY XV development team did with the Latin script, the way that the letters are formed is a pain to read, they went and mixed uppercase and lowercase letters

  • StrikeParchment

    Apparently it was the console overheating not the game itself. If the game crashed the screen would go blue with an error message, instead the entire console just shut off. Which makes sense, it was on a small stage with bright and hot lights, the console in a tiny box.

  • StrikeParchment

    They’ve been pretty secretive about how summons work. But yes, Bahamut has been confirmed. In several gameplay footage of the first chapter when the party reaches the Quay there’s a book on a bench that lists down 7 Astrals, the ones BLUBBER mentions.

  • Yeah I knew it mentioned him. But like Leviathen he’s never been shown being summoned. I really hope all summon don’t pop up only when you’re dying

  • Theresajmitchell

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  • Marilynlcaraballo2

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  • DimariaXV

    The button icons pretty much gave it away

    Which ones? They look like normal PS4 button icons.

  • JLV

    In the PS4 build, the button for the “L” and “R” has always been listed as “L1” in a blacks square, and “R1”. And the button icons in the menu as well is different. Watch Polygon’s or GameInformer or Eurogamer’s (the best in my opinion) preview video. Kinda spoiler-y but the graphics did improve from the “Master version” and could be indicative of the final build. The Paris Games Week stream (sadly no 1080p) seems to have improvements as well.

  • Damn, now i need a machine gun or a rocket launcher in the front of regalia cuz smashing deamons at night with your car isn’t a good idea unless the car is strong enough..also need a grappler hook to give enemies a ride in the sky on regalia..:3
    btw meat kabobs lol? isn’t that meat kababs? XD