Star Ocean: anamnesis gets a teaser trailer, first screenshots and details By Erren Van Duine on October 20, 2016 at 9:56 AM

Square Enix has opened the official site for Star Ocean: anamnesis, a free-to-play title due out for smartphones in 2016. The site features a look at the game’s battle system, which is said to be even further evolved from the series’ mainstay.

Using high-definition visuals similar to a home console, Star Ocean: anamnesis offers up intuitive controls allowing for easy use of its action systems. You can swipe to move around the field, tap to initiate an attack and flick to evade enemies.

Of course, you’ll have a number of skills to use during battle as well. When your gauge fills up you can trigger a Rush Combo – an ability that can be activated in parallel with the number of members in your party. The game also features up to four-player multiplayer, a first for the series.

Star Ocean: anamnesis is set during Space Date 539. The following synopsis has been provided on the official site:

Two years after the battle over spacetime symbols—. The post-war clean-up of the Pangalactic Federation and Kronos was completed smoothly, and the Federation had been enjoying peaceful harmony. Meanwhile, the Federation-owned GFSS-3214F exploration battleship, which was exploring deep space, was struck by tragedy.

On the way home from its exploration mission, the ship was assaulted by three ships that appeared to be pirate battleships and the hull suffered great damage. Much of the crew fled the battle via escape pods, but the captain, who remained behind to protect the ship, made the decision to activate the emergency hyperspace warp. The warp, carried out simultaneously with a gravity turn, failed. Wrapped in a dazzling light, the captain’s consciousness was engulfed in darkness.

The captain awakens in a galaxy far away from the Federation’s jurisdiction, on a planet where wastelands extend as far as the eye can see. After first investigating the area outside the battleship to understand the situation, the captain encounters a woman being chased by a dangerous creature in what was thought to be an uninhabited wasteland. They get driven into a corner, but manage to escape to the planet’s satellite orbit thanks to the woman expending the limits of her power to use her warrior summons symbology. The captain sets a course for Earth, which seems to be infinitely distant. With not even enough energy to put up a shield. And a woman who uses an unknown symbology.

Via: Gematsu.