Tabata: Final Fantasy XV will have better graphics on PS4 Pro By Erren Van Duine on October 25, 2016 at 4:56 PM

Final Fantasy XV will look better on the PlayStation 4 Pro, director Hajime Tabata revealed. Speaking with French website Gameblog (translated by Nicolas), fans were given a small idea of what to expect at launch – including better visuals.

According to Tabata, it wasn’t long ago they came to know the PS4 Pro. As a result they really haven’t had time to take full advantage of the new hardware. At the moment they haven’t been able to show something satisfying.

Continuing, Tabata says they still have time to work on it and can assure fans a Pro patch will be available when Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29. He says the game will be optimized for the console and will be even more beautiful.

But what about the version we saw at TGS? That footage was from a demo made specifically for that event that focused only on graphical improvements. The game itself was not really improved, only the cosmetics. In the final Pro version, Tabata says there’s even more changes to come and clearly the PS4 Pro version of the game will be better visually.

So basically the team did what they could with the time they had, but the final version will be even better.

  • alef321

    obviously , only downers and booers would say otherwise.

  • stevenm281

    I’m slightly tired of every article contradicting themselves,

    First, they say that the Pro version will be released alongside the basic version.
    Second, they say that only 4k and HDR will be compatible at release due not having time to work on the Pro version, and a patch will come at a later date.

    Now, they say that they still got time before the release to make it work…

    Can they just make up their freaking mind?

    I just don’t know if I should order the Pro now, or wait at this point, its so confusing.

  • Adam Hedquist

    I’ll buy the pro so this is good news, so…YAY 🙂

  • Noctis Pendragon

    They didn’t say they still got time before release to make it work , it is a mistranslation .

    The original article says that they had a small time (but enough) to work on a PS4P day one patch .

    Franckly , Tabata keeps repeating the exact same thing but as long as he doesn’t say what people want to hear they will keep asking the same question .

    The game will have 4K+HDR as the main improvements at release but they plan to do more latter , that’s it .

  • But I thought the whole point of the Pro was for better graphics. Of course it would look better on PS4 Pro, right?

  • Justice V

    That’s surprising. I thought the TGS video was just a “what it could be” type of video demonstration, not that it was actually anything real.

  • popo123

    You shouldn’t really compare translations of people with each other as they will differ most of the time. The interviews have all been in Japanese and lots of people are translating them differently or with slight differences. So no, Tabata hasn’t really been contradicting himself. It’s the translations that are confusing people.

  • mario9785ify

    Same here and kingdom hearts is gonna look better on pro also

  • highsky00

    That’s the point of PS4 Pro anyway.
    I’m still hesitant about getting Pro. Mainly because i only have a 1080i TV ,it’s not even p.

  • Vallen

    I’m not sure they should be advertising this game for a system that not many people will buy. They should focus on pushing out the regular game. By saying the regular game is uglier than the pro version will lead some people to “wait on buying it sometime in the future when they upgrade to the Pro to get the best experience” – and that isn’t what SE wants. Even as it is, this game is walking the slippery slope of being a financial failure, they really should focus on the systems that everyone has

  • Martian Wong

    You don’t say .

  • Thor Mjolnirs

    I’d rather have better performance over better visuals.

  • highsky00

    PS PRO will provide both.

  • MR J

    「that focused only on graphical improvements. The game itself was not really improved」
    What dose it mean?

  • Yuntu

    And more power will do that.

  • Yuntu

    No gameplay changes.

  • Yuntu

    They just did an interview. That isn´t marketing by any means.

    (and the Pro will have good sales)

  • dbclick

    I hope the PS4 Pro patch will have lots of 1080p mode enhancements as well. They can put more graphical effects in 1080p than spending the cycles on rendering a pseudo-4K image for 4K TVs.

  • Ridthysak Serey

    So will it look better even on 1080p TV or just for 4K?

  • Breathless

    Ugh. How about just getting to release already? I just wanna play the game, not read about yet another Pro-related comment (which in itself contains pretty much obvious information anyway). Or watch yet more “footage” from yet another “current build” – as nice as those probably are, they’ve spoiled the entire first few hours of the game already.
    Not to sound ungrateful or anything, just. You know. Delayed so much already, and all these “news” and new releases don’t exactly bring anything “new” to table, just stirring the pot that doesn’t even need stirring.

  • It’ll look better in 1080p than in 4k, actually. Just less crisp.

  • Thor Mjolnirs
  • alee

    This is not a multiplayer game and I could care less about them honestly.

  • alee

    lol, ya if I didn’t have a 4k tv I probably would wait but I do so I got it pre ordered.

  • alee

    That’s what I got but a ton of sites are reporting that they won’t have a PS4 Pro patch day 1.

  • Ridthysak Serey

    Better color lighting?

  • Noctis Pendragon

    I don’t know why these websites say that , it is written no where .

  • KrazyBean

    OK…so what I heard was that the Pro version will look the same visually but be 4K/HDR compatible. Now they’re saying that the game will look better as a whole on the Pro even on 1080p displays I assume.

    Should I get the Pro or not?? LOL. I’m getting confused now.

  • Caliburn

    Being 4K compatible does not mean being able to render 4K. The PS4 Pro could never render a game like FFXV at 4K. At most, it simply upscales it. Which is only slightly better than the original resolution. What will be improved is probably things like lighting, shading, performance (hopefully) and a few other minor graphical improvements.

  • Caliburn

    I hope they focus on better performance over better visuals. I would love to play this game in 60 fps.

  • highsky00

    More sharp .Because the Pro will render a higher resolution than 1080p then downscale it to fit a 1080p screen. So the visual quality will be much better than native 1080p.

  • highsky00

    Final Fantasy XV doesnt have multiplayer mode .I thought you were talking about FFXV only.

  • Mako

    yeah im not getting ps4 pro for multiplayer. ill get a pc for that.

  • Yuntu

    That “only slightly better” in resolution is wrong. The PS4 Pro uses checkerboard upscaling which basically fakes a 4K resolution and looks pretty darn impressive.

  • Yuntu

    60FPS isn´t possible with the Pro and this game.

  • Caliburn


  • Caliburn

    Well… slightly better in comparison to real 4k.

  • Yuntu

    CPU bottlenecks it.

    No chance for that unless they heavily downgrade the graphics from the basic PS4 version.

  • Yuntu

    Compared to real 4K it still looks really good.

    Especially if you sit further away from the screen (which you should with a 4K TV) many people probably can´t tell the difference.

  • Caliburn

    That’s a shame. Do you have a source for that?

  • Caliburn

    Many people can’t tell the difference between 1080p and 4k either. Both are really crisp. Honestly, I’d much rather have better preformance than better visuals. But that’s just my preference. Then again, there’s no good reason why we can’t have have the option to choose.

  • Yuntu

    No. Atleast nothing specific for XV.

    But there is open information about the PS4 Pro, the thing it boosts the most is its GPU. For better performance you mostly need a stronger CPU, which is only the normal overclocked one from the old PS4 – as in you can´t go crazy with the framerate.

    The Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 edition is a good example, they can hit 40-50 fps, but much more isn´t in there. And they only got it that well running because they put time and effort into that version, something XV right now doesn´t have (as stated by Tabata here in the article for example).

  • Caliburn

    I will admit to not being a computer expert, but I do know some things. And everything I know about computer hardware says that doesn’t make sense. It is true that a bad CPU can be a bottleneck for performance, but that is mostly in loading data or simulating physics/assets. The GPU handles mostly everything else in a game, and is the most important aspect of a gaming computer, (and thus a console). It is what renders the image, process most if not all the visual effects, and is the main workhorse when it comes to frames per second. You would need to have a crappy CPU indeed for it to be a bottleneck for your fps, and even then it can be overcome by clever coding. After all, a gpu can in theory do everything a cpu can (and vice versa), as they are both micro-computers. They’re just good at different things.

  • Caliburn

    It will look better on a 4k tv…

  • Yuntu

    That´s true.

    But to be blunt: The CPU in the X1 and PS4 are both really weak. Digital Foundry has some videos on that diving into deeper detail than I ever could if you are curious. One of the things I can tell you though is that consoles work differently than PCs, that´s why games like Uncharted 4 are even possible to run that stable at 30FPS with those graphics on the hardware. Even though their architecture is similiar nowadays, they can use some tricks due to every console having the same specs.

    I think they explained it like this: If you want to double the framerate (in the case of XV, because it aims 30) you would need double the CPU and GPU power if you dont want to lose in visual quality. Because you render twice the frames which puts a lot of stress on the hardware.

    But who knows maybe Cerny from Sony comes up with some vodoo magic and makes it happen. This is all theory after all as no one really got to play around with the Pro or rather see finished results.

  • Vallen

    I agree about the interview part. However, the pro will not have “good sales” – they might be ‘okay’ at best, but the 40million people who own a ps4 will not upgrade, they will be lucky if even a quarter upgrade. So their main seller will still be the regular ps4

  • Yuntu

    Of course their main seller will be the normal PS4.

    Doesn´t mean the Pro won´t do good. Sony doesn´t expect it to be their main thing and that´s not what I´m implying when I say it will have good sales.

  • If you have a HDR Screen, then yeah, the colours will be more accurate. But Graphical Fidelity will be better on the Pro in 1080p.

  • FranBell

    Just wait for the inevitable PC version if you want either native 4K or 60fps coupled with the visual improvements.

  • Caliburn

    Sigh… fine. I didn’t really believe the Pro would be strong enough to begin with. :/ I hope they won’t wait too long to release it on PC.

  • Nodzi

    I’ll have to side with Yuntu on this one. The CPU won’t bottleneck performance on most linear games, since it’s almost solely responsible for copying data from the HDD to the GPU and RAM, but with open world games such as FFXV you’ll get immense stuttering when you’re moving fast or driving since it copies the objects and textures in real time. I don’t understand why Sony is using such an old CPU for the pro. On more linear games that loads the entire level before hand, you’ll have longer loading times, but the performance should be pretty good.

  • stevenm281

    “According to Tabata, it wasn’t long ago they came to know the PS4 Pro.
    As a result they really haven’t had time to take full advantage of the
    new hardware.”

    Yet, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal (Square Enix’s subsidiaries) knew about it for a long enough time to make their Pro version ready for the PS4 Pro’s launch…

    I mean, if Tabata and co. don’t have time, it’s one thing, but telling us they didn’t know about it, we ain’t fools.

  • Joel. monserrate

    Yeah I happen to agree with you on that I’m playing 4K movies on my Xbox slim and they don’t look that much better than a regular Blu-ray disc so I guess the same applies to games

  • AMO

    The GTX 1080 can’t even do 4k with locked 60FPS…..what kind of PC do you have that will run FFXV at that power? Maybe by the time FFXV comes out on PC it’ll be cheap enough to own 2 1080’s and perhaps then it can be done.

  • AMO
  • Caliburn

    Great! I hope they manage it. Oh, and that ‘without dropping’ is completely bs. All games more complex than pokemon drop frames.

  • ✪ Super Space Marine ✪

    “Without dropping” is not BS. If a game runs at 70FPS for example and drops to 60FPS here and there, then you won’t notice any of it if the game gets locked at 60FPS. So if the game is properly optimized and the hardware allowed it then 60FPS without dropping is manageable.

  • Caliburn

    That would be the case if you could run the game at several times the multitude of your monitor. Mark my words: It will drop frames.