World of Final Fantasy: A Beginner’s Guide By Tony Garsow on October 25, 2016 at 10:21 PM

World of Final Fantasy is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America, and I thought I’d share some basic entry-level tips for your journey through Grymoire. The game has a truckton of Mirages to collect and train, as well as a variety of bosses and battle challenges to face. Check ’em out below:

Catch ’em all, level some

There are many Mirages to collect in World of Final Fantasy, and all of them come with their own unique ability loadout. Many of them can transform into more powerful forms (transfigurations), but it doesn’t play out exactly like you’d expect.

For example, let’s say you have a precious Babyhemoth and you unlock all the nodes on its Mirage Board, then you imprism a fresh Behemoth and/or collect its prism. You’ll be able to go back to your Babybehemoth’s Mirage Board and unlock a transfiguration for Behemoth. Why bother with this instead of levelling up a new Mirage? Well, some upgrades and abilities will be shared no matter what active transfiguration a Mirage has, and you’ll get more mileage out of one that can be useful in various sizes.

Transfigging a Mirage can be done from any save point or gate by choosing to access Seraphie’s prism case.my-great-capture-screenshot-2016-10-25-19-54-41

Don’t forget the benchwarmers

Reynn and Lann can take 10 mirages with them in their active party, however, any Mirage that is not in an active stack will gain a flat 8% of the total experience point pool earned at the end of battle. Any Mirage that you leave with Serafie in your Prism Case back home won’t get squat, so if you’re looking for an easy way to level up a diverse amount of Mirages, sticking them in your reserve will pay off in the long run.

Unlock Support Abilities and Mirajewels

In the field, you’ll run into a variety of obstacles that will require special Mirage abilities to traverse. These support abilities can be purchased with SP in the Mirage Board. It’s a good idea to make a beeline for these abilities so that you can reach a wealth of treasure chests that often accompany these obstacles.

Mirajewels allow Lann and Reynn to equip magic or support abilities without the help of their Mirage stacks. I’d recommend unlocking these as soon as possible to start building your collection, so that you can keep all your bases covered when it comes to exploiting elemental weakness (and easier prismtunities).

Keep the fridge stocked

While your Mirages have a lot of abilities, you might find that certain enemies will have certain imprism conditions that might not match your current arsenal. That’s why it’s a good idea to swing by Chocolatte’s perch back in Nine Wood Hills and grab some usable items. Different tiers of elemental-based items have the same potency as your “-ra” and “-ga” type spells, so a little down payment is a wise choice for when you find yourself far from an exit point. I personally found status inflicting items to be quite useful for prismtunities that require it — opting to use these and shooting for more offensive abilities in the Mirage Board. Items don’t cost AP to use in battle, and in some tough fights, you’ll need every last point you can get.

Fill in those Blank Spaces

This is yet another way to pad your Mirages’ ability set. On the Mirage Board you can unlock these for 2 SP a pop, and once you do, you’ll be able to place abilities inside them with the help of Seeds. These can be found on your travels or purchased from Chocolatte. Every ability slot available to you counts — especially if you’re just one away from unlocking powerful “-ga” tier magic. If you should change your mind down the road, know that you can erase and replace any ability set in the Blank Space. No sweat.

Defend is your friend

When you act in battle, your position on the ATB guage will return to the bottom. However, if you Defend, it’ll only descend half the ATB gauge’s length. When facing tough enemies, you can use this tactic to build up some AP before a powerful attack comes your way — effectively acting twice while an enemy is waiting. Finding ways to use Defend to conserve AP, little by litle over time, will help out in long fights. The more AP you have available to you, the damage you can pull off between enemy turns.

What tips would you like to share about World of Final Fantasy? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below! You can also check out our review here.