Final Fantasy XV Battle+Map and Scenario Ultimania guides due out December 28 By Erren Van Duine on November 21, 2016 at 9:43 AM

Square Enix is preparing their latest set of Ultimania guides, due out in Japan on December 28. Focusing on Final Fantasy XV, fans can pick up two different guides featuring a “Scenario” or “Battle+Map” side of the project.

The Scenario book tops out at 608 pages and features a number of sections dedicated to the game’s story. For example, there’s a section on world and characters, scenario, sub-quests, the Regalia mini-games and more. The book also contains a lengthy interview with director Hajime Tabata and the art team, along with other development staff Q&A.

On the Battle+Map side, fans can look forward to 752 pages and several chapters on battle characters, the battle system, enemy lists, the game’s map and other bonuses like a trophy guide. This book also contains an interview with the battle team along with a fold-out poster featuring a map of Lucis.

Both guides are currently up for pre-order now on the Square Enix store and Amazon Japan. We’ve provided their cover art below.

Final Fantasy XV Ultimania -Scenario SIDE-
Final Fantasy XV Ultimania -Battle+Map SIDE-