Final Fantasy XV details Leviathan, character skills, guest characters and more in new screenshots By Erren Van Duine on November 18, 2016 at 4:30 AM

With less than two weeks until release, Square Enix has gone up with new screenshots detailing several new aspects of Final Fantasy XV. This time, we’re treated to a look at the summon Leviathan, along with character skills such as fishing, photography, cooking and survival each used by Noctis and his friends.

Additionally, a new guest character is introduced who is able to lend their power in battle.

Going over character skills once again – Noctis can fish with a rod to catch many types of fish. When his fishing level goes up his abilities as well as the option to equip and buy better fishing gear increases. These fish can be used in Ignis’ recipes.

Prompto focuses on photography and he automatically takes different photographs of the many places on your journey. When his level goes up he can take better photos which you can examine during camps. Different filters and self-photos also start showing up at higher levels.

Ignis is the cook here, with the ability to turn monster ingredients into grand dishes that provide buffs during camping. Every character has a favorite and by eating said meal will gain an additional buff.

Gladiolus uses survival skills to gather a number of items after you defeat monsters. His skills will go up by just walking around and leveling his skill increases drop rates.

Joining Noctis and crew during the course of the game, Cor Leonis and Iris Amicitia can enter the party as guest characters. Similar to Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus, these two can also perform Link Attacks. Iris in particular can parry using a Moogle doll for her weapon. Cor the Immortal uses a long sword. With his overwhelming power he can be seen saving Noct.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Via: 4Gamer.

  • Leviathan summon at Vannath Coast screen has shown some nasty ugly terrain textures and area borderline. Hope it gets fixed in the patches.

  • All Seeing Eye

    Cor uses Iaido on top of that sexy katana? Hey SE, can he and Noct trade places please? Or just give the Katana to Ignis so we can have Vergil in a final fantasy game!

  • popo123

    lol they better fix that limit in rendering on the landscape. The Summons are huge and sometimes go very far up, exposing the whole map but sometimes the game just doesn’t render that far out, exposing giant pixels, empty spaces, and untextured areas on the horizon. Also I’m still baffled why they aren’t noticing the horrid texture tiling they have on some areas.

  • •december

    That angle…
    Leviathan is the most elegant and majestic of Astrals

  • Martian Wong

    Maybe Bahamut will be even more elegant..

  • Maybe we can only summon Leviathen near a beach so she can use the water.

  • NeoKorean

    Dayum I wish they didn’t scrap the battle at Insomnia with Leviathan that could of been so dank.

  • alef321

    lmao at the world turning into ps1 and disappearing ,this will be the least polished final fantasy ever made.

  • •december

    Not sure if succesful troll or legit ignorance

  • •december

    Bahamut won’t be ‘elegant’ lmao,
    Elegance perfectly describes Leviathan.. or maybe Shiva.
    He might be majestic, but he’s going to look epic, the only Astral of the 6 ‘Hexatheons’ we’ve yet to see! I can’t wait to see Bahamut.
    He could very well be the most badass ever!!!



  • Tempest Ryuno

    Cor uses a katana, not long sword, right?

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    How did they scrap it?

  • King Zeus

    I also noticed it, looking to the mountains in the judgement demo!

  • Lord Shiru

    Gentiana in disguise 🙂 ?

  • Lord Shiru

    Actually Noctis also fights a little bit like Cor with the katana.
    We’ve seen some short footage with a katana (Katana of the Fierce / Royal Arm).

  • Chronodave

    Either way he’s a loser

  • Justice V

    Leviathan never fought in Insomnia. They only ever showed Levi fighting in Lestallum I believe, which is supposedly still in. (though we probably won’t have the part with Noct stuck out in the middle of the water watching Levi go nuts).

  • Justice V

    Yeah they said previously you have to be near water to use her as a summon.

  • NotCarolKaye

    Wow, that’s just gibberish. How sad for you. You would need acquire coherence to raise to the level of a brainless troll.

  • Frederick Badguy

    I hope to see Iris’s panties 😛 hehehe

  • alef321

    you guys are so sensitive , it’s kinda sad but I appreciate the love towards XV, quite contrasting compared to youtube comments.

  • Vallen

    Why is the water around Leviathan so low quality? o.O

  • 4FFAN

    It wasn’t Lestallum, it’s Altissia. And yeah, for all we know, it is still happening.

  • •december

    4FFan said what I was gonna say,
    Squeenix never destroyed things entirely they just moved them about or changed it into cut scene/or Kingsglaive

  • Justice V

    Ah yeah, damnit haha. Knew as I wrote it the name was wrong but for some reason couldn’t think of Altissia heh.

  • think its just water paint..:3
    tho i’m more curious about how to beat that thing, throw daggers? or just spam teleport attacks? o.o