Final Fantasy XV details Phantom Swords, chocobo and Regalia customization By Erren Van Duine on November 25, 2016 at 7:27 AM

4Gamer and Square Enix have gone up with another look at Final Fantasy XV. This latest look features new information and screenshots detailing the Phantom Swords, chocobo and Regalia (the car) customization, ally commands and classic enemy types.

The Phantom Swords have been an iconic part of Final Fantasy XV since its inception. They’re weapons that Noctis wields exclusively as a member of the royal family. They’re powerful but consume HP with each attack. Noctis and his friends will seek out the king’s tombs scattered across the world.

Phantom Swords are different from other weapons and have the ability to Warp Break. This changes depending on the Phantom Sword in use. Build up your gauge to summon the Phantom Swords. After summoning, you can use Phantom Link to pull off co-op attacks with party members.

In Final Fantasy XV you can customize chocobos by color as well as use their strength in battles. They can help out with several techniques.

Regalia customization takes place when you visit Cidney (Cindy). Collect ores that become dyes for customization and the chance of color variations increases. In addition to sticker customization, you can also decorate specific parts of the car, making the Regalia your own creation. Body, wheel and even seat color can be changed.

Ally commands can be triggered by players at will. Depending on the character their technique is one that focuses on their individuality. For example, Gladiolus uses “Cyclone” which allows Noctis to use his weapon. Gladiolus throws a shield at the ground, dealing a strong blow. Following this, Noctis grabs Gladio’s weapon and performs an AOE attack, or “Cyclone.”

Ignis’ “Enhance” technique allows for greater damage by making Noctis’ weapon attribute to the enemy’s weakness. Ignis will transmit the enemy weakness to Noctis’ weapon, giving Noctis a greater advantage in battle.

Prompto uses “Conductor,” using machinery weapons with the ability to create a gravity ball to draw in surrounding enemies.

Cactuars and Tonberries make their appearance as familiar Final Fantasy series creatures. Cactuars are fast and attack with needles. They’ll appear in places you least expect and run away as soon as they appear. Tonberries can be found in the city and attack using kitchen knives dealing a powerful blow.

Of course, Final Fantasy XV also features the Toad status effect. If you get attacked by the Naga found outside the city you have the chance of turning into a toad. Toad status disables the ability to attack for a period of time but you can still jump and move around until you return to normal.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.