Final Fantasy XV details PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements By Erren Van Duine on November 10, 2016 at 4:12 AM

Final Fantasy XV will be receiving a number of enhancements on PlayStation 4 Pro, Square Enix revealed today. During the latest Active Time Report broadcast, director Hajime Tabata delivered a number of details on performance, resolution and more.

First up, we learned that Square Enix is preparing two different modes for the PS4 Pro. You’ve got the base one that will target an upscaled 4K resolution and 30 frames per second. The second mode will target 1080p and up to 60 frames per second. Currently, the development team has the game running between 40 and 50 FPS at 1080p with further plans to update it with even better performance with a patch sometime in December.

Additionally, Square Enix announced two pieces of free (for everyone) downloadable content including the “Booster Pack” and “Holiday Pack.” The Holiday Pack in particular will release around Christmas and decorate a certain city in a holiday theme.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Oh, yes! Will get my pro today or this weekend. 1080p hooray! Hopefully they’ll add more 1080p options like 30 fps but with improved graphics.

  • Breathless

    So, wait, two pieces of content that’s currently listed for the actual season pass, will be free? In general or only for PS4 Pro (we can’t have enough exclusive freebies), because this isn’t quite clear? If it was made free for everyone, what exactly is the purpose of the season pass (since we had already been told that there’ll be DLCs not included in that)?? Because right now it only covers the three “episodes” and a so-far-unnamed expansion pack – which may or may not end up to be the angler/camera/gourmand kit & travel pack – unless those are the things that actually make up the booster pack, previously only available together in the UCE. And of course there’s the countless other little tidbits in store exclusives. Yay.
    If it’s Pro only… needs clarification please.

  • Erren Van Duine

    It’s free for everyone.

  • Breathless

    Thank you o/
    Then my issues with the season pass stand.

  • StrikeParchment

    According to someone who translated the news from the ATR on reddit, while the Booster Pack and Holiday Pack are free, season pass holders get a “plus” version which includes more bonus items.


    So the ps4 pro is supported from release on right? but with 40-50 fps?

  • 1080p 60fps is what I need most. The rest are okay.

  • alef321


    I will probably play the 30 fps ver if graphics (other than resolution) are boosted , if not pseudo 60 it is!

  • KrazyBean

    Wait, so is the 1080p/60 patch releasing when the game launches or that’s coming out in the December patch?

  • Frederick Badguy

    One more reason to migrate to PS Pro hehehe

  • Too bad money is always tight.

  • omexheartless21

    what are the ps4 specs

  • zidanelucis

    Late December. 4k+HDR only at launch. No graphical or FPS improvements at launch. Not sure why they don’t clarify this here.

  • zidanelucis

    No. 4k+HDR only. No graphical or FPS improvements at launch. Late December is where it gets the 60fps patch.

  • Yuntu

    guess i was wrong with XV being able to be rendered at 60fps on the pro

    guess only GPU hold it back then, well glad to be wrong on this one~

  • •december

    Updated patch happening for the main game in Mid/Late December?
    That’s wicked news 😀

  • Justice V

    Well even if those two packs are removed from the season pass, though as someone below mentioned it appears that the season pass holder might get a lil more out of them, the remaining 4 dlc’s still are pretty worth the price. For 3 character episodes and an entire new online multiplayer mode $25 isn’t too bad. Now depends on if the character episodes are 20 mins or less or an hour or more of course, just like the multiplayer mode matters depending how that will work. But if we go by Akrham Knights Batgirl character DLC which was a little less than an hour of story sold at $5.99-6.99 (can’t remember if it was 6 bucks or the 6 was in the price heh) for the 3 characters alone that’d be around $18-21 going around the same price of a previous game offering the same/similar content. $4-7 for an entire new mode doesn’t seem unreasonable. But again all depends on quality.

    Also I think Sony has stated multiple times there will be no such thing as paid Pro only DLC. Anything that would be pro exclusive would just be included in their patches. So until it ever actually happens with a company no need to worry about that.

    I’m hoping all the pre-order DLC’s cost a dollar or so once they’re made public. Though the only one I actually want is King’s Tale.

  • Iwakura

    What’s the FPS on the standard PS4 version?

  • neon2142

    Probably 30fps as Tabata and his team was planning.

  • Velcrosse

    I feel like configuring my PS4 Pro at 720P, just to avoid this horrible frame rate drop… This is a ridiculous display from a game that spend 10 years in development.