Final Fantasy XV’s Crown Update detailed and a message from Tabata By James Stine on November 27, 2016 at 11:04 PM

With only two days left to go, Square Enix held one final Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV before the game’s release this Tuesday. The Active Time Report detailed the changes and features of the patch “Crown Update” which will be available day one of release.

If you want to see the entire Active Time Report for yourself, check out the video below. Please note that the comment section is open and be warned of any related videos for those trying to avoid potential spoilers.

A Message from Tabata

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata couldn’t make it for this Active Time Report, and instead had a message for those watching the event.

There are only two more days left before the launch. Coming this far, we have overcome many things. Thanks to my steadfast colleagues, I was able to work on this project without having even a millimeter of regret. We were able to achieve results that greatly exceeded our personal capabilities, with my colleagues, the stakeholders, with all the partners and all the fans. This is my “FF15 team”.

This team is my pride.

Let’s all celebrate the release date with all of our colleagues who have worked for this game together. Let’s celebrate November 29th with all the stakeholders, the partners and all the fans. I’m looking forward to meeting those who will come to Yodobashi Akiba at 8:15 on the release day. For those who cannot come, let’s meet together through the game.

One more thing.

I’m sorry that I can’t attend the last ATR before the release. This isn’t the last ATR though right??

Let’s have one final special after the release!

Omen Trailer Inspired Moves

New special actions and animations were added inspired by the recent Omen Trailer.

  • A new drop-kick action added for Daggers after throwing them at a distance
  • A backwards warp when using magic at close range

Wait Mode

A few changes were added to the Wait Mode which can be unlocked in the Ascension Grid.

  • Libra scan speed increased
  • Wait Mode gauge restoration
  • Surprise Attack with warp strike
  • Final Blow with warp strike

Critical HP Indicator

When Noctis falls into critical HP, a soft red glow will appear on the edges of the screen. The more severe his health, the more visible the red light will become.

Enemy Whistle

By using this whistle you can attempt to summon enemies to the field to fight.

MP Burst Changes

  • Noctis will no longer become staggered when suffering from MP Burst
  • Trying to warp in MP Burst will still stagger Noctis

Warping Outside of Combat & Music Player

Warping is now available outside of combat. The addition of the Music Player found in the Regalia is now also available when you’re not in the car. The battle music from combat will however override the Music Player.

Archives Added to the Menu

A new option Archives is added to the menu screen. Previously titled as Photos, the Archives menu will allow you to view Prompto’s Photos like before, but also has Dishes which lists Ignis’ recipes and Fishes details the fish that Noctis has caught.

New Additions to the Regalia

Accessing the menu for the Regalia while driving no longer pauses the trip. Instead, a small view under the menu choices shows the game view while you view the map. Added to these options is the option to Shop while on the road.

Scenes from Kingsglaive and Omen Trailer

Due to disc capacity, scenes from both Kingsglaive and Omen Trailer are being added to the patch. These scenes will take place at appropriate moments in the story. One moment showed on the ATR was a nightmare sequence depicting a scene from the Omen Trailer.

Other Miscellaneous Changes

  • Various bug fixes
  • Gameplay adjustments to improve overall enjoyment
  • Main Story improvements
  • Side-quests have been improved
  • Leviathan battle has been adjusted

We have a more detailed look at the patch notes for “Crown Update” which you can find here.

The remainder of the ATR was spent detailing the game’s various systems like combat, magic crafting, exploring cities, etc.

Final Fantasy XV‘s release is just right around the corner. The game comes out November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One world wide.

Tabata’s Message Translation Via: DualShockers

  • Aulix Indragonz

    so basically the game is still unfinished but they don’t want to delay it any longer because the fans already waited for too long??

  • Jayk Hancock

    Where did you get that assumption? There’s no where in the entire article that states or alludes to that in any way whatsoever.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    because it’s not stated there
    why should they?
    it’s an assumption that comes from the fact that after delay they still need the game isn’t 100%

  • Potato.

    No. Day one patches arise because the process for a disc and master copy of a game to be certified takes about a month to a month and a half, and in between that time and release, developers don’t just sit around, they take the opportunity to keep working. It’s a great capability that’s afforded by our connected consoles.

  • sagewisdom

    SE never considers their games 100%. Look at all the International and FInal Mix versions they release. In this case, the difference is simply that games can be patched now rather than releasing a whole updated version of the game.

  • If that’s the case all games these days are unfinished since most times they put out DLCs weeks after the game is out. Adding to a game doesn’t mean the base game isn’t done.

  • I still think the spin flip dodge Noctis did in the Omen trailer when his spear vanished should be the new phase evade.

  • Carleyrlopez

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  • Justice V

    The butterfly twist? Yeah kinda odd it’s not in. One of the most common moves people love to use with choreo type stuff.

  • NoctLightCloud

    With this Patch, you can now do something/prepare for the next quests while driving. Also the music player outside of the car and the warping outside if battle is an amazing addition, I truly wanted those two features while playing the Judgment Disc Demo.
    Also “Noctis will no longer become staggered when suffering from MP Burst”, thank you, FFXV team, thank you!!:’D

  • Yeah it’d be way more fun to see than just Noctis sidestepping.

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  • Miqote

    I wonder if more major patches that add features (and not just bug fixes) are on the way?

  • •december

    Signs point to yes!

  • lol!, i got the same thing 3 times today..-___-

  • a few more hours to go here….
    nyaa i’ll just go back to sleep, happy hunting everyone…-_-

  • Alekber Aliev

    Oh, you’re totally ruining the whine-fest.
    And praise the times we’re living in. Anyone remembers the Genesis cartridges of Beyond Oasis that did come with no intro sequence?