Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant to host exclusive Final Fantasy XV menu By Erren Van Duine on November 17, 2016 at 9:52 AM

fifteenFinal Fantasy XV will join Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in London for an exclusive one-week menu set, Square Enix announced today.

Starting from November 22 through November 29 (the game’s launch date), fans can take part in a number of dishes inspired by Final Fantasy XV‘s own world of Eos.

Final Fantasy XV has a unique relationship with food,” said Jonathan Woodhouse, Events Manager at Fifteen London. “The cooking and sharing of meals by the four friends on their journey emphasizes the power a great dish has on bringing people together. We at Fifteen celebrate the magic of food with our meals taking inspiration from all around the world and we’re very pleased to be working together with Square Enix on bringing the fantastic flavours of the game to life.”

Via: VideoGamer.

  • Some Random Guy

    These tie ins just keep getting weirder and weirder

  • alef321

    I’m surprised there’s no adidas and nike stuff

  • XenoSilvano

    This is starting to get ridiculous, just give us the game already! We do not care about these side promotions

  • •december

    Guys! Can we all appreciate just how far this game has gone.
    I’m british so I know who Jamie Oliver is but some of you may not
    Very impressed! Kinda weird for FF but I’m liking it

  • Adrian

    Hahaha wtf

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I actually kind of like the fact the brand name is reaching in markets that it’s never reached before. It means that people that otherwise might not be interested in games are hearing about it.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Wow Jamie Oliver! What an honour on both sides.

  • Jesus Christ

    They don’t offer Jesus crackers, olives, and wine?

  • Ulises

    Maybe in a few months?…

  • Stonespear

    Good old pillow tongue.

  • damn what about Ramen? XD
    tho Jamie Oliver ftw!
    maybe Gordon Ramsay will come too…