New guest party member revealed for Final Fantasy XV By Erren Van Duine on November 10, 2016 at 9:22 AM

jump_novemberThe latest issue of Weekly Jump has another look at Final Fantasy XV – this time focusing on its summons and guest characters who will be joining Noctis and friends on their journey.

Joining Cor “The Immortal” Leonis – who has been featured heavily in recent gameplay media – Gladiolus’ younger sister Iris Amicitia will also be showing up temporarily with you at some point in the game. She uses her fists to fight in a close-combat style but sometimes she’ll use her Moogle to attack.

Final Fantasy XV is due out November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For those in Japan, Square Enix is preparing an all-new demo focusing on the first chapter of the game, available tomorrow November 11.

  • Invictus

    Aranea wouldn’t be bad either! lol

  • stevenm281

    I’m so glad they confirm that Iris knows how to fight!

    I so badly wanted her to be the Tifa of the game and she is!!!!!

  • stevenm281

    she’d be awesome, but she’s our main antagonist outside the story, as we’ll cross path with her often, but she has no importance to the main plot, as confirmed by Tabata.

  • Invictus

    There was an interview with her voice actress that she might join the party if “the price is right” correct if im wrong though. lol

  • Shinobuden

    Really happy to hear this. I was worried she would just be walking around crushing on Noctis so her being a guest character and able to fight is a very pleasant surprise!

  • stevenm281

    Haven’t read anything of the sort, but I’ll glady pay for her to join the party.

  • Invictus

    I’ll look for the link later haha but man okay if it’s Irish then, hands down too lol

  • If she’s a guest, then I guess Noctis will transfer some magic powers to her too? I mean all characters get two slots for weapons. So what will be her second weapon other than her hands. And does this mean Gladio taught her martial arts?


    daggers hasnt that much to do with martial arts though 😉 hand2hand fist weapons are an other thing 🙂 I quiet think that she is going to fight like Xell or Tifa


    her boobs though. *joking* 😉


    We saw also a picture with her and the group in the car. seems like she will join us maybe for a shorter period of time.

  • stevenm281

    Zell* 😉

  • Jordan Ovrebo

    It’s a mind twist to realize her Eng voice actor is also Shelke xD

  • arcnate

    she was also Ashe too

  • I hope so. Make she fight like a real Tony Jaa martial artist. Don’t make he swing like some magical girly girl like Penelo did in 12.

  • Lord Shiru

    Amazing !
    So Iris will fight with her hands… awesome :).

  • Makes sense now why she even HP in the first place

  • stevenm281

    when you think that Serah from the 13 trilogy was also Cloud of Darkness in Dissidia.

  • •december

    Yay Iris 😀
    It was gonna happen I suppose,
    but I never pegged her as a fighter

    She’s definitely not the last person accompanying us around Eos!

  • Justice V

    Yay my hope that she’d be a guest and fight hand to hand has come true.

  • Justice V

    Have they shown that we can alter the guest party members? Cuz if we can I’m unequipping Cor’s sword and giving it to Noct right away hehe.

  • Justice V

    Think she just said she doesn’t have much in the way of loyalty and would join any side as long as the price was right. Not so much that we’ll be able to bribe her. Which lines up with her characters description of being a mercenary, who are usually know for working for the highest bidder.

  • Invictus

    Yeah spot on. That might just be her character development there. Well, all aboard the Iris-ship! lol

  • Zach Hagler

    I called it from the moment I saw that game-play video they did of the first few story chapters, where Iris and Noctis were walking around town together. She even had her own HP bar, which would make no sense if she was just a regular NPC. ( Or at least to me it wouldn’t. )

  • •december

    In my eyes she’s more like Rikku !!

  • •december

    Yeah, like when the mystery character
    was spotted in the car sitting next to Noctis,
    who we now know is Iris, That’s when i kinda knew

  • We probably can’t now that I think on it.

  • Hehe. Awesome.

    Also… we’re less than 3 weeks away from the release! WHOA.

  • Justice V

    Yeah don’t think in most FF games you could. I can’t remember but I think when Seph was a guest in FFVII I tried to steal his masamune too, but wasn’t able to. Or maybe I was? Damn it’s been so long heh.

  • D.3ND

    Muay Thai uses the joints of the Body to hit the opponent’s vitals areas. Kinda useless on M.T.’s. It’s safe to say she might be using a unique mix-martial arts/street brawling since it looks like she about Powerbomb the Moogle.

  • you can’t take nothing off Seph.