Shinji Hashimoto on a possible Final Fantasy X-3 By Erren Van Duine on November 9, 2016 at 6:19 PM

Final Fantasy X-3 could happen. We’ve even seen hints of it in the audio drama that came with Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster. This information comes from Final Fantasy boss Shinji Hashimoto, who spoke at length during a special conference during Lucca Comics & Games 2016 in Italy last month.

Following the success of the HD Remaster, Hashimoto understands fans have expectations for another title in the X universe. Right now, however, Square Enix is facing a number of logistical challenges due to having key staff such as Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura hard at work on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III. Because of this, there’s just no time to work on a potential Final Fantasy X-3. With the focus on titles already announced, Hashimoto urges fans to wait a little longer.

During the event, Hashimoto also touched on various Kingdom Hearts happenings, including the newly announced Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX for PlayStation 4. The PS4 release will allow fans to own the entire collection on the same console and feature a major improvement in graphics over the original PS3 release.

On both Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Final Fantasy VII Remake, Hashimoto says release dates have yet to be decided. Final Fantasy VII Remake in particular is well into development and once again, fans are asked to wait just a bit longer for more information. The rumors of a 2017 launch are still rumors for now.

Additionally, fans looking for more Final Fantasy XIII – Hashimoto notes the series’ sales were in line with their expectations. He says that Lightning herself is still very popular and Square Enix as a company must think about how they’ll continue fostering her character going forward.

Moving on to the future, Hashimoto says each Final Fantasy series title is reassessed from scratch so it’s currently unknown if Final Fantasy XVI will share a modern aesthetic like Final Fantasy XV does. Sometimes the direction is changed intentionally based on the director, such as the jump from from Final Fantasy VIII to Final Fantasy IX. Since it’s based on the director’s own personal preferences, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be an action RPG.

Via: Siliconera.

  • SNK

    Hmm, I hope they don’t use that audio drama and that novel as a starting point.

  • Xervath

    X-2 had potential, the dynamic combat in particular struck a nice balance between “real-time” and turn-based. For me it was simply killed by
    1) unlikable characters (Gullwings crew LLC, LeBlanc & Co. Donna Inc. Spira leaders Ltd.) …Minus Paine. Paine was alright, albeit a bit too try-hard, but the ‘Den of woe’ segment would likely make anyone a bit salty. Rikku gets a 50/50.
    2) An absolutely attrocious script (and I suppose to that extent the story is partially to blame)
    3) I personally have always felt the story to be so….simple, petty almost. Hard to put my finger on it.

    So yeah, another trip to Spira is something I could do, given it won’t be X-2 v2.3…

  • Randy Marsh

    Those will probably be referenced a lot in the opening, especially FFX-2.5. God that novel…

  • Randy Marsh

    Well just so long it fixes everything X-2.5 and ~Will~ messed up, I’m fine with X-3..

  • jamurjamban

    But they still have Toriyama right? He can start the developing until Kitase has free time to handle it.

  • TektosBasics

    Just please keep Toriyama the fuck away from it.

  • Mark Ty

    Just don’t let that horrible director Toriyama handle that project FFX-3 and it’s good. With his obsession with Lightning. Geez.

  • Stonespear

    Just don’t do it. What more is there to explore?

  • Artemis Polara

    Do FF9 instead

  • Miqote

    Let’s just get rid of the “-2” naming in the titles. It sounds awful.

  • Codes McGodes

    Literally no one wants more Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Luke Watts

    FF13 was bad.
    This will be bad.

  • LOL come on man….

  • I heard Tidus committed suicide all alone after he and Yuna broke up in that audio drama? No way that’s the legit sequel.

  • AMEN! Have it about the Genome building their own society and it clashing with the existing kingdoms.

  • you mean suicide Tidus?

  • Only thing good about X-2 was battle system.

  • i’m a fan of lightning, but her time is done, dissidia is enough.

  • Omegataco

    Lightning will be the 4th pop idol party member in X-3

  • Randy Marsh

    Well kind of, Tidus can literally go poof at any moment if he remembers that little blitzball bomb incident, he’s literally a walking beckoning.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Indeed. Why not work with subtitles instead?

  • Jesiah Grant

    X is 10 mate 😛

  • Noctis

    youre joking right?

  • Noctis

    No more Lightning! She had 3 games and she is in every spin off. Enough is enough !

  • Tempest Ryuno

    I don’t think subtitles would fit with Final Fantasy better than “-2”. Especially considering just the look and appeal of the logos and titles themselves.

  • Codes McGodes

    I know that. But the article mentions XIII as well.

    “Additionally, fans looking for more Final Fantasy XIII – Hashimoto notes the series’ sales were in line with their expectations. He says that Lightning herself is still very popular and Square Enix as a company must think about how they’ll continue fostering her character going forward.”

  • John Fabian

    Been a frequent visitor on this site for as long as I can remember, eagerly following the progress of FFXV. But reading these, sorry, shit news I just had to post my first comment. The last thing FF needs is more spinoffs, especially in the X and XIII department. Dear god I wish they don’t go through with a FF X-3 or more XIII. Move on already… Had to get this out of my system

  • Adam Hedquist

    PLS let Lightning die. The lightning trilogy were so bad and she as a character is crap. No more games. And no more X games either.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Welcome to the comment section and yes, I agree with you.

  • John Fabian

    Tack så mycket! 😉

  • bloop

    but the point of ffx-2 is life after aeons and sin
    they just destroyed the power source for them so how do you expect the aeons to be summoned

  • Zoom

    wow you really are an ass

  • Zoom

    what a nonsense

  • Zoom

    wow all this hate in the comment section just because some people would love games that others here do not ? Do we not have enough hate in this world already right now ? Especially with that election and all ?

    Why do you always feel the compulsive need to hate and trashtalk every game and character you do not like instead of just accepting there are those who DO like it and that this is good news for them ?

    I am FF fan since 1999 and I LIKED FF XIII. Especially the mythology of it with the gods and Fal Cie is one of the best in FF history in my opinion. The XIII trilogy had its flaws, no doubt but also some of the best moments in the franchise (Attack on Eden, battle of Valhalla, XIII-2 ending, LR ending, battle between Light and Snow) and Lightning IS one of the most iconic and popular (esp. in Japan) video game characters of all time. Your goddamn hate rants wont change that.

    And then there is FF X. That game is EVERYTHING to me. Its my most favorite game of all time and its characters and world (and especially the Tidus and Yuna relationship) are the most sacred thing in the world of videogames to me. That audiodrama really left me quite devastated in a state of utter shock and there is nothing I have ever wanted more then FF X-3 to fix this and give me the perfect and final conclusion to this world and story. So don´t you dare hating on that !!!

    I am surprised there is no release date for XII HD yet though. I thought it was supposed to be out in March ?

  • Xervath

    Oh I understand why it would be stupid for them to magically be part of my battle options, I’m simply saying that the lack of (summonable) summons in a FF-game feels strangely…naked. Switching jobs and all was fun enough, but there’s nothing quite like a mega-flare to brighten the day, hm?

  • Adam Hedquist

    Bc I have an opinion you don’t agree with?

  • Jesiah Grant

    well in that case, I agree with you original comment 1000000%

  • John Fabian

    I don’t think people here necessarily are hating on the games themselves, X was personally the first FF I played so it will always be special for me. However, it seems that SE or this Shinji Hashimoto guy wants to keep milking the games, adding unessesary sequels that aren’t really that good (at least compared to the original entries) in stead of leaving them alone and let them keep their charm and “integrity”.

  • Jerru-chan

    First time on this site, and first time commenting.

    Not to be negative or anything, I’m an FF fan, but more sequels on X and XIII will only ruin two already perfect games more. X-2 ending is already good enough and so is XIII, until XIII-2… I’d rather SE focus more on other main series of the games and KH (and bring back the Mana series please! I really love Legend of Mana), rather than ruining two already perfect-on-its-own games (I know I repeated myself).

    If.. and only IF, they want to work on more X, A prequel, featuring Braska’s Story, would be much more acceptable.

    As for XIII… I’d quote Sazh on that: “Enough… is enough.”

  • Adam Hedquist

    You don’t know what real hate is then. One can’t have a negative opinion, that’s the problem. Look, I know that blind hatred is annoying. Like hating on FFXV bc it isn’t turn based etc. I want you to understand that Final Fantasy is one of my absolute favorite series, I’ve been a fan since 1993, I was 4. I love them, well, most of them. Most of them are great, however….I won’t close my eyes when I see things I don’t like. And when SE is thinking of doing something I don’t want or don’t like I need to tell them, bc I’m one of the voices on my side of things. You are another voice, and I respect your opinon even if I don’t agree with you. The best FF imo is 12, alot of people disagree, that’s fine, I love it. So after playing that I was so hyped for 13. It was complete garbage, trust me, I envy you I want to like it, I really do, but I just can’t. Everything about 13 is s**t, the graphics are great though. Then they go n’ make another one, they improve on things that were crap to begin with. Then 13-3 came and the battle system there were actually interesting, the problem was that it was too late, bc the story was already messed up, I don’t find the characters intersting at all. That’s my opinion. You like the games, good for you! I want every game to be good, it’s stupid to want anything less than that. Now to XV. Versus means everything to me and even if XV isn’t Versus completely it’s still the closest to the game of my dreams. But there are still things that I don’t like about the game and I will tell Tabata those things, sometimes they do what you want and change things and sometimes they don’t. My point is: Opinions matter, even the negative ones, unless it’s blind hatred and just trolling. If you want to know what that is go to gamefaqs.

  • I mean a new game will never break the games that are already out so if you don’t like X-3 you can always ignore it! HOO BOY YOU CAN BE SURE I WON’T THO

  • that being said YEAH SQUENIX. We want more mana. We want more SaGa. We want more late 80’s to mid 90’s 5 man team creative ventures Squaresoft. We also want Valkyrie Profile! But after SO5 im kinda scared to ask that kek

  • bc you have an opinion that stands on the way of people having fun, yes

  • no, it totally doesn’t fit lightning! 🙁
    unlike yuna/rikku/paine which DID totally fit <3

  • yeah please


  • stop fucking spoiling shit

  • The characters were legit amazing. I mean some minor characters were legit annoying and most of it was played for laughs but that was what was great. And with a cast as likeable as yuna-rikku-pain, the comedy minor characters actually felt like a colorful cast which played a nice contrast when the plot darkened.
    The script wasn’t that bad either. I mean some things were rather poor but the whole parody with magical girl thrown in and the way it tackled the aftermath of spira was really refreshing.
    And the special dresspheres in X-2 took the place of summons and were arguably even more interactive and fun than X’s aeons (which in turn are miles ahead of anything FF’s done by then, only FF8 remotely coming close)

  • And the fun characters, homage to japanese culture & magical girl, refreshing gameplay structure, music, etc

  • Frederick Badguy

    Anhan! Ok. Whats is the plot now? Change J-POP to K-POP??

  • Alea Anderson

    Hopefully after work on the FFVII Remake is done, Square can start working on the next Compilation title. That being the sequel to Dirge of Cerberus since they claim Genesis has returned to protect the planet of Gaia, I can see the follow-up game bringing back Sephiroth and elements of Crisis Core, and since the Tsveits were spliced with Genesis’s genes then that would make something of a ‘familial’ bond between him and Shelke similar to that between those who share Jenova cells.

    As for Final Fantasy X-3, I love X and X-2, which is a fairly worthy sequel if you think about. It shows how Spira has changed 2 years later, the emotional scars of the events of X, and the effects the numerous changes have on the people, at the same time, demons of the past come back to haunt them threatening to destroy the newfound peace. The audio drama did raise a lot of questions concerning the state of Tidus and Yuna’s relationship, the Yevoners and their haters, whether or not Chuami is really Auron’s daughter, if so then why didn’t he tell anyone, who beckoned Sin back to Spira and why.

  • naw magical girl transformation weren’t cool. homage to JPN culture is in all JRPGs. music was a mix of bubbly pop and the original music from X. Naw, SMH, not my style. And that sexualize massage scene with LeBlanc was tasteless unless you’re into innuendo.

  • spoil what? It was on audio CD that’s been out for a VERY VERY long time.

  • I agree.

  • It’s not canon yet, but if you listen to that audio BS it’s a idea they’re tossing around to get rid of Tidus and replace him with yet another look-a-like and a new school girl.

  • What was it? A blitzball was really a bomb and he kicked it and blew up? So if he remember he died again, he’ll be dead for good?

  • Noctis

    yeah , I heard a little of it….but stopped after i heard where they where going with it. I can say you just as you said the story was a total bullshit lol. Who cam up with that one 😀

  • sounds like a ditched idea from the Young and the Restless.

  • -_-

  • If we’re talking about opinions stating things objectively seems a tad ignorant because it sound like you make it to be the end-all-be-all, where it could be rephrased as: “to me, FFXII is my favourite FF” or “I despise the FFXIII trilogy in its entirety”. To say one thing inherently sucks because YOU say so is kinda frustrating.

  • Adam Hedquist

    So insult me is The best way. His opinion stands in The way of possible greater things so i guess we’re even.

  • Xervath

    I’m glad to hear someone enjoyed it much more than I did. YOU find the characters to be “legit amazing”, I have different thoughts regarding that (which is fine, of course)
    Yu-Ri-Pa had a certain kind of chemistry, sure, but I didn’t like Yuna in FFX and I didn’t like her in FFX-2; Rikku was really interestin in FFX, but they made her a tad too…childish, in a way, for my taste. The comedy side chars…those are up to personal preference, and I’ve already stated mine.
    Seeing Spira in the aftermath was nice, sure, but for me that doesn’t carry too much weight. It’s nice to see how everyone continues their Sin-less lives, but that’s all it is for me.
    I figured someone would mention the ‘special dress-spheres are the summons’ argument, and while there certainly is something to be said for it, I cannot put those spheres on the same pedestal as summons. Sure they were very interactive, about as much as FFX’s summons, but they way I use summons is: summon them –> pop an overdrive –> dismiss them. That’s how I’ve known summons, so that’s how I roll (I guess that’s a personal thing) as such the interactivity of it all is fairly lost on me.

    Still, again, good to hear someone properly enjoyed it :]

  • Deivid Verdugo Abad

    FF was never a series made of sequels. Specially nonsense incongruous sequels. So are the majority of titles derivated from the main series. Never make a FFX-3 Squenix. Please.

  • Vallen

    FF XV
    FF VII Remake
    Kingdom Hearts III
    FF XII Remaster

    Possible FF X-3
    Eventual FF XVI and we’re already hearing it mentioned!

    My heart can’t handle this

  • Jerru

    If people are really curious about what really happened in the audio drama in X and about lightning’s life after LR.. Wouldnt a movie, much like FFVIIAD, be better than game sequels?

    Just asking..

  • Krijn van Alten

    What has the look of a logo to do with -(number) or a subtitle?

  • Tempest Ryuno

    I meant the whole thing altogether, not just the logo.

  • Adrian

    Please god no more sequels. Time wasted on a X-3 or XIII-4 is time that could’ve been spent on more original Final Fantasy products.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Then explain: why would -(number) works better for the FF series?

  • NoctLightCloud

    I disagree, I think.it didn’t fit Yunas character (in X) at all to be a pop singer.

  • Tempest Ryuno

    It just looks better and is less intrusive. Unless every subtitle is short, like “Type-Ø” for example, it’s just better to leave sequels at “-2”, in my opinion.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Can’t they just make a game based on Agni’s Philosophy? Or work on a RPG part in Dissidia PS4? I liked X and XIII a lot. The sequels had fun gameplay, but the scripts/dialogues were not good. Also, I didn’t really like Yuna as a singer while the original X-version is my favourite female game character.

  • Xervath

    Maximum overkek!

  • Xervath

    Y’know…that’s actually not a bad idea. It would make for a much more grim story, too, as we all know how Braska’s trip ended. Problem is, if you focus too much on Braska’s story, you might see too much repetition in story-flow in comparison to FFX (as all summoners more less follow the same path, visiting the various temples)

  • i didn’t know spoilers came with expiration dates! I’m legit surprised.
    No really, I’m not listening that audio CD (that has been out for only since the HD remaster has been out which is 3 years) until I beat FFX-2 and get the best ending again, THEN last mission. And my PS3 broke. Soooooooo it’s a spoiler for me. But anyway I don’t know the context so i’d rather not dwell on this.
    Fact is that it has been said subtly by the op and someone just replied with a dumb obvious spoiler and that’s very unkind and unconsiderate.

  • There was literally not a single track from X on X-2.

  • I don’t think he’s stating an opinion.

  • That is they who will answer. Just don’t play it.

  • then you need to understand better who she is, as well as what actually happened during the two year gap (which included her letting go of her summoner duties and its religious weights)

    She isn’t a pop singer in X-2 at all: That is Lenne. And Yuna doesn’t mind syncing with Lenne at all, why would she? She’s no pope.
    Her core character is unchanged, even if she moves forward with her life. The fact she dresses differently doesn’t mean much at all either, other than the newfound freedom of the shackles of Yevon and her life as a walking sacrifice.

  • You just want the gameplay mechanic to be the exact same as FFX?

    That would be pretty bad, especially given how radically different FFX-2’s gameplay is overall.
    And it’s pretty neat that they stepped up the interactivity (FFX-2’s special dresspheres are actually far more interactive than X’s summon system)

    If you realize, it’s a trend:

    FF4-7 + 9 = bland Spell summons
    FF8 = a minimal level of interactivity by giving summons a cast bar and HP. A great deal of customization by having them learn abilities, which was simplified somewhat in X.
    FF10 = a great level of interactivity by allowing you to customize the summons’ skillsets + abilities and directly control them in battle, timing them to absorb attacks in the enemy’s looping moveset (a core mechanic on FFX’s static, turn based system which gave great emphasis to careful turn planning)
    FF10-2 = arguably even more interactivity by making them as customizable but having particular prerequisites to use in battle, giving the summons 3 parts with 3 different skillsets & unique mechanics & also emphasizing careful timing although in a more wild turn system
    FF12 kind of shat on the summoning system tho. I still really like it as a game anyway

    B ut yeah I can understand you not liking the cast and story I guess. Yuna’s one of my favoritest characters ever, her “what I do, I do with no regrets” really resonated with me as a teenager and I think it has became a core of my personality so I’m deeply attached to both X’s yuna and X-2’s yuna. (And Rikku, too.)

  • Not even the mount gagazet theme or the ones for Besaid? Towns, fields like Calm Lands?

  • My bad. But the game is old. So what’s done is done. Besides its not even canon yet.

  • Jerru

    i was kinda thinking more on like how FF7 Crisis Core went out.. despite fans know how zack’s story ended. Being SE, I’m sure they can figure out how to wiggle in new chars and side stories.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Well, based on his other comments it’s obvious he has one.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Most recent FF subtitles have all been short: Heavensward, Stormblood, Brave Exvius, Mobius, Grandmasters, Zodiac Age. The time that someone at SE thought that ‘Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The young king and the promised land’ was a good idea is long behind us.

    Latin and Arab numerals just clash.

  • 4FFAN

    So…since they seem to be talking about possible future FF games, here’s my wishlist Square:
    Agni’s Philosophy…
    XIII-4 is really unnecessary. Thanks. Oh and please release 7 Remake. Let’s turn that into another FF15 or KH3…

  • Xervath

    You mention exactly what I fear would happen “New chars and side-stories” …meaning that in the end, probably, you would see the same road being walked in FFX.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still down for a “lemme take you back to 10 years ago” -story, but they would have to think very carefully about how they can make it different enough, so it doesn’t feel like a retread.
    And sure, the ending of Crisis core (which is a damn amusing game, btw) is known for many people, as it’s addressed in FFVII, but Cloud and Zack each have their own story they go through. Braska and Yuna go through roughly the same story, as their purpose is the same. Cloud and Zack don’t necessarily have that; they don’t have a set-in-stone end goal, if you will.

    Still, though…wishful thinking, I suppose :]

  • Xervath

    I never said anything along the lines of wanting the ‘exact same mechanics as FFX’, I only stated that I cannot value the special spheres like I do summons, and that I find a FF-game — a franchise in which summons are a staple — withOUT summons…a bit of a miss.

    I agree that FFX-2 gameplay tackles some long-since set-in-stone elements and loosens them up a bit, but I also applauded X-2 for its combat system right off the bat.

    Now, I don’t mind the what you call “bland spell summons”. I quite appreciate them; to me it added a sense of epic and scale that I simply cannot get with anything X-2 had to offer me. There is nothing quite like summoning Diablos, Bahamut, Ark, KotR… Yeah, you just sit and watch, but in a way, to me, that was the beauty and grandeur of it. Sit there in awe as your actions now lay waste to whatever infidel(s) saw fit to bar your path.
    The interactivity is a nice bonus, but in FFVIII it was simply a bit of a gimmick. FFX sought to change that and let me actually play with summons, but — as I already stated — *I* mainly used them to unleash their tour de force, if you will, after which I was done with them.
    Then came X-2, which we have discussed at length at this point. XII sought to completely revamp the combat. I appreciate Square’s decision, but I did not like the combat…and summons were indeed neglected. XIII…more or less the same (and I didn’t like that either). And then XV, which seems to aim for an unprecedented sense of scale and epic, but little influence over the summons (read: astrals), which, honestly, is perfectly fine by me.

  • Tempest Ryuno

    I said “sequels”, and most of what you listed are spin-offs. XIV was just “XIV” when released and is an MMO with expansions, and The Zodiac Age is a re-release. The main series should stay the way it is, in my opinion. lol They clash, in your opinion. It also may be easier to just stick to numbers instead of subtitles. Either way, I doubt they’ll change the way they’re doing things now.

  • Krijn van Alten

    These expansions are clearly sequels, and they have short subtitles, so what’s wrong with that?

  • Yep, not a single track from X on X-2.

  • Alright then, but please try to be mindful next time — people have the right to feel bothered by spoilers.
    As for this one I have no idea how it happened yet so whatever I guess…

  • Tempest Ryuno

    XIV is an online game, expansions are not direct sequels. At least not in the same way X-2 and XIII-2 are, because those are completely different releases. XIV is just like and online game that names their expansions.

  • Jerru

    not exactly “New” chars.. but maybe cameo of some of the chars in X and X-2 only younger as it is dated 10 years before X’s timeline.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Storywise they are very direct sequels, exactly starting where the last game ended, which is closer than X and X-2 or XIII-2 and LR.

  • Artemis Polara

    My soul hurts after reading that and that comment section was full of blind fanatics

  • Artemis Polara

    No worries, I agree with you that XIII and its sequels sucked.

  • Artemis Polara

    But they (Motomu Toriyama) want her to be the next Cloud [email protected]!234325w
    -_- I don’t like Lightning, she is insufferable…

  • Artemis Polara

    I am not and was pissed off in 012 when Lightning was placed at a more important spot in the warriors of Cosmos when Warrior of Light is supposed to be that.

  • Well I guess in the original Dissidia WoL was the main driving point of the heroes.

  • Casper

    The only thing I want from FF at this point is Versus XV, make it happen