Artist Roberto Ferrari speaks about his designs in Final Fantasy XV By James Stine on December 24, 2016 at 9:42 AM

Posted at the release of Final Fantasy XV, Roberto Ferrari, Italian artist and one of the character designers for the game, spoke out on his Facebook about his designs from in the game. Despite this post being almost a month old, it seems that it went unnoticed by the majority of the Internet until today.

In this post, he describes changes made to his original designs for many of the characters and briefly describes the development of Final Fantasy XV from his experience. Thanks to the user Philippo over on NeoGAF for the translations.


She hasn’t changed at all, I only had to change the spear because it lacked scenic impact […] I drew a quick draft of Biggs and Wedge, but my prototypes weren’t taken into consideration and ended up being two “mannequins” in a suit. She initially was supposed to always be accompanied by those two. Her original was that of a member of a squadron that had specific attack patterns based on jumps.


Compared to my original concept, they changed Gentiana’s clothes for script reasons. Still, the new dress kept much from the two versions I drew (a formal outfit and a party dress). The face remained unchanged. She also originally had red-framed glasses. […] She originally had a white armor on the arm and a heavy sword at her side. Gentiana’s original role was that of Stella’s messenger, and a contact point between the countries of Tenebrae and Niflheim.


I gave birth to Ardyn in December 2010, before Kingsglaive was even in the works. The game’s version is closer to my concept.


There were characters that I liked more but got removed from the story: they were closer to ninjas and very similar to those who appear in Kingsglaive but more Japanese. […] This stays between us, but Umbra the dog was supposed to turn into one of those.


I wasn’t part of the 2010 group from XIII that “would have scratched their bellies” (and then turned into the XV one), I came into May 2010. I know I was called in when a (female) designer resigned since she wasn’t able to get any kind of approval from the art director. Then from 2010 till the end of 2011 I worked on the designs I got assigned with, without any big issues. That’s why when the team got resized from 200 workers to around 20 in 2012 (right before the arrival of Tabata and the Type-0 team), I was still there and worked with the newcomers till 2013. Then I left because I followed mister Nomura.
I had no story planned for Gentiana, but I can confirm you that the writers changed the script I received in 2011.

[…] I stand behind what Sakaguchi said about big budget games development: it’s not worth it anymore. But they are also very disorganized. The staff -200 souls- had to work when the story still wasn’t completely defined. In fact, this story kept changing every 3 months and the definitive delivery date for the game was for the end of 2014 (who would have thought it would have been pushed back to November 2016?).

Final Fantasy VII Remake

I’m already working on other episodes but what I did for XV was a lot.
[…] Sadly there aren’t many new characters in VII Remake, I just reinterpreted the ones that already existed. I don’t have the freedom of choice I had with XV.

Via: NeoGAF

  • Tom

    This is a nice read, thanks! Changing up the story every 3 months?! God…

  • Mehmed

    This means even with Nomura it would have been shit?
    Well, bad to hear.

  • Frederick Badguy

    This guy deserves respect. Everyone knows how Japanese people are… humm… “closed”. And to a “gaijin” gain the status that has today in SE, dudes… This guy must be super talented!

  • Ryuman

    Why? He doesn’t have anything bad to say about Nomura.

  • arcnate

    its even more shocking that the game was supposed to be released in 2014!!?

  • Somnus92

    Good to know that Roberto Ferrari is loyal to Nomura, and gave us a bit of insight about the messy development cycle when Nomura was still director and the follow-through with Tabata.

  • Sounds like Gentiana and Umbra had more fleshed-out stories that got discarded. Sad.

  • Beamont

    What’s done is done with the past development. I would rather think about future updates and DLCs. Anyhow, I gotta admit that I really love Aranea design. Big props to Roberto. 🙂

  • Sephiroth

    I like the designs in XV, but I’d prefer it if that style stayed in XV….I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled with the idea of this guy “reinterpreting” anything in FFVII. Amano or Nomura only, please. This is the only detail in which I’m a “purist”. I just don’t like Ferrari’s style and think it’s lacking in grace. He may be loyal to Nomura but he doesn’t match up to Nomura’s excellence. Why would they even consider this guy for FFVII?

  • Umar

    So even there was still not even a defined story at that point and it kept changing every 3 months…And this is why I have major respect for Tabata because it seems he really inherited quite a burden..

  • Noctis

    In fact, this story kept changing every 3 months and the
    definitive delivery date for the game was for the end of 2014 (who would
    have thought it would have been pushed back to November 2016?).

    Tabata: he guys! You remember Type- 0 when everyone died in the end? and crisis core did you like how I killed Zack?

    Team: Oh no…..not again, he wants to kill all FF characters again…

    Tabata: Lets kill all off !!!!!!

    Tabata Nice story!!

  • Something seems to be lost in translation because he’s not necessarily saying when the story started undergoing all those changes. It could be pre or post Tabata. It all depends on when Square decided to condense the game down from a trilogy into one game..and a movie.

  • TektosBasics

    Just like I thought. For the better part of five years, Failmura had no idea what the fuck he was even doing, so they brought on Tabata to salvage the clusterfuck he created.

    But, no. Tabata fails. He sucks. He killed Final Fantasy. He’ll butcher the next one. That’s the overwhelming opinion with the fucktards. The Kingdom Hearts fantards who can’t see a shitty game when it slaps you in the crotch. :< Versus XIII was a shitty game. Deal with it. XV is not. Deal with it.

    This is also why you'll never see that rumored so-called "Versus XV original concept." Because there was nothing worth seeing. It was just a bunch of pre-rendered FMV crap that Failmura thought it looked cool. That's what goes into that idiot's mind when making games. What looks the cool. Not characters. Not gameplay. Not story. Flash first, then make it up as you go.

    Lol, he didn't make any s*** up this time. They took it away from him this time and gave it proper to Tabata, and good on Square for that.

  • Yeah. They tried to make that the running theme of Fabula games. Tragic doesn’t mean everyone has to die but NPCs.

  • I didn’t like his designs except for Ardyn’s and Noctis clothes.

  • TektosBasics

    Japan isn’t as closed-off and xenophobic as people think. Anyone who actually spent any time there would quickly see that.

    It’s only like that with old people living in the southern islands. So…basically like Florida!

  • TektosBasics

    Fuck Nomura.

  • After this I say don’t do this again. No more from him unless it’s related to XV. I like Nomura’s clothes from the KH games personally.

  • TektosBasics

    Except the fact that he kept fucking changing the story every three months.

    He didn’t know what the fuck he was doing, so they brought in Tabata to salvage the project while moving Nomura to his shitty Kingdom Hearts games full-time.

    Whoever thought him getting the reigns of the FFVII remake was a good idea needs to burn a fiery death. Hopefully he’ll fuck that one up too, and someone else will need to come in and rescue the project. I don’t care if we have to wait ten years again for that to happen, it just needs to happen.

  • Story wise this game was a mess. It’s time to move on Square and make sure you never do this again. The fucked up the story in 5 games (all 3 XIII games, Type-0 and XV).

  • stevenm281

    these small additional details about Versus XIII are very exciting

  • I respect what he confesses to here. Square needs to dig deep and go back to how things were. Mix in new idea here and there but don’t try to do this again. All 5 of the Fabula games have serious problems with story.

    They need to do okay graphics, a resemble world like the scale of FF9 or X and one set story that doesn’t rely on other media.

    If this keeps up they one day won’t have fans left. Even new generation of fans can tell that their new games lack story-telling and character development in most of the cases. It’s like they made it true those old claims that they cared more about flash over substance is coming true.

  • And the game still failed under Tabata even then if you’re going to put it like that. Tabata has been there since some time of 2012/early 2013. They had from then until 2016 to deliver a product that was mostly completed. Nomura was taken off around 2013 and Tabata was put full in charge over the game. Reports about the story being changed during the Tabata error have come up more and more by multiple people who worked on the game.

    Now we know it was getting changed every 3 months which explains why the game came out missing content because they spent time and money making scenes that would never make it into the game but some were lucky enough to at least end up in a trailers.

    If all Nomura did was make FMVs
    (which that statement is quite wrong and there was work being done but the game became too much for the engine to handle it. Plus everything he showed off in the gameplay footage was literally possible to do in an actual game as seen in KH which even if you don’t like it doesn’t exclude the fact that the gameplay is possible)
    and there was no actual story or gameplay being done pre Tabata then that means Tabata could have easily completed the story his way and did the gameplay his way (which he did that part even though it may be a bit clunky) and everything should have been mostly 90% finished by released with minimal complaints. But that’s not what happened. the game came out with many glitches and bugs, long loading screens, lack of content, and most importantly for a RPG let alone just a FF game; lack of story.

    We’re what? 3 weeks in and more info like this is starting to get out and more people are saying the same thing they said in the first 3 days of release after completing the game? Mind you, this is a FF game that’s completed in 2-3 days with minimal grinding, no speed running methods. Just people who want to play the game for it’s story first.

    All in all, this game is a wreck. I’m not gonna sit here and make it seem like Nomura had it all figured out and he’s some type of gaming god that this game needed to be a hit. But I’m also not going to blindly make it seem like Square made the right choice of putting Tabata on, a man responsible for Crisis Core and Type-0, two portable titles where one just about already had made for it before him. I’m not gonna make it seem like Tabata was the one that saved XV and made it a success.

  • Umar

    Fair point though. Still, this project seemed like it was quite the undertaking, and wasn’t managed well. I don’t think it’s right that some people constantly blame Tabata, but at the end of the day, you can’t blame Nomura either, we don’t know what exactly went on with this game from the it’s conception till now and in all honesty, I’m personally not too fussed. I love XV and it’s the first FF since X to make me really love the series again.

  • The way I see it is this people, Roberto is aware of the development hell the game underwent. He notes that the story kept changing 3 months and the dev team had to struggle with that. Roberto had said when it came HE CHOSE TO LEAVE WITH NOMURA. He’s now helping Nomura out with FF7R.

    If Nomura was this sham of a director and had no clear vision on what he wanted from this game and you’re a artist working on his team while dedicating your time and creativity to doing your part for this game then why when it came time to decide did he go with Nomura and crew instead of staying and seeing and helping out with FFXV?

    He clearly had the choice and you mean to sit here and tell me he’s just going to be that foolish and go with the man that screwed everyone over for 7 years before getting removed? No, he’s not. Because he knows that it wasn’t Nomuras fault with the way things were going and this is all on Square.

    The fanbase for this game is split in two because one side blames Tabata and another side blame Nomura when in actuality the both of them took a hit because of high up decisions.

  • Man the haters on both sides come out full force with these articles don’t they?

    Nomura is a good dev that had too much ambition maybe, Tabata is a good dev that loves the idea of death at the end of his stories.

    Both make fun games and part of FFXV’s problems is localization related.

    Hopefully lessons learned.

  • In the future if Square want action with the battle styles they should do the battle systems like Grandia 2 or Wild Arms 3 or Tales of the Abyss or DotHack GU. Mix in elements of action and character movement but with a set battle area and a camera that can’t be hindered by trees and rock or walls. Its time to stop trying to do everything other devs do and go back to what works. And just add slights changes to it to keep it up to date and if you wanna add new ideas and elements do that. But don’t reinvent the wheel and lose money before you even finish the game.

  • Some Random Guy

    Love this guys designs (including Iris, Verstael and the airships)
    I wonder if he designed Agni too?

    So SE is basically Konami at this point?

  • I like Nomura but I’m not gonna shit on Tabata. I just don’t like how he tells stories.

  • I think his grim ideas on how gods treat humans is interesting. Personally I like it a lot.

  • Some Random Guy

    “I’m not gonna shit on Tabata. I just don’t like how he tells stories”

    I think that’s a pretty good reason to shit on Tabata.
    Death is a great plot point if done right, but a shitty and manipulative one if done wrong.

    I would have much rather had the “cop out” considering how weak the rest of the story was. Instead, the game is just depressing for the sake of it (it doesn’t feel justified)

  • XenoSilvano

    Nobody knows what goes on at Square-enix

    Sakaguchi has also mentioned that “I like Nomura”

  • NoctLightCloud

    I’ve seen other posts/interviews with this guy. To me, it seems a bit unprofessional that he’s mentioning that some of his character designs weren’t accepted/were altered. He did that in an older interview too. It’s his job, and character designers get a NO brutally often even if they put their whole heart into the designs. It’s how the job works, you shouldn’t mention those things, it seems like you complain if you do so.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I agree! Especially if you speak some Japanese (like I do), they’re more talkactive.

  • I don’t think it’s depressing for the sake of it.

    His stories seem to center around human suffering being irrelevant to the greater cause of the gods. Technology versus magic, freedom without freedom, etc..

    Think for him that overarching message is as important as the characters struggles. But it usually results in their death.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Wait…you HOPE that he fucks up FFVIIR? Hope??

  • Yeah but square always tries to be a leader not a follower, for better or for worse.

    FFXV is an experience all their own, even if theresclear western influence.

  • XenoSilvano

    … someone has a axe to grind

  • XenoSilvano

    I was going to vote you up until “I love XV”

    I do not concur nor endorse that opinion

  • DimariaXV

    So SE is basically Konami at this point?

    How? Could you explain your point?

  • Ryuman

    Yeah, sure. Because Tabata definitely never had a rewrite…

    I have my own thoughts about the situation the team was in during the 2013 period, and I imagine the story probably needed constant adjusting due to the position he was put in, rather than lacking any direction.

  • Ryuman

    Um, he seems pretty cool to me. Given the OK by Nomura himself, so I’m not sure there’s any real fault here if you like Nomura. Did you see Biggs, Wedge and Jessie? That’s what he’s done, so I don’t really see the issue.

  • Syafiq Khaidir

    Exactly. Coz I’m a designer & I know what you mean.

  • Syafiq Khaidir

    Konami is even worse by now.

  • Ryuman

    He didn’t design Noctis’ clothes. A clothing company did

  • DimariaXV

    Even new generation of fans can tell that their new games lack story-telling and character development in most of the cases.

    There are also new generation of fans that argue that the new games delivers both departments while the old games don´t.

  • Ryuman

    The post as it was on FB sounded like he meant from 2013. I imagine that was a big transitional period for them, so I can believe Nomura would be forced to make many changes

  • Ryuman

    I don’t entirely disagree, but I imagine he’s just confused about why the project was SO badly managed by Square

  • Yuntu

    How do you come to that conclusion? lol

  • Ryuman

    The post as it was on FB sounded like he meant from 2013. I imagine that was a big transitional period for them, so I can believe Nomura would be forced to make many changes

  • Sephiroth

    He’s all right, and I like what he’s done for XV, but being approved by Nomura doesn’t make his artistic style any more appealing to me personally. His artwork doesn’t have the feel of FFVII to me, and there’s something about his designs that comes off as odd and a little clumsy, though they translated well in-game for XV.

    I like his point of view, I like what he’s done for XV, I’m just afraid that his work doesn’t fit well with FFVII. It’s hard to explain, but something about all of his concept art is really lackluster when compared to Nomura and Amano.

  • They aren’t at that level yet. This is just poor management from Square who’s known for this type of stuff time and time again. Hell I think they did this with 12 as well.

  • Andrew Brown

    So sad….this guy took time to design these characters and they all just get thrown away as if they weren’t important. Aranea only gets like 5 minutes of screen time and shows that she is unimportant to the story, when everyone got hyped that there was a female Dragoon. Ravus, another character that had no screen time and thrown away as if he wasn’t important. Like I seriously cannot stand this game’s story telling and it is so unusual and awkward. Hopefully this doesn’t affect future Final Fantasy games.

  • Umar

    Lol that’s okay. Different opinions make the world go round.

  • Umar

    Yup. One can only hope it gets better, Square seems to be much more sensible these days. I kind of dig new Square.

  • Ryuman

    Fair enough. Like I mentioned though, you can see his work on Biggs, Wedge and Jessie. Just updates on existing designs. They don’t feel out of place for VII in my opinion so far.

  • Caelum XIII

    based on what? he only described some visual characteristics, not how much they would be involved in the plot lol

  • TektosBasics

    In the same vein as he did Versus XIII! Because then someone else would get brought on board to do it properly. Which…actually might be the case!

    http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2016/12/16/104227.html (Nova Crystallis, take note!)

    Longer short of it, Mitsunori Takahashi has been brought on board for FFVIIR as a co-director.

    In 2012, Tabata joined XV as co-director! For all of two months before Nomura got kicked the fuck out in favor of Tabata full-time. Here’s hoping Takahashi takes the reigns full time as well.

  • TektosBasics

    Konami ostracized a genius. Square Enix is ostracizing a hack. Big difference.

  • TektosBasics

    Fucktard alert.

  • Randy Marsh

    Judging from his Umbra comments, I am assuming the original character got split into Umbra and Nyx Ulric?

  • Randy Marsh

    Please don’t write about your personal fantasies on a public discussion board…

  • Noctis

    Retard alert!

  • Miqote

    Big budget games are absolutely worth it if the team is well organized. Unlike this game’s team. FFXV is trash. No vision.

  • Noctis

    Jep excatly!

  • Noctis

    This game just tries to hard being something it doesn’t is…..the game just failed story wise

  • TektosBasics

    Oh, Randy. I guess you’d know better than most…

  • TektosBasics

    Honestly, after having played the Nier Automata demo, that should be the future of action RPG’s.

    That game’s combat is absolutely brilliant, and I would love something like that translate to a Final Fantasy.

  • •december

    I’ve never blamed Tabata for anything I call
    them the Square Enix higher ups that forceably
    imposed this 2016 deadline… When It began as FFXV,
    surely it should’ve been part of a new project.
    Anyways, what’s done is done. I’m still hopeful
    for the future of XV

  • Artemis Polara

    He’s allowed to express himself, I’d say just ignore him and move on.

  • •december

    Umbra being a ninja from Kingsglaive?
    You’re kidding me
    Episode Umbra please…. 😐

  • Tizmah

    Roberto Ferrari just sounds pretty jaded from the experience, which I don’t blame him. It was a horrendous development cycle. Go work for Naughty Dog, Blizzard, or CD Projekt RED and you’ll probably change your tune about big budget games. You just worked for a company who was trying to rush a product out the door.

  • Stonespear

    The lack of professionalism in this is what bothers me.

  • Stonespear

    I speak a little Japanese. Let me demonstrate: Ni hao!

  • Stonespear

    He was employed to design for the company. It’s their content with which they can do what they will.

  • popo123

    That’s what being a concept artist is all about. You have no right to complain about your designs being scrapped or rejected; That is part of your job and part of your contract. He isn’t a special snowflake just because he got hired.

    Also Aranea was the best female character in the game and has the most screentime of all female characters. She even joins your party multiple times in the game.

  • popo123

    What? How are they even similar? So some of his designs were scrapped and rejected and suddenly Square is bad? You definitely have no idea how design approval works in the industry. Thousands of designs are always getting rejected and scrapped and all artists should know that and should accept that. Roberto was very unprofessional in this case.

  • Morgan

    He’s a talented artist but in every interview he sounds like a douche. As a designer, I can tell you that this behavior is extremely unprofessional. Also I agree with the people below supporting Tabata. I think the team did the best they could. They just should’ve put more priority on the story and less on the sidequests. That’s my biggest disappointment. Looking forward to the DLC.

  • DimariaXV

    Square Enix is ostracizing a hack.

    Who is the hack and is he one?

  • Noctis

    The story is there incomplete and bad….it’s the first time in history that I hear they have to patch up the story to fill the gaps….muhaha

  • Randy Marsh

    I love you so much for being able to take a joke.

  • Randy Marsh

    I think the joke went over your head, just a teeny tiny bit.

  • DimariaXV

    it’s the first time in history that I hear they have to patch up the story to fill the gaps….muhaha

    It was done before with Kingdom Hearts with the Final Mix updates, except back then the patch used to be sold as a separate game.

  • DimariaXV

    “I’m not gonna shit on Tabata. I just don’t like how he tells stories”

    I think that’s a pretty good reason to shit on Tabata.

    Could you explain why?

  • Noctis

    I think tabata should just produce games for mobile phones…he just isn’t fit for story games..

  • Noctis

    But even that games delivered none was complaining

  • DimariaXV

    But even that games delivered none was complaining

    what? Could you phrase better your sentence? what did you mean?

  • 4FFAN

    Well they did say in an interview that Umbra and Pryna were meant to be beings of a “special existence” in the same way Gentiana was…I guess they had to cut that element of the story.

  • TektosBasics

    Most people here can’t take much of anything. It hurts their delicate little feelings. You know, on the *inside.*

  • 4FFAN

    Well, im FFXV’s case, the cause of the gods was to remove the plague of the stars..which is pretty much the source of human suffering in that universe. So the story wasn’t really about human suffering being irrelevant to the gods. The story was poorly executed and had a highly unoriginal ending when you consider that Tabata was involved in both Type-0 and Kingsglaive. The overarching messages Tabata has put in XV aren’t new, we’ve the “gods don’t care bout humans” dynamic before in XIII. Technology versus magic? FFVI, etc. And those themes were well implemented there, they just did a poor job with the execution of a story that is FULL of potential.

  • TektosBasics

    Failmura. He’s being moved from one project to another. Even the FF7 Remake, he’s got a co-director now who is more than likely to take over full time.

    There’s also Motomu Toriyama lol. Yeah, you’re not seeing anything from him anytime soon. If ever. A mobile game at best is what all six of his fans can expect, IF the gods are unmerciful enough.

  • Gotta love them trolls, #TrollOnBrother

  • All aboard the FFXVI hype train?

  • Noctis

    No sadly enough…I learned not to get hyped for any game….square enix did it a second time

  • 4FFAN

    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix wasn’t a patch to fill the gaps…they were additional cutscenes that only ADDED to the story which was already complete and even foreshadowed future games. Not cutscenes that COMPLETED the story.

  • 4FFAN

    Nomura has already said before that it’s hard for him to manage time and stay organized, so when he works on multiple games at the same time, he likes to have people help him with directing. He’s working on 3 games right now (KH2.8, KH3 and FF7R) so it’s understandable that he has co-directors to help him out.

  • Ruebeus

    His comments have nothing to do with your opinion on how the project was managed. The context to his words is literally, “boo hoo. My first drafts weren’t what the company had in mind for how the game should look. How dare they accuse my special art of being anything less than perfect. I am better than everyone. Boooooo hoooo.”

  • Jonas Valory

    Your commentary about him sounding like a douche doesn’t make you more professional. Facebook is an open space .Since he has been personally involved in the project he has the right to speak his mind.

  • It was better than XV’s combat I’ll say that. I liked a lot of what Noctis could do but it was glitchy doing team attacks and fighting the camera.

  • That’s why they’re called opinions.

  • Oh forgot about that. So Nomura designed Noctis’ face and body and the clothes are from a clothing line.

  • XenoSilvano

    Although I am certainly hoping that the remake of FINAL FANTASY VII will be the game in the series that puts the prestige back into the FINAL FANTASY franchise, however, just as what Nomura alluded to in one of his prior statements, it would be rather sad for Sqaure-enix to receive critical acclaim for a game whose concept was elaborated upon more than 2 decades ago and yet have all their most recent original concepts mostly shunned by the masses, that would make the company appear as a has been

  • Pick your battles. How many times are they going to almost ruin themselves before they realize they need to balance how they make games. Look at Level 5’s Rogue Galaxy or Ni no Kuni. The look good, play well, are fun, and they didn’t break the bank being made nor did they take almost a decade to make. Square needs to figure out how to put out games in a reasonable way.

  • You’re not wrong. But Tabata put forth effort. I don’t like his style but I respect effort.

  • The summon scenes were some of the best in the game. But in most of his games other than certain parts of the story everything else feels rushed or flat out unexplained.

  • Invictus

    Aranea was dope. I loved every aspect of her design even personality. Sad that she gets less screen time. But there’s the glitch so everyone is happy.

  • Codes McGodes

    It’s unprofessional, but it’s nice to hear something that isn’t bullshit. I know creators don’t like to dwell on negatives, but if we don’t talk about them they don’t get improved. And let’s face it, development for FFXV was a shit show from start to finish, and it shows. We all already know how disorganized the production was, so it’s nice to hear he isn’t kissing their ass despite it.

  • Codes McGodes

    “Trying to rush a product out the door.”

    God it kills me when people say this. Ten years this game was in development. Probably eleven really considering all the work they would have done before it was announced. It switched directors, switched consoles, shrank and expanded its production team, and delayed its final release for two full years. 2016 may have been the end-all deadline, but there’s no valid excuse for this game to have taken them so long to develop.

    Ergo, yes, it was “rushed”, but there is absolutely no good reason it needed to be. They fucked around for seven years before they finally put the game into full swing.

  • Tizmah

    Yup, you’re right. I say rushed in a sense that, they had all these ideas and concepts that weren’t fleshed out well and basically hand picked a bunch and tried to glue them together to try and make it make sense. They slapped it on a table and said, “Here is what we got, lets make this work so we can get this project overwith”

  • Codes McGodes

    Fair point. Then in that case you’re 100% right.

  • you’re telling them to play it safe but mimicking what other games do isn’t what sets Final Fantasy apart, and isn’t why people buy their games even if they’re not great.

    They’ve always been about big budget high end games and thats why people like them and want them to succeed. The problem is management of those games. Somehow in the move to the ps3 they had no idea what to do with the power they had.

    But there’s still something that they offer that no one else is doing which is japanese, high end, rpg gaming. It’s risky yeah, but a market they’re pretty much exclusive to. To me i think it’s a bigger risk to not take that route and be like everyone else.

    What they need to do is stick with luminous engine for their high end games, no new game engines and such. Stick with unreal for everything else. And learn from their management mistakes of the past.

    They’ve learned with FFXIV, they’ve suceeded in finishing FFXV and making a great game out of it. I think they’re on a good path.

  • Human sacrifice (luna and noctis) and idea that the old kings didn’t care if insomnia was destroyed only that their objective was reached IS a part of that message.

    Sure the objective was to end the starscourge but they didn’t care who died in the process, and generally didn’t even think it was worth it. In fact the very act of garnering their attention meant death.

    Some gods cared namely rumah and shiva (maybe titain), other gods were perfectly fine with the world being destroyed. But all of them were complicit in lots of death, suffering, and human sacrifice for whatever their goal was.

  • i’m not talking about the summons, in the story of both kingsglaive and the game how the gods (and old kings) interact with humanity is a very strong message.

    They don’t care who dies, they don’t care what city is destroyed, some of them genuinely want to destroy the world and others force noctis to prove himself worthy at the cost of untold numbers of lives. A few care sure but even those are complicit in human sacrifice and suffering, they only care about their objective being fulfilled. The only ones that ever show any concern for other human lives is other humans.

    The king placed his son out of the kingdom at the gods will, and put the near the entirety of the crownsguard his personal army on the duty of evacuating the people. When nix put on the ring the old kings assumed he wanted to save the city and sentenced him to death but he expressed he only wanted serve the greater good. Only then did they help him but still demanded death.

    There’s tons there to show this message, i agree it’s probably too subtle but it’s definitely there.

  • I thought the old kings were just that. Ghosts of past kings. Even Regis was there after he died. I didn’t think they were gods.

  • I’m not saying play it safe. I’m saying mix in new idea but also do the old ideas that are still practical.

  • Exactly. If all they can do is make FF7 great they start looking like a one trick pony. They need to do more games well. I hope 16 is gonna be good. KH3 is a given. And likely so in DQ11 but that’s about it.

  • In kingsglaive the old kings control the power of the Ring and they choose who weilds the rings power, they also stand in judgement at the final battle and deal the final blow. They hold influence over the world too to some degree with the “old wall” and appear in judgement at the final battle.

    I think they may be a lesser form of God in conjunction with the crystal, but they do hold power. And to me their behavior is very much like the gods. I think this is also indicated by their weapons too, which also requires sacrifice to use.

  • Hm, I don’t get it.

    Gameplay isn’t their problem for the most part, it’s their desire for ultra high quality visuals, the acting, and realism they went for.

    And for me that’s why people will play FF games even bad ones cause they’re the only dev pushing visuals in JRPGs like they do.

    I agree FFXV was ambitious doing open would but even that has cemented them as a standard for everyone else to follow cause they did it well. They basically managed to get the classic FF world map to work in realistic scale. I feel like they could do this formula quite a few more times and get away with it.

    After all FFVII -FFIX weren’t all that technically different cause 7 got it right the first time.

  • No I think it’s more like,”I made some really cool developed characters that were really important to the story but they had to be cut from the game entirely.”

    Not using designs or changing designs is one thing, but removing entire charters could be annoying.

  • Jesus Christ

    Question to the fans:

    Would it be OK if you let Nomura retire and have this guy replace him?

    No, I’m not trying to start a fire.

  • I think his message is not that his designs were rejected but that completed and initially accepted characters relevant to the plot had to be cut entirely and that’s disappointing.

  • MasterLink

    Versus fan?

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  • Gailrcollins

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  • Toriyama’s on the FF Committee and in BD1 aka Kitase’s studio aka the studio making VII Remake. Lol.

  • Some Random Guy

    It not a hard one; this is probably a bad example but imagine if Tabata was hired to direct Star Wars. If you didn’t like the way he told stories, that would be a very good reason to be critical of him – especially if he failed on the execution.

  • alef321

    for those fucking on Nomura’s side
    you try making a game with no team. where every teammeber could be pulled off to whatever the higher ups feel like, basically FINAL FANTASY XIII and 1.0 XIV

  • 4FFAN

    I guess it depends how you interpret it. For me, it wasn’t that the gods didn’t care about people’s death. I just felt like they were willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, just like every good character who died in the XV universe. (Regis, Nyx, Luna, Noctis even Ravus in a way) I think Kingsglaive really reflected on that idea a lot, sacrifices for the greater good, and XV just followed. Basically, the gods have an utilitarianist vision of the world. They base their choices on numbers. So if people have to suffer for a greater amount of people to live, then they’ll make people suffer. If they didn’t care, they would’ve let the Starscourge kill everyone.


    cool stuff about umbra.

  • NoctLightCloud

    But even that is part of the job. It doesn’t sound very professional to even mention that, he should stay quiet about intern things that are this essential. If I were SE, I’d be annoyed that he’s talking about what was altered, as SE already has problems with the whole Versus-thing + many disappointed Versus-fans. I’m not working in that field, but I know some people who do, and they always preach to never complain and always keep quiet about certain things (unless a few years have passed, then it’s considered OK). I’m not sure if I’ve explained it well.
    I mean, you’ll hardly ever hear pros like Tetsuya Nomura talking about such things. I could find only 2~3 interviews with this guy, and he kinda mentioned that in all of them.

  • NoctLightCloud


  • NoctLightCloud

    I agree 100%! Aranea is awesome!!

  • NoctLightCloud

    Why does it make him less professional if he comments about him sounding like a douche?

  • NoctLightCloud

    So Pryna was the name of the other dog? I wondered all the time, but it had so little screentime, what a pity.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I fully agree with you!

  • •december

    Story as it stands is a shambles.
    We’re getting closure,
    it might take a long-term but it’s coming.

  • •december

    LOL I know right?
    What we got was void of major plot devices/reasoning behind actions.
    And I will be back to play it when the release a free update patch focussed
    on either story or cutscenes.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    The name is used in Brotherhood.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    It’s not clear whether Gentiana would have originally been the human form of Shiva.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    They still are, aren’t they? Since talking to Umbra can send you back in time?

  • I feel bad for Nomura, had no team for years. Then gets his team and they take it away, then move the game to next gen.

  • There was gameplay? People saw it. The story was finished, Tabata had said that when he mentioned shortening it. You literally know nothing about this game.

  • The Versus story was done, but they changed it after and were changing it till near the end. This can be confirmed by interviews with Nom and Tab.

  • Square screwed them both :/

  • That was after the Tabata takeover…Stop trolling, you arent even good at it.

  • He didn’t say that at all? He is mostly complaining about post director change events.

  • MegamMix

    I’m guessing from his tone, they didn’t pay him?

  • MegamMix

    That’s funny. I remember coming to this site before and actually defending Nomura as a creator before someone told me “it’s widely known he’s not a liked”. I just replied by saying he hasn’t worked on too many things as a director. But those things have been great things. So as a gaming aspect, I think people are becoming too attached to their video games. It leads to too many expectations. They feel offended or bitter when it’s not to their liking. It’s pretty childish when you think about it. I mean it’s a $60 product. Don’t expect it to change your life.

  • Square has to figure this out. I’ll say that much. If every game takes 9 or even 7 years to make, they won’t last much longer. And I won’t stick with them if they’re going to make product placement common place I can’t stick with them. I put my word on that. FF7R or not, I’ll ditch Square.

  • So then at the end of the game Noctis must’ve been made a god too just like Regis.

  • Hmm. That twist with Umbra would’ve been a bit much since we already have a “major character hiding in plain sight” twist.

  • Franceshschmitt

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  • Noctis

    cuz someone who says someone is a douche is a douche himself tadaaaa

  • Artemis Polara

    Oh… yeah, I did kinda miss that part 😛
    Mostly I’m just want people to ignore this asshole.

  • Frederick Badguy

    Yeah! Even I expose my point of view, we can’t stereotype all people. I liked your correction. But many (at least Brazilians) immigrants are harassed in Japan and Asia in general. As far as I know, neither Koreans nor Chinese are not well accepted by the the Japanese people. But … Being traditionally “HueBR” … And is not it ??? My people are super uneducated, do what…

  • More than likely, I imagine that was the implication, probably same with Luna.

    Noctis went through the same king ritual Regis went through (finding all the tombs weapons) which is probably what that’s for. And there’s theories that the game subtly implies Luna became bahumut as part of the covenant (they have similar eyes).

  • I doubt they’ll do that again, they found their footing they just don’t need to decide to climb another mountain again.

  • Maybe he has the contract to enable him to do that. Most devs don’t talk about things because they’re by contact not allowed to.

  • I agree, this is how I initially thought. But ultimately I felt their behavior for most of the gods was dismissive because of what they required or allowed. But part of this feeling comes from the actions in type 0 too.

    But I also think this is part of the theme of death worship they had to tone down.

  • Well the game was supposed to be a trilogy and Umbra having the ability to change from human to dog isn’t quite the major character hiding in plain sight. And even if it was, it would have just been the third character in the game to do so because Glauca was also the first one to do so

  • I’m sure he was payed. Just annoyed from drawing artwork and stuff for game that’s slowly started to give away and crumble beneath him and his co workers like there was no tomorrow.

  • This is what I was thinking but I’m surprised he didn’t say that.

  • •december

    Exactly. I’m all for Umbra being an animorph.
    Can we also get some background on Pryna?

  • •december

    Umbra and Ardyn are the only two to defy/control time.
    And even Gentiana to some extent, I need more coverage of everything

  • That mountain to climb will be FF16. But they can’t only deal with that if they pull off KH3 and FF7R well. I can’t think of any of other games coming out from them that’s more sought after. NierAuto and DQ11 are interesting too but not nearly as well known worldwide and DQ11 seems to still not even be confirming it’ll be allowed outside of JPN. So the only two with worldwide attention and very popular and most wanted are KH3 and 7’s remake. If those to turn sour they would even make it to 16 to have a chance to climb that mountain or not.

  • Maybe in future DLC they’ll expand on why things went down like that and ended like they did. Seems like other kings should’ve stopped Ardyn for good way before Noctis. But if they didn’t it must’ve meant they didn’t want to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the world and was just content erasing Ardyn from history and temporarily killing his body before his eventual resurrection. Where as Noctis said no to that endless spiral and sacrificed himself to end Regis for all time and save the world from all demons.

  • Stonespear

    Annoying but it should be expected for someone in a contracting capacity.

  • Stonespear

    It damages his reputation and potential employment in high-profile projects. No game company wants someone who has been contracted talking about negative things behind the scenes – not that I believe that’s the case.

    I don’t think that he’s under an NDA, but it’s still very unprofessional.

  • Justice V

    He was definitely paid (or else he’d be suing and not even slightly happy) plus he’s done designs for other FF games before/since too. He’s just a bit of a whiny person. He whined before about some of his designs not being used because the characters never made it in or were cut out. But that’s all entertainment. Songs are cut from albums, scenes/characters/plots cut from movies/games/tv shows/books. It happens.

  • Justice V

    Yeah. His personality annoys me, but his art is freaking great. I looooved Nomura for years but haven’t seen a decent design or even art piece by him in years. Utada’s new album cover was really neat but then says he gave that to her years ago too. I hope Nomura can come back with some cool stuff but Roberto just has a nice style and is extremely detailed which i like.

  • MetalRizeAwesomeOnmipenismon

    Nice profile picture

  • It’s fan art of a latino Overwatch character. I don’t play Overwatch but I love the art.

  • Noctis

    So he practically is saying (translated)

    Tabata came and messed up versus Original Concept for Western audience!

    Damn I hate tabata and Square enix so much, I can`t help myself but I`m still really pissed

  • •december

    Same, Noctis.

    I won’t rest until your legacy is realised bruh!
    We will not rest until the story patches start flooding in.

  • •december

    FFXV isn’t done yet?

  • It just sucks how the direectors of Versus and of XV got screwed with so much.

  • I mean I’m gonna be very honest and I’m not sure the fans will let them get away with this BS again but unless they use time travel to fix the game with a sequel idk what they can do because DLC will not save the games story.

    But a reboot later on saying that the evens of the first game were all a vision of the crystal being told to Regis about a possible future sorta like how Omen trailer was then I’m not really sure if they can save this game.

    While it’s selling good now the reception will start to dwindle later on and whats worse is they game was hyped even more and Tabata kept commenting on XIII like this game was going to smash it out of existence. While the gameplay is definitely 10x better I can’t say the same for the cohesiveness of the story that was shipped with the game.

  • NoctLightCloud

    That could be the case, you’re right.

  • NoctLightCloud

    You’re absolutely right!

  • •december

    But the story is not done yet, in their own words:
    “The game’s director, Hajime Tabata, has said that the DLC will unlock
    areas inaccessible in the original game. Furthermore, plans are in place
    to add new cutscenes to the original campaign in an effort to expand
    areas of the game that were shortened due to time constraints.”

    They forced out a game that wasn’t done yet because of a contract
    beyond Tabata’s control, from the SE higher ups. Either let it go & move on, or be patient.

  • Stonespear

    The problem is that what he is saying is just as likely to be as BS as what some believe Squeenix’s comments are. Whether they are or not… there’s no way of knowing. Therefore the only fact of the matter is that he is being unprofessional and future employers will know this about him.

  • I’m aware of the contract. I’m not blaming Tabtata for something like that even though I heard word from apparently another source that says the game could have came out in 2017. Although things could be lost in translation and that could have been more wishful thinking rather than saying it was an available option that was turned down.

    The only thing I blame tabata for as a director was not correctly overseeing the parts of the game actually mattered and should have been fleshed out more. I am patient and I was for the past 10 years. The time that he was working on it should have been used to making sure the game came out as full as possible. Not something that’s incomplete this much. It shouldn’t be where they have to come out with cutscenes to fill needless voids or come out with DLC to do the same when that stuff should have been in their before. I don’t mind DLC/expansions and such. It’s just this is literally stuff that should be in the game and now we have to pay for it later.

    It’s like cutting out the Aeriths death scene in FF7R and offering it later as a DLC episode.

    All in all, the game is over. They can continue to add stuff back in but that doesn’t change the game from being over. Even if they patched in all the cut content it’s foolish you have to experience it all bit by bit. But that’s just me. All in all, it’s time for Square to move on. BD2 can keep updating XV but they need to set their eyes on the next numbered title and keep the ball rolling.

  • •december

    But it’s not over, it’s out.

    FF14 ran into the same issues, it’s first release version flopped,
    so it had to be re-done over into Heavensward / A Realm Reborn

  • Patrick Bateman

    I’m actually glad he doesn’t really have free reign over FFVII…Aranea’s design is a little too much, i mean the helmet and the stands everywhere. it’s not terrible by any means but i’d rather not have FFVII characters change that much, his take on Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse so far is perfect, what ever directing they’re pushing him towards is perfect for the FFVII world. they don’t need much changed, just detail that wasn’t possible when the original came out is all.

  • Anthony

    To be fair they also did this with Final Fantasy XIV Online and it actually worked. Quite well.

  • gunjydna93

    “She (Aranea) hasn’t changed at all” Huh? then why is her thighs covered up now???? Bring back Versus XIII Aranea.

  • HeroOfTheDistantStar

    just look at witcher 3 omg so glorious

  • Necrophage

    Sounds like a passionate dude that got stuck in the middle of a shitstorm. I love his artwork and his designs. Hopefully he goes on to do great work without having to deal with convoluted dev scenarios like XV’s

  • Ryugeki Ahmad

    agree, i wanna see the male protagonist fight againts female protagonist like Stella

  • Ryugeki Ahmad

    the director is stupid, versus concept is better than xv has

  • Ryugeki Ahmad

    he just sharing what exactly happen in SE management so i think this is pretty helpful since the game story has low quality rather than FFXIII instead

  • Ryil Ate

    No he basically says:

    “Nomura’s team didn’t do shit the whole time and got thrown out as the result”.

  • Noctis

    No he is basically saying they have take his idea to make an 15th installment as they didn`t had any idea… and then throwed his team out

  • Noctis

    what ya think?

  • Noctis

    no…not for u

  • Ryil Ate

    Wtf are you even trying to say, i don’t get a word

  • Noctis

    You can`t understand, your level is to low to comprehend.