Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade – Our Top Character Picks: Part Two By Sharjeel Hanif on December 26, 2016 at 8:13 PM

We are covering our favorite picks for new playable characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, rumored for a PlayStation 4 announcement some time soon. Our first set of picks (which you can find here) proved a little controversial for some of our readers (what’s wrong with Rinoa?!), let’s see how the second set hold’s up.

We evaluated based on a variety of factors, including character popularity, title popularity, unique movesets, and roster diversity. However, we acknowledge that no methodology is perfect and the series’ deep bench of characters means everyone is going to have a different list. Did we miss a character you think is essential? Share your thoughts in the comments.

See Part Two of our picks below:

Balthier – Final Fantasy XII

Balthier, known as a smooth talking ladies man, has been a fan favorite amongst the cast of Final Fantasy XII from the start. The gun wielding sky pirate would be only the second long range gun user after Final Fantasy VIII’s Laguna. Unlike Laguna’s more futuristic laser and rocket launcher based guns, Balthier could use the more retro style shotguns seen in Final Fantasy XII’s world. And personally I’d love to see him blitz around the stage on his signature hoverbike. 

Setzer – Final Fantasy VI

This one is easy. Setzer stands out as a great representative for Final Fantasy VI’s zany and rather large roster. The gambler could incorporate luck attacks into the fold that deal damage based on a random factor, although this may affect game balance significantly if not tuned properly. In addition, he can use gil-based attacks (those that had Setzer in their party should be familiar with the gil-toss ability). Imagine a flurry of gil rushing across the field doing damage. 

Cait Sith and Mog – Final Fantasy VII

The straight to the point fortune teller from Final Fantasy VII (a robotic character actually being controlled remotely by the Shinra employee Reeve), the duo of Cait Sith and his trusty companion and mode of transportation Mog could introduce a fighting type not yet seen in Dissidia. The player, only in control of Cait Sith’s movement, could use the megaphone (a weapon not represented by any other character) to issue various commands to Mog. This type of fighting style is seen in many other fighting games where duos are present but has not made its way to Dissidia.


The character could also incorporate the slots and dice mechanics from Cait Sith’s limit break. Plus the feline’s obnoxious personality and unique accent is sure to make for some great dialogue.

Rydia – Final Fantasy IV

At just seven years old, Rydia would be the youngest character in Dissidia and only the second summoner after Yuna. A second summoner would allow for summon representation that is not currently covered by Yuna. Those who have played Final Fantasy IV know of Rydia’s affiliation with the Eidolons Titan and Leviathan. There are opportunities for more niche beasts to get some visibility as well, such as Asura and Sylph. Rydia’s seemingly naive but mature personality is one not well represented among the current cast. Plus, she has a character design to die for! 

That rounds up our list. Be sure to let us know your most wanted Dissidia character! We will be sharing top fan requests in a separate write up!

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade is currently available exclusively on Arcades in Japan with a rumored console release announcement some time in 2017.