Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony dated for January 31 By Wazi the pa on December 19, 2016 at 5:24 AM

Mark your calendars because Square Enix will be hosting an opening ceremony event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series.

Set for January 31, 2017 at the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills, the ceremony will include a talk event featuring guests of high stature, and a first time showing of some of the franchise’s 30th anniversary commemoration projects. Expect additional details about the event at a later date. If you happen to be a registered Square Enix Japan member, the company is inviting 200 lucky users to attend.

It’s worth noting that the opening ceremony is taking place on the same day that marks the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII’s release in Japan. Whether this indicates we’ll be seeing more of Final Fantasy VII Remake during the event has yet to be confirmed.

As always, stay tuned to Nova Crystallis for all the latest.

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  • Luke Watts

    WOOT!! so much excitement. This is it! more news on FF7 for sure

  • Well, we all want news for dat VII Remake (although for me personally anything about XII HD and XIV Stormblood would be nice as well). But I have a feeling that once more SQEX will disappoint. 7R seems like too heavy of a project to even have its first part delivered next year. At the most, I could see them announcing XVI at this event and then releasing it 10 years later, lol.

  • •december

    Remake news please :3

  • Somnus92

    Inb4 more Final Fantasy pachinko machines and mobile games announcement 😛

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    Let’s hope there’s also some PC love there.
    SQEX has been doing good things on the platform, latelly. And I’d love to play FFXII HD and FFXV on PC ASAP.

  • Noctis

    thank goodness Tabata doesn`t work on 7 remake….he would kill cloud and the rest off to have an touching ending…..muhaha

  • Invictus

    Hey Tabata did a a satisfactory job on FFXV. It’s just lacking. But he sure does know how to give the feels. Haha

  • Invictus

    Make that leak come true! FF1 to FF9 collection on the PS4! Pretty please SE hahaha. Wishful thinking.

  • It is losing it’s impact that every group of heroes have been dying in the last 4 FFs. 13-2, LR, Type-0 and XV. Call me ‘old fashion’ but after suffering thru all the BS the villains do I feel like the heroes deserve their well earned happy ending.

  • If they did at least put out a fully voiced 3D version of FF6 I’d be happy. Or a sequel to 12 that was about Larsa and Vaan and Ashe.

  • I don’t wanna get my hopes up. Realistically, what can we expect?
    I doubt they’ll do something FF7 related. So what else is there? Type-1?

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    He killed Zack. That has to count for something 😛

  • Invictus

    Oh man good stuff right there. There’s a lot of good stuff that fans have been shouting for but it’s been a hit and miss these past few years.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Bring it on!

  • Invictus

    Hahaha! Same here with me man. I doubt they mention something colossal. Probably release dates for FFXV expansions?

  • Stonespear

    Hard for me to be objective on this as I tend to prefer happier endings, but there does seem to be a trend at the moment that as a personal preference I’d like to see change.

  • Jintae

    I’d love to see the next type-0 game teasers. I’m so hyped after I played it and saw the hidden ending.

  • Jintae

    That would be too beautiful to be alive

  • NoctisStrife87

    I sincerely think that the first part of 7R will come out 2017. Why? It’s being developed since late 2014 almost the same time XV began(in fact) its development according to some dudes that worked on the team. Some guys from XV’s team already gone to help on 7, so i guess the first part will come 2017 and will blow our pockets out haha. Well, let’s wait, but i’ll bet my coins on 7R coming december 2017.

  • Invictus

    Yeah right? Man, it’s too much fun to guess these kind of stuff but also painful at the same time lol

  • NoctisStrife87

    I think they’ll do 7 for sure haha.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Didn’t everyone live in LR, including the people who had died in XIII-2 being brought back to life?

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    With XV finally out, the VII Remake in the works, Type-1 a possibility, XIV hugely popular, and four successful mobile titles still being updated (Record Keeper, Brave Exvius, Mobius and Legends II), I don’t think Square will feel any need to even start developing a XVI for a good while.

  • 4FFAN

    Exciting stuff!

  • TektosBasics

    Did anyone look at the comments for this same topic on Siliconera? Go ahead, and feel free to puke.

    Funny how the fucktards are too scared to say that here. XD

  • MegamMix

    How much will it cost? I’m scared about the price tag [>_<]

  • Invictus

    I bet it’s a little expensive than the normal PS4 new titles. Look at FFXV, Deluxe Editon cost 90usd. Almost killed my wallet lol

  • gabrieuTG

    I think they’ll talk about XV dlcs, FF7:re part 1 release date and show a trailer of Type-next on Luminous Engine. I think they will only show bits of XVI at an E3. E3 2018-19 maybe.

  • gabrieuTG

    Plot twist: XVI is Agni’s Philosophy

  • I don’t believe that in the slightest. It doesn’t matter how many projects they have going right now, the franchise must keep moving forward. Either in January or next December, XVI should be announced. Then it can take its time becoming what it wants to (mmo, action, turn based, something new entirely).

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Well, that would be nice, but the same user who posted the accurate leaks for FFXV also said none of the Square video game divisions are working on XVI and won’t be until their current projects (VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, etc.) are ready.

  • •december

    They shouldn’t bring FFXV to PC until they ‘fix’ it with the update patch
    Just saying. But yeah it would be great

  • •december

    I thought it was excellent,
    considering the restrictions (contract)
    The ironically titled ‘Update Roadmap’ for FFXV will hopefully tie up all the lose ends and give us the real XV

  • •december

    Final Fantasy XV needs to be brought up, for the anniversary.
    There’s just no way it can’t be if they talk about the future of XV,
    that might win back the fans lost too, because I still believe we haven’t
    seen half of XV story-wise/exploration wise.

    4 continents? And you can only ride a train in one other?
    Honestly. In every FF, every nation was ‘explored’

  • Invictus

    Yeah I really wish so. The mere fact that a lot of people (Including me) keep on whining about story loop holes is because we believed in its story. It had the power. It just lacks longevity and depth

  • •december

    Yeah if this was all the game had to it,
    then it would definitely need a sequel not to piss people off
    You can tell legal complications occured lmao
    Chapter 7 I believe it was

  • It’s blurry but for the most part the world of Pulse and Cacoon were destroyed and they’re souls finished off Bhunivelze (which is why they were all in “space” at the end as they fought) then transmirgrated to Earth and were separated and reborn without magic or l’cie focuses. So basically it’s kinda the same as death just with some measure of hope.

  • Is 7 really done? I know it’s in episodes and after the first disk they put all the rest of the eps as DLCs right? Is that cutting down on time needed for production?

  • I liked Ace, Sice and Machina but a lot of the game’s plot was up in the air. I hope if they use the characters again, they tell the story better and in order.

  • Same here. It’s okay for some characters to die. But it happened too much with all the Fabula games. I think things can still be dire and serious even without the lead cast members all dropping like flies at the end.

  • That or phone and handheld games. Maybe another HD remake or remaster.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Well, they’re all alive on Earth at the end of it, living happy lives, including Serah, Team NORA (who had died of old age), and even one of the Yeuls, so I wouldn’t class it with Type-0 and XV’s downer endings. The “Tracer of Memories” story shows that they haven’t forgotten everything, either.

  • That could change from the one day to the next. There are a few people at Square Enix who are currently not busy, like Motomu Toriyama (who is said to have a new project in the works) or Hiroyuki Itou, someone that’s been absent for quite a while from the franchise. I don’t believe that they’ll end the console cycle with just Type-0 HD, WoFF, XIV, XV and VII R. And besides, after each FF title is done, or even before development is finished, they’ve always already begun on the next one. That’s just how they work. Right now, it may even be a small team and they might be brainstorming about the scenario and whatnot. But I’m positive that the gears have already been set in motion for FF XVI.

  • What’s tracer of memories? A novel?

  • Noneofyourbusiness
  • Noctis

    satisfactory job? Where? this game is depressing

  • XenoSilvano

    that would be an interesting twist

  • XenoSilvano

    FINAL FANTASY XV versus Reborn

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  • stevenm281

    Nah, they said its a multi-part series, and later they clarified that it was in the same way than the FF13 saga was, therefore, its most likely a trilogy,

  • Smh oh god

  • Invictus

    Come on man. The game had real emotions in it. It’s scattered everywhere in the game, from the simple road trip, to Altissia, even through Insomnia, there were moments to feel. but not enought to compensate the 10-year development period. That’s what I feel or a selected few at least.

  • NoctisStrife87

    It’ll be 3 full sized games. Forget the Telltale style, or the last Hitman game. 7R will be three full games. And i strongly believe that the first one will come out in 2017, having in mind that its development began at november 2014.

  • stevenm281

    what does smh mean?

  • Justice V

    shake my head.

  • Justice V

    VIIR-1 will likely be done by the end of the year. Guessing the first game will just be everything inside of Midgar and end when you reach the outer world. If they make Midgar truly vast and explorable and give it enough detail and stuff then I’d be happy with that. They started on VIIR a while back they said when they first announced it so they’ve had enough time to get stuff done. They’re using Unreal Engine which has already been developed and has it’s limits and capabilities known by most so they shouldn’t be too stuck on trying to get it to do crazy things they want. Most likely won’t have a day/night/weather system like XV, won’t be completely open and seamless like XV either. Hopefully they’ll make each section as sections which means loading screens (which sucks, but also saves a ton on the processing power and lets them easily do more stuff). Overall if they don’t get the first ep of VIIR out this year (2017) that’s a pretty big miss as it’s the 20th anniversary of VII, releasing in 2018 would be a missed opportunity.

    Type-1 I doubt has even really been started on yet other than concept art, unless they’re going hand held first again and then one of the other divisions might have been working on it in secret.

  • Justice V

    Still hoping for an anthology type game similar to Dissidia, whether that be an entirely new IP or the PS4 port of DIssidia arcade (which could easily include the story bits from Dissidia/012 in it too). I really hope they don’t try to pass off World of FF as the anthology type game that DIssidia was because while a fun game it’s just nowhere near as good hehe. Hopefully Dissidia mobile isn’t their solution, because while fun looking that would just be disappointing hehe.

    VIIR will likely be released with a special edition ps4 just like Crisis Core came with the limited edition silver PSP2000.

    A new IP like crystal chronicles/tactics/mmo/whatever would be neat.

    Really looking forward to what they’ve got coming though.

  • I bet Type-1 will be on phones. As for everything you said about 7R, I agree. If we can go to all corners of Midgar for episode 1 I’d be okay with that. I hate episodes but so be it to avoid the problems with the 13s and XV and type-0. But make episode 2 the first two continents. And the last episodes all the events leading to the end of the game.

  • shaking my head. It’s means I’ depressed or baffled. I don’t want episodes, but if that’s what it takes to make games on PS4 so be it. sighs….

  • If Midgard is at least as big as cities are in the Assassin’s Creed games, that’ll do.

  • ScionicSpectre

    I don’t recall the number ‘3’ ever being confirmed, but it certainly seems plausible. Four would be a bit much, and two may not be enough to fully flesh things out like they’ve hoped. Of course, there could be just two, with the first episode acting like more of a taste and the second game being the bulk of the world to add onto the ‘opening’. I could see it being almost like a 30 USD opening with a 60 USD game to cap it off.

  • NoctisStrife87

    Well, they actually did not used the number three but they that it’ll be similar to XIII on the number of installments.

  • XenoSilvano

    As much as I look forward to the Remake and that it is intended to span 3 full games… my main worry is that it may well take a decade to complete, I would not be surprised if Square-enix has already started working on disc 2 and are simply placing the final touches on disc

    personally, I hope that it is presented in an epic way, like a movie and that epic music is used but I also hope they keep the funny and somber moments

  • XenoSilvano

    NO! they will hand it over to Tabata! Oh God!

  • XenoSilvano

    Zack was killed off in The Last Order which was released before Crisis Core

  • Justice V

    They also never confirmed how many episodes/parts it would be. People just took them saying it’d be similar to XIII as being a trilogy along with the fact the original game was on 3 discs. Could still be 3 (most likely), or could unfortunately be split between 5 or so.

  • i thought 3 disks too due to how the original was.