Here’s how Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is shaping up By Tony Garsow on December 28, 2016 at 10:08 PM

Earlier this month, we posted an update on Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, the “reborn” version of mobile MMO Final Fantasy Agito. Perfect World is bringing the game to the Chinese market as “Final Fantasy Awakening”, and MMO Culture shares a solid two hours of gameplay.

Set in the world of Final Fantasy Type-0, Online will have you customize a character and participate in events from the game. You’ll be able to recruit much of the Type-0 cast into your ranks, and employs uses a freemium-“gacha”-style model.

In the video below we see the player customize a character, participate in story battles, and wander around the Akademeia campus.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online will be coming to smartphones and Windows 10, but currently remains an exclusive to the Chinese market. Worldwide localization plans have been shared, but there have been no recent updates on when players around the globe can expect to play the game.